Monday, May 26, 2014

Benefits Of Learning Kung Fu

Lots of stuff to look at and read at Freddie's Modern Kung Fu on Howard.

Kung fu integrates physical, mental, & spiritual elements. Practitioners are the healthiest and longest living individuals. Increase strength, flexibility, endurance & coordination, strengthen bones, muscles, and immune system, gain confidence & develop mental discipline, learn practical and effective self-defense, relief (sic) stress by practicing meditation, develop creativity and self expression

Business cards and flyers are stuck in the crevices of the door. Full window ads catch the eye of passing cars and pedestrians. What isn't there is any real street presence. The huge pictures of Kung Fu at Lake Michigan look awesome. But how could that beat watching a class in session? The opaque, completely covered storefront is a turn off. Much more fun to look at the boxing matches and ballerinas practicing on Clark/Ashland in Edgewater (EKF Martial Arts and Joel Hall Dancers and Center) . Maybe one day Freddie will take some of these posters down and show the neighborhood what they've been missing.

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