Friday, May 9, 2014

Shooting At The Lakefront

Sam Unger reported two people hit around 11-11:30pm by Touhy and Sheridan. Unwise to get any closer to an active crime scene (especially at night) for better photos. The crime took place at or after the parks closing time of 11pm. It was a large crime scene. Too large to cordon completely. Cops with flashlights searched for clues. A charcoal grill lay on its side.

Joggers jogged by and drivers gassed up, unaware of the violence that had just taken place nearby. A special forensics van came by to analyze the site.

First hot night in Rogers Park. Given the high number of gunshot victims (body count) of late this seemed inevitable. Will it get worse before it gets better? What kind of summer are we in store for here in the RP?

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Update #1 5/9/14 8:00 am - The Sun-Times article confirms that the incident took place at a Bar-b-q just before park closing. One man was shot several times (and is in serious condition). He was taken to St Francis by ambulance. The other man shot in the leg is also being treated at the nearest level one.

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