Sunday, June 30, 2013


Poinciana - poin•ci•an•a (ˌpɔɪn siˈæn ə)

n., pl. -an•as.
1. royal poinciana.
2. any of several tropical legume trees of the genus Caesalpinia, having showy red, orange, or yellow flowers.
[1725–35; < New Latin (1700), after M. de Poinci, 17th-century governor of the French Antilles; see -an1, -a2]

        Reviewing the pictures it appears that this apartment complex does have bird of paradise plants. A suitable flower for the garden give the building's name. Will have to get better photos of the flowers next time. There are three key lock boxes on the gate. So shangri-la in Rogers Park does have a few vacancies.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 244, 29 June 2013

            Someone has to pick up the slack since Ms Demeanor decided to take a well deserved vacation from her blog How To Build A Substation. A slight hum can be heard from the red machinery warming up. A line runs from the work truck generator to power the beast. The digging of dirt has continued in the interim resulting in a pit running about 50 feet long, 3 feet deep and 3 feet across lining the metal (retaining) wall. A good portion of the bottom section of the steel wall has been painted safety orange. The bulldozer sits quietly at the southern end of Glenwood avenue.

               A few hours later came the ear splitting noise of powerwashing? of the metal wall. The worker is wearing earphones used the red machine and blue cherry picker in the pit to work (?powerblast) on the wall. Just added picture of this very loud work. It is at the very end. At the angle the shot was taken hard to see what's going on. There is a guy sitting on a pickup truck tailgate watching him blast the wall. The section of wall being worked on is grey. The rest of the wall is rust.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Emil Bach House Tours Given By Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

                Photographed above is Peter Dahlberg of the Emil Bach House blog. (Looks like he is having fun. Not everyone gets the chance to work on a house of this stature with the kind of money needed to do a first rate job.)  Workers were busy on the roof this morning. The side yard is nothing but mud. RDS Dumpster is out front full of debris. The cement mixer is fully operational. A bobcat sits silently in back waiting its turn to help. Lumber and stone tiles piled high. This Frank Lloyd Wright is now in serious rehab mode. Hard to believe that the place is in any kind of state for tours but the FLW Preservation Trust is showing folks around the exterior each week. Rare opportunity for architect fanatics to see a house of this caliber getting fixed up the right way. Starting in the fall there are plans to give tours of the interior.

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"L" Train Barreling Down McCormick Boulevard

Semi loaded with CTA rail car headed south on McCormick

             No it isn't a new route. This "L" train car is either headed to the repair shop, scrap heap or possibly to some train that needs an extra car. You can see the bridge of the Yellow Line in the background. Had just enough time to snap this. Might have to get a dashcam video camera (It is standard practice for Russians to have dashcams to defend themselves in court. Driving there is really bad, at least according to Tru-Tv). There is a large train yard on Oakton which is just to the north and west. This photo was taken this morning just before 9 am. Here is a link to a photo on Flickr of another semi towing a brand new CTA rail car. Looking at the undercarriage of this rail car it is rusted, definitely not brand new.

            This article mentions that the CTA starting June 6th will be repairing 240 rail cars through October which have welding irregularities. The Tribune in February reported that the CTA is planning to buy 1.5 - 2.0 billion dollars worth of new cars sometime in the next ten years.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Ultimate Roto Rooter

          @ Jarvis & Ashland this morning. National Power Rodding Corporation performs the following services for the City of Chicago and large companies; catch basin & culvert cleaning, chemical grouting, digester & industrial tank cleaning, high-powered vacuum removal, pipe & tank cleaning, sanitary & storm sewer cleaning, sewer tv inspection, water blast cleaning. Its a dirty job but somebody has to do it. They also perform manhole rehabilitation. "Our manhole rehabilitation specialists can solve your manhole infiltration/inflow problems; restoring your structures to "better than new" condition in less time than it would take to replace them — and for a fraction of the cost." (Essentially these guys are the plumbers for the sewer system.)

             Another testimonial regarding one of their extraordinary services."Clogged sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare of municipal health hazards - irate phone calls.Whether clogging is caused by sewage back-up or natural disasters, such as landslides, mudflows or floods, you need someone who can respond with the right type of equipment and experienced personnel. That's when you can count on a Carylon company." This advertisement is for mayors or higher-ups for cities. Thank God we aren't responsible for our own sewer systems. Imagine a private citizen reading this and calling them up for help (especially for a manhole rehab).

Update 6/28/13 10 am  - Benjamin Woodard just wrote up a story of some folks that could use National Power Rodding Corporation's services.

Amazing Heeby Jeebies Live & Dixiefried

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Former Fabi's Restaurant Space For Sale

          Clark street is becoming a ghost town in Rogers Park. Another restaurant and retail space has closed.  This one was more visible than most with their large mural that can be seen from Touhy Avenue. The above photo was taken during the thunderstorm this morning. The building for sale has a strange eighties brick facade similar to that of Captain Nemo's down the street at Clark and Rogers. The first evidence that the restaurant had closed online is on Yelp 4/1/13. Scanning the reviews the following can be surmised. They are often closed on Fridays, it was a mom and pop operation, full bar, was known for its chunky guacamole and chile rellenos, and had a large television. Overall 4 stars on Yelp. This writer had eaten there 4-5 years ago and agree with most of what the reviewers wrote. It was a good solid Mexican restaurant with a homey atmosphere with great service but suffered from lack of patronage.

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Unauthorized Photos? New Starbucks On Western

Sorry for shaky nature of photo, hadn't had coffee yet

          "Are you with construction?" asked the Starbucks manager. He went on to tell me that if pictures were to be taken it would have to be cleared with his manager and with the higher ups (At this point no more interior shots were taken. And I did ask a different barista for his permission to take his photo eariier. The Starbucks manager said nothing about the pictures that had already been shot.). Good reminder as to why Starbucks would never be my regular coffee shop. In the future such talk will be quaint. Google glasses are just the beginning. People will soon have video and photo capability built into their brains. Just remember when you enter any national or international chain you are in a zone where all photos are strictly forbidden. (So if something especially newsworthy were to occur in a Starbucks you technically aren't allowed to take a photo.) Which taken to its natural conclusion is a pretty sinister concept. This Starbucks (like they all do) does have that understated tone of corporate dread.

          Flash flood warning woke this writer out of a sound sleep (on smart phone). (In the dream was busy talking to some unlucky group of folks about an imagined camping trip on the border between Kentucky and Wisconsin. There was an unnamed lake on the map and a section of woods labeled FOG.) Even the new Starbucks was affected this morning by the torrential rains. Jarring to see a plastic bucket set on the floor to catch falling rainwater (from a leak in the ceiling) in a brand new building. Perhaps that's why the manager thought this writer was with construction. Another emergency alert just now for flash flooding on phone until 11:30 am (Check local media -NWS). 6108 N Western is a decent new Starbucks with plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. The parking spots are a bit small, but that is standard for new construction mini malls in the city.

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Let's Talk TIFs In The 49th Ward

Click on picture for larger view

             This upcoming event has been posted by reader request (Jim A). Looks like it will be a meeting of the minds of Rogers Park. Where money comes from and how its spent is always a worthwhile topic for discussion. The economy drives everything that happens in our neighborhood  up to the national level. Let's Talk TIF's will be taking place at the Loyola Park Field House @ 1230 W Greenleaf Ave July 1st from 7-9 pm. The flyer for this event was first posted at the NHNA blog by Michael Luckenbach on June 18th.

            Tax Increment Financing is supposed to help us (the city) in the long run. With the recent real estate bust most folks are fed up with TIF's because the promised return on investment is turning out to be more theory than reality. TIF's most often benefit those in society who already have more than enough money (the well heeled and connected). It is a useful way to encourage investment in the city (those who might otherwise build in suburbia), help increase future taxes and create jobs (most temporary).

             Jim A wrote "I was wondering if you could post this flyer concerning an event at Loyola Park next Monday, July 1. Civic Labs is going Ward by Ward .... to help shed ..... light on what actually happens to TIF money. I think you'll find it interesting yourself and am hoping to get as many people to come as possible." This flyer was just posted to Rogers Park in 1000 words last night at 10 pm.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Albion & Greenview Stop Sign @ Sullivan Highschool

Newgard & Arthur Storm Damage

           Small blue car sustained significant roof and windshield damage from fallen branch. Caved in roof means this car is probably totaled. The car looks like it is still driveable. A police car was posted at the intersection and yellow caution tape cordoned off the street. Passage through this street was made impossible anyways by the large branch. Pictures were taken at 9:30 am this morning. Power was knocked out as Craig mentioned. Broadcaster on NPR this morning couldn't finish watching the Stanley Cup Finals due to the outage (the Hawks won!). This writer was in Skokie during the storm last night. Deluge lasted for ten minutes.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Hare Krishnas Prepare For Ratha Yatra

          This nice gentleman explained the purpose of the parade. This past Sunday (yesterday) was the day that all the deities come out of hiding. If you help drag the chariot then you and the last seven generations of your ancestors are absolved of all your sins. Pretty good deal. ISKCON is all about good karma. The parade has been using this route for the third year in a row (from Howard/Ashland to Sheridan and down to Loyola Park). Before that it was by Devon and Western.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hipsters Invade Howard

             Benjamin Woodard minced words in his article and described them as people afflicted with a "hipster flair" or having "hipster tendencies" (hipster-types). Is he saying that Rogers Park isn't hip enough to have real honest to god hipsters? The cool kids (the art kids or wannabe art kids who like to live in the city) of this current generation are still called hipsters. It would be nice to have a new name, or perhaps revert to an old one like beatniks. But we are stuck with hipsters. We need the arts and hipsters in the city. The artists help reinvigorate the city with their energy and new ideas (like double decker bicycles). The following photos were all taken from the north side of Howard looking south. The flea market took place on the sidewalk from Ashland to Greenview on the south side of the street.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sherwin & Greenview "L" Viaduct

Gruppo Di Amici Closing


              Gruppo Di Amici officially announcing with this banner that June 29th will be their last day. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise given how slow business has been for them. In the chaos from the news vans reporting live yesterday (on Jarvis) this writer didn't notice this sign. Reviewing the pictures from yesterday this sign was up. They had decent Italian food, great service and ambiance but it didn't draw huge crowds. In the past year the restaurant had cut back on their hours (like Charmers did). Their pizza was the original kind from Italy which has less cheese and tomato.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fox & ABC News Broadcast From Jarvis Square Site Of Baseball Bat Beating

          Not the way we like to make the news up here in Rogers Park. Families and friends are unwinding at Pointin Stil and having dinner at Gruppo Di Amici. Reporters and cameramen kill time in their newsvans waiting to broadcast live from the site of a disturbing attack. The last major baseball bat beating in Chicago occurred in Wicker Park on Damen. That incident involved a boyfriend girlfriend team trolling the city, looking for people out late after drinking to rob. That happened three years ago. The victim from that attack is still trying to recover.

           This case involves two suspects who came to Pointin Stil (a popular Irish Pub in Rogers Park just east of the Jarvis "L" stop) out looking for trouble this past Sunday. Which raises the question why it is only today that this story is bringing media attention? According to's report the incident had racial overtones. It is stories like these that make people leery of breaking up bar fights (as they should be). Since the time of the caveman you take your life into your hands when you travel at night alone. Chevanston hopes that the culprits in this heinous act are caught promptly and brought to justice.

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Jargowood Next Meeting July 2nd


          The next Jargowood (Jarvis/Fargo/Birchwood neighborhood group) meeting will be held at Alderman Joe Moore's office at Greenview and Jarvis July 2nd @ 7pm. The general rule is that meetings are held on the first Tuesdays in odd months. Word on the street is that the city wants Red Violin to sell groceries. There are already plenty of places that already sell cheap liquor and chip bags. There is pent up demand for higher quality food items in this corner of Rogers Park.

          Currently an atmosphere of chaos rules over this store. Too often people are milling about in limbo in between the cash register and looking for something to buy. There have been complaints by various neighbors concerning the crowd that Red Violin has been attracting to that corner. This writer feels much safer walking to Taste on Jarvis to buy beer. Heck this writer feels safer walking to Isam's on Sheridan where the same owner of Red Violin will be opening up the Green Guitar. The owner of Red Violin is supposed to be in attendance at this meeting.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joe Moore's Wild Ride


             Chevanston just received these photos from Taylor Ervin (writer for the Red Eye) with the following caption  "Is Alderman Joe Moore a member of the GNAR collective??" and the title "Those Sign Vandals!". This same problem of Aldermanic privilege was discussed last year on Everyblock. Neighbors collectively decided that people should compete to see who could take down the most flyers. Community bike rides are always great public relations events. The flyers should be taken down in a timely fashion. This tour of the neighborhood took place on Sunday, today is Thursday.

             Have never been a fan of putting anything onto city signs. It creates a dangerous precedent. As leader of a community you are held to a higher standard. This does fall into a grey area. It isn't real vandalism. Permanent damage is not caused and minimal effort required to remedy the situation (so why is the minimal effort not enacted?). The paper flyers do serve a purpose (leading bicyclists on a fun ride through Rogers Park), just as garage sale signs, lost cat/dog/human posters, notices for public events, concerts, advertisements on street light poles inform citizens. But when you bring this to its natural conclusion society will look like hell. Road signs serve as guideposts. They should not be obstructed. Incidentally does anyone have a map of the course? It would be fun to recreate the famous ride and at the same time take down the flyers. Perhaps in the future there could be a victory lap for clean up? This writer takes down expired out of date notices routinely.

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(These signs are at the Greenleaf "L" viaduct as you face east. The picture on the right when blown up reveals Louis Goldberg park off to the left)

Artist On The Wall Procrastinator - Will Paint Later

Slacker artist hogging prime real estate

              Spots 21 and 22 are still blank as of this morning. There are usually a couple spaces like this every year. How long do the artists have before the spaces are redistributed? There was another space that was just painted all green. By leaving a space like this lie fallow runs the risk of a renegade painter taking advantage of the situation. Phone died before all the great canvasses painted this year could be photographed. One that immediately stood out was a Kurt Cobain T Rex belting out Smells Like Teen Spirit. B1E Gallery painted a great Bat Signal.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kwikset Trailer & Race Car @ Home Depot @ 6211 North Lincoln

             Didn't know that Kwikset was involved in car racing. (From February through November, the Kwikset trailers will be traveling cross-country to tell the story of Security, Quality & Innovation. The 300 events will include stops at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Kwikset Distributors, Co-ops, tradeshows & sporting events including NASCAR, PBR & Moto GP.)
                Meet and greet at our local Home Depot earlier this morning. This store is just west of West Ridge and south of Lincolnwood. Kwikset makes decent barebones locks and doorknobs. Unfortunately almost all locks and doorknobs are made in China nowadays. Hardware made in China overall are lower quality then their European and American counterparts. We may get the products for a lower price, but the quality of the products suffer as a result. As far as locks, locksmiths and related services you just can't beat Clark and Devon.

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Conflict Between Church & State In Rogers Park?

Gale School located @ North Of Howard section of Rogers Park

The following letter was sent to Chevanston via email June 17th

Dear Alderman Moore,

A little over a year ago I wrote you an open letter which the Windy City Times Published regarding the homophobic and antigay organization “The New Life Covenant Church” which is headed by the equally homophobic and anti gay Rev. Wilfredo ‘Choco’ de Jesús.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coming Soon To Jarvis "L" Station - A Neighborhood Piazza

Rendering from CTA website

              Several northside "L" stations are getting new art installations. The above is the most interesting and it happens to be going into the Jarvis stop. You can see all the different projects that were recently approved here at the CTA website. The project for the Morse station is lackluster, simply colored glass. Some projects don't look so great on paper then in actuality however. The other stations lucky enough to be selected include the Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn, Thorndale and Granville stops. Federal funds totaling over six hundred thousand dollars went toward these projects. Piazza is an italian word refering to a city square or the meeting of two or more streets. Another side note, the two video cameras above the murals are not part of the art work. 

              Update 6/19/13 1:25 pm Please continue reading to see how the Jarvis station looks now

Dont Forget! Loyola Park Fundraiser @ Morse Gyros Tomorrow

Love those old Morse Gyros t-shirts

            The old standby restaurant (since 1975) on Morse is having a fundraiser for Loyola Park tomorrow. Come on down to meet and talk with your neighbors while grabbing a bite to eat. This will double as a positive loitering (This corner has been under Gangster Disciple rule for many years. But that rule has come to an end.) and eating event. This writer's favorite new item to order the gyros burger. They do have healthy eating options like their grilled chicken, greek salad, veggie burger and veggie pita. Click here for the flyer. The fund raising event runs from 4 pm until 9 pm tomorrow evening. A portion of all sales will go to Loyola Park's basketball and baseball programs. Morse Gyros should resurrect their old t-shirts and put them up for sale. It would be a great way to show off your Rogers Park pride.

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Brick Wall On Howard Makes It Big

The following is from an email sent to Chevanston June 4th concerning a photo from this article.

Dear sir:

I am designing a production of "Annie" for a community theater company in Minnesota (, and I came across your photo ( 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Runge Roach Racing

          Accidentally posted this earlier. No sense in putting this post off any longer. These pictures taken this morning clearly show that Runge's looks awesome. Reading the Yelp reviews it is noted that they compete in clunker/derby races. This stretch of Rogers Avenue is never a dull walk. You are never sure what you are going to see parked in front.

          They have recently repainted their parking lot sign and garage door. Runge's most notably has kept the grounds in and around Rogers Avenue spotless. And that is no easy task. Here is one link regarding a Sexcalade they once stored at their lot and this link talks about the fire hydrant.

Update 6/18/13 10 am - Late last night the above photo and a few beyond the jumbreak were edited. Sometimes photos have spots that are too light and too dark. HDR and warmify from Picasa work wonders to correct these problems.

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The Unmowed Zone Of Pratt

Looking east on Pratt towards Sheridan. This is east of Astor House.

                Condo or apartment buildings have their strengths and weaknesses. One of their weaknesses is that they almost never pick up the slack with neighbors' parkways.  Pratt Avenue has a very dramatic example of this effect just east of the Astor House. Here we can see sharp demarcations between parkways representing different philosophies in caring for "one's land". One's land is in quotation marks because the parkway is owned by the city.

               The answer to this riddle is that the slackers themselves need to get to work (not likely) or the neighbors need to suck it up and take care of it. Why should the neighbors take care of it? Better to lead by example. Even if the other neighbors or owners never appreciate it you are taking care of the neighborhood. Neglect and decay benefit no one. And it usually takes a change in ownership before changes in management take place. In this case who knows when this house and apartment building will be sold to responsible owners? This was discussed in the long long ago on Everyblock. This stretch of Pratt has existed like this for many years. How many more years will this phenomenon continue?

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greenview & Farwell June 2013

1444 w Farwell's yard. The charred door still lies
on the ground from a fire this past winter.
           Rather than possibly incur the wrath of those loitering this writer decided to use a different image for this discussion. At approximately 5:50 pm today a group of youths were obstructing the sidewalk and hanging on the fence @ 1420 w Farwell. This is of one of the Council for Jewish Elderly buildings for senior citizens. This writer walked on the other side of the street because it wasn't safe to walk past this gang. Kids at that age (late teens) are unpredictable when left to their own devices. 911 was called and about ten minutes later a paddy wagon was dispatched to disperse the group. Is an apartment building for senior citizens a good place for hyperactive unsupervised youth to hang out?

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6900 N Sheridan Gutted

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(Pictures were taken yesterday. Overcast skies prevented capturing the grand staircase in all its glory (like Ms Demeanor). But it was possible to catch a glimpse of it.)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Future Trader Joes On Chicago Avenue Construction Update

           Pictures taken earlier today of future Trader Joes. A partially obstructed  city sign on site states that "a sign review and appeal board hearing will be held affecting this site in the next 14 days" Reviewing recent news a meeting regarding sign variances was just held June 12th. This new grocery store is not expected to open until fall (October).

           Chevanston's editor discovered a Reader article discussing an April Fools article in the Evanston Roundtable. Lee Street Beach was to be renamed Trader Joes Beach. April Fools Day this year was rife with jokes concerning Trader Joes. Edgeville Buzz couldn't help themselves and created a fake news article declaring that a new Trader Joes was moving into the old Blockbuster space in Edgewater on Broadway just north of Foster.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Roll Call @ Popeye's @ Howard & Damen

Ann Rainey - "Outdoor roll call on Friday, June 14. Roll call will be at the Popeyes lot at Howard and Custer  Damen. Roll call starts at 6 PM

If you are driving to the location you have to get there early because a real traffic jam is created because of all the activity"

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Four Tickets & Counting

                  This maroon Mazda truck has been left to rot on Wayne Avenue. One ticket is dated 6/4/13. The rest are unreadable. Perhaps by July 4th the car will be towed. In the meantime this abandoned vehicle is taking up valuable parking space. Apparently it takes thirty days plus two tickets or more to get the boot. Section 9-92-030 describes all the different reasons why cars are towed in Chicago. Not all the situations are explained however,  Section 9-92-030 also lists fifteen different codes. One reason you could be towed is if you are parked illegally at a metered spot for more than 24 hours. This car was probably ticketed due to street cleaning.

                 Update 6/14/13 12:30 pm - Why is this important? It is a sign of neglect. Abandoned or run down cars are sometimes used to stash drugs. Cars like the one pictured above also invite vandalism. Perhaps there should be a law on the books to prevent cars from languishing on side streets (with multiple tickets)?

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Alley Electrical Outlet Program

            If you are low on cell phone power and far from home you have a new option. Com Ed is using new technology to place electrical outlets in unexpected places. Wooden poles, park benches, brick walls, nothing is off limits. Where to wait while your device charges though? Alleys aren't always the safest places to linger. An anonymous source told this writer that they were working on drinking fountains next. There is a liability issue though. Young passerby could potentially electrocute themselves. So this will likely just be a fad.

Buddha On Morse Is Here To Stay



               This new plaque was recently (ballpark guessing last few weeks) welded onto the fence that surrounds the plants @ Morse and Glenwood. Five Buddhas are staying in Rogers Park and five are being auctioned off this summer. This Buddha just outside of Morse "L" Drugs is here to stay.The first official accounting of the Buddha on Morse was on the Broken Heart of Rogers Park October 26th 2012. Referring to this photograph the plaque is absent. Instead flu shots were being offered.

              "The Buddha sculpture is an artistic interpretation of peace by internationally renowned artist, Indira Freitas Johnson. The image serves as a creative catalyst for the Ten Thousand Ripples project, a citywide public art and civic engagement program held in partnership with several Chicago area neighborhoods, community partners and artists. For more information and a schedule of events visit"

For first official published picture of Morse Buddha please continue reading

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do You Speak English?

Google Maps screenshot of Farwell and Greenview looking east

             A great opening question to throw you off guard eh? The bald headed light complected African-American man with the famous line is back. And he has gained weight. This writer saw him at this intersection last night. He had the fake look of panic on his face with inhaler in hand. This time he was on foot, sometimes he is on a bicycle or on the phone. Was going to take a picture of him but he noticed that the person he was talking to was onto his game. Instead of his usual spiel he asked if jumper cables were available. A quick tour of the neighborhood after a negative response and he was gone. Poof.

              In the past this writer and others have run across him up and down Glenwood Avenue from Rogers Park down to Uptown. Don't be fooled by his story, he doesn't have a sick daughter with asthma who needs an inhaler or nebulizer or anything like that. Its a great ruse because it plays upon your need to help others. He gets about twenty or so bucks out of the deal. The story doesn't make sense because if his daughter was  that short of breath he would just take her to the ER.  Running the streets looking for money to buy the medicine at the pharmacy while a loved one gasps for breath at home is illogical. This scenario also can't be happening on a daily basis. This writer has personally stopped one person from buying into his fake story.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chariot Festival Of India Parade "Ratha Yatra"

         Sunday June 23rd 11:30 am PARADE starts at 1610 Howard Street goes south on Sheridan road, festival at Loyola Park 12:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Guest of honor is Alderman Joe Moore. Free feast for everyone and more. Children activities, drama, singing, dancing, spirituality.

If you want to see the Hare Krishna preparing for the actual parade at Howard and Ashland click here.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Patio Now Open @ Morsel But No Takers

             Awfully dead this past Sunday @ Morsel.  It doesn't seem right that Morsel, Sidecar and the Glenwood were all being run by the same outfit and these are all being boycotted. Is it time to call a truce or all these businesses doomed? Its like a monopoly or too many eggs in one basket. (Still can't believe that Dukes is gone) These photos were taken on a relatively nice Sunday afternoon and not a soul to be seen taking advantage of the nice weather.

             The boycott seems to be working, Glenwood avenue once a lively fun strip is now a dead zone except for when the farmers market is up and running. Ironic because everyone was so excited with a restaurant opening at the former dollar store. Its no secret that the gay/lesbian crowd is moving north with the increased rent of Lakeview. Pride North is a recent phenomenon. Now its a ghost town.

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Garbage Emergency @ Farwell "L" Viaduct

           The electrical substation that is being built at Farwell and Glenwood has forced several large apartment buildings to relocate their dumpsters to the Farwell and Pratt "L" viaducts. This is a scene that is far more common in New York City where the city has no alleys, way more people and tons of trash. It won't be long before this trash is all over the street. There are some city trash cans here and private dumpsters. The proper authorities will be contacted so that this is taken care of. There is also a sofa jammed sideways in the viaduct, previously the spot for such items is exactly where the substation  is going up.

To see the sofa please continue reading

Fungs On Morse Now Open For Business


                  Craig Gernhardt broke the news Friday that Fungs @ 1343 w Morse is now open for business. The inside is clean, bright and cheery. Fungs occupies a small space, the horrible window and door wall partition separating the dining room from the kitchen is finally gone. A different type of business should break the curse at this once forever failing commercial space. It has been has at least three different incarnations of the same business model, african/soul food, the last one being Reecee's Cafe. And we do need some Chinese food in the area since Ms Eggroll Number 2 on Glenwood closed.

            This will really help that stretch of Morse resist the gangs with more positive foot traffic and eyes on the street. This has been a troubled part of Rogers Park since the Block building across the street was turned into Reside on Morse back in 2008 because it pushed the gangs to the south side of Morse. The next order of business is getting something in next door which when last occupied was a coin operated laundromat almost ten years ago.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Loyola Park Day @ Morse Gyros & Chicken June 19th

             Hot off the presses! Wednesday June 19th ( which happens to be Juneteenth which is more visibly celebrated up in Milwaukee) from 4 pm - 9 pm come out to Morse Gyros and support the park and local businesses. A portion of all sales will go to the park's basketball and baseball programs. The is the kind of positive loitering that this writer likes to take part in. Why? The Gangster Disciples still believe that they control this corner of Morse and Wayne, but they don't. Just today there were some GD's loitering and parking illegally at Morse and Wayne. So 911 was called and they were told to be on their way. This has been the GD's corner for many years and old habits die hard. But with persistent calls to 911, positive loitering and eating they will eventually learn that this isn't home base anymore.

             It would be really nice to see cops come into Morse Gyros and grab a bite to eat. Why? It sends a message that the police care about the community, gives them an opportunity to get to know the locals and most importantly it makes the bangers uncomfortable. Morse Gyros still has the best gyros and chicken for sale in Rogers Park. If you can't make it in person you can order your food through Speedy Northside Food Delivery. Morse Gyros is my new favorite hangout.

Art & Sol Flea Market Now With Facebook

            More information is available about the upcoming Art and Soul Flea Market which will take place at Howard and Ashland. The new poster advertises proudly that everything sold will be local, including handmade, vintage items, like most flea markets it will be interactive but they will have art booths and independent businesses, food trucks will be on hand so you won't starve. Admission is free. Here is the Facebook page (everything has a Facebook page nowadays). The dates that the fair will take place (every 4th Saturday throughout summer) are June 22nd, July 27th, August 24th, and September 28th and as seen on the flyer the market will run from 10 am - 6pm. Exciting to watch a market of this sort begin, this will be a great way for people to discover the Howard Street area of Rogers Park and Chicago. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rogers Park Made Better (Positive Loitering Schedule For June)


          Scanning the Facebook groups for Rogers Park for news a new posting in the LGBTQ forum by John Warner was discovered. He has made up the Rogers Park Positive Loitering schedule. Unlike our counterparts in Uptown the schedule is kept secret so that the bangers can't schedule their loitering at a different time.

Hi everyone - I have set the schedule for Rogers Park Positive Loitering for the month of June. We are doing outreach to see if who may be interested in coming out and loitering against the "negative loiterers" in the area. If you would like to know the dates and times that we will be out, please feel free to contact me either thru our Face Book page or at 

Ellipsis Coffee Spitting Distance From Rogers Park

        Wired from a black eye (two shots of espresso in a coffee as opposed to one the red eye) this writer drank from Ellipsis this morning, finally felt inspired to do a write up on this new coffeeshop @ Devon and Lakewood. Beautiful day, the two doors that open onto the new coffee shop were wide open this morning with lots of folks hanging out and working on their laptops.
         The proprietor is always very friendly and makes you feel at ease, you can tell that he put his dues in at the region's best coffeeshop Brothers K in Evanston. The only thing missing from all of these new upper cruste coffee shops that have suddenly burst onto the scene in and around Rogers Park is the the New York Times. Starbucks in the only coffeeshop that carries the NYT in RP nowadays. (Last edited 6/8/13 7:30pm)

         Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Sign To Help With Loitering @ Clyde-Brummel Park

Original photo from 8th ward office cropped & rotated for easy reading

               Ann Rainey the alderman of the 8th ward of Evanston posted a picture of new signs being installed (as of 6/3/13) at Clyde-Brummel Park to the 8th ward forum.  Clyde is the first north south street west of Clark/Chicago street in Evanston and deadends into Brummel where the park is located. Clyde street (@Howard) is also where the Budda head was moved to from the future location of the Peckish Pig. Reading the 8th ward forum neighbors have been concerned with local kids loitering in the park late at night. For a map of Clyde Brummel Park click here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Backdrop Of Act One Cafe Al Fresco Dining Gang Controlled?

           "Darling let's go to Act One Cafe and hang out on Morse. I hear the diner across the street is controlled by the Gangster Disciples. Should make for an interesting evening, there may even be a shoot-out." Laurie's Pizza in Uptown is an example of a restaurant where gang members roamed freely. How did that end? With a thirteen year dead and the restaurant shut down. It would be extremely idiotic for the management of Morse Gyros to tolerate the gangs (they won't), because eventually there will be a fatal shooting and then the restaurant will be shut down.

            Giving into gang intimidation will not make you any safer than you already are. Why? Gangs shoot at gangs, and sooner or later the rival gang will come by to shoot at them and you may get shot in the process. So the GDs are feeling the heat and can't hang at Morse and Greenview? Now they want back into Morse and Wayne? Nah, that's okay, no thanks, we don't want our corner shot up either like the Common Cup was. Calls will be made to the alderman's office and Mayne Stage/Act One because they have to know whats going on here. Joe Moore doesn't hold Follow Me on Fridays @ gang controlled restaurants, does he?

By the way, at press time there was a cat carrier up for grabs in front of Reside on Morse, it might be still there, to see a picture of it please continue reading.