Friday, June 28, 2013

"L" Train Barreling Down McCormick Boulevard

Semi loaded with CTA rail car headed south on McCormick

             No it isn't a new route. This "L" train car is either headed to the repair shop, scrap heap or possibly to some train that needs an extra car. You can see the bridge of the Yellow Line in the background. Had just enough time to snap this. Might have to get a dashcam video camera (It is standard practice for Russians to have dashcams to defend themselves in court. Driving there is really bad, at least according to Tru-Tv). There is a large train yard on Oakton which is just to the north and west. This photo was taken this morning just before 9 am. Here is a link to a photo on Flickr of another semi towing a brand new CTA rail car. Looking at the undercarriage of this rail car it is rusted, definitely not brand new.

            This article mentions that the CTA starting June 6th will be repairing 240 rail cars through October which have welding irregularities. The Tribune in February reported that the CTA is planning to buy 1.5 - 2.0 billion dollars worth of new cars sometime in the next ten years.

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