Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From Urban Relic To Stucco Bore

         Update on 7300 N Damen, the facade now resembles what was done to the top of the Magic Video strip mall at Morse and Wayne and the top of the one story building that houses Morse Gyros and the Golden Mini Market. Apparently this is a common shortcut to shoring up buildings that need tuckpointing. Has a southwestern look with the light desert color. This has happened to a lot of buildings in Chicago, a once interesting old building (which could've been restored) is converted to a clean, bland, dull monolithic structure, which for this corner is a step in the right direction.

Please continue reading to see what 7300 N Damen used to look like

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JeffreyLittleton said...

See Jeffo...I was right so you should listen to me!

I agree that stuff is cheap, stucco is a great product so no comparison.

Its fake looking, hides water damage and mold plus it gets damaged very easily, you can poke a pencil through it.

Its low-skill labor which is the biggest attraction I guess. Unlike my old school metal lathe and plaster repair at Preston Bradley. I posted up about it on my blog...you told me to blog more Jeffo so there ya go.