Monday, June 10, 2013

Garbage Emergency @ Farwell "L" Viaduct

           The electrical substation that is being built at Farwell and Glenwood has forced several large apartment buildings to relocate their dumpsters to the Farwell and Pratt "L" viaducts. This is a scene that is far more common in New York City where the city has no alleys, way more people and tons of trash. It won't be long before this trash is all over the street. There are some city trash cans here and private dumpsters. The proper authorities will be contacted so that this is taken care of. There is also a sofa jammed sideways in the viaduct, previously the spot for such items is exactly where the substation  is going up.

To see the sofa please continue reading

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Looks much better today, the construction workers are taking advantage of the newly cleared viaduct sidewalk for parking.