Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Newgard & Arthur Storm Damage

           Small blue car sustained significant roof and windshield damage from fallen branch. Caved in roof means this car is probably totaled. The car looks like it is still driveable. A police car was posted at the intersection and yellow caution tape cordoned off the street. Passage through this street was made impossible anyways by the large branch. Pictures were taken at 9:30 am this morning. Power was knocked out as Craig mentioned. Broadcaster on NPR this morning couldn't finish watching the Stanley Cup Finals due to the outage (the Hawks won!). This writer was in Skokie during the storm last night. Deluge lasted for ten minutes.

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Craig Gernhardt said...

As storms go this one didn't seem all that powerful until surveying the downed trees in the neighborhood. Seen a tree I walked past for years snapped like a twig.

Mother nature has remarkable strength.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Power was knocked out in the 1800 block of west Greenleaf and Estes, too.

Anonymous said...

Jeff O: could you please email me at toagathon@hotmail.com. I'd really appreciate it.


Stanley Katakowski said...

Craig is a giant boob.

Willy Fisterbottom said...

He has NPD I heard and got censored on the RP blog.