Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joe Moore's Wild Ride


             Chevanston just received these photos from Taylor Ervin (writer for the Red Eye) with the following caption  "Is Alderman Joe Moore a member of the GNAR collective??" and the title "Those Sign Vandals!". This same problem of Aldermanic privilege was discussed last year on Everyblock. Neighbors collectively decided that people should compete to see who could take down the most flyers. Community bike rides are always great public relations events. The flyers should be taken down in a timely fashion. This tour of the neighborhood took place on Sunday, today is Thursday.

             Have never been a fan of putting anything onto city signs. It creates a dangerous precedent. As leader of a community you are held to a higher standard. This does fall into a grey area. It isn't real vandalism. Permanent damage is not caused and minimal effort required to remedy the situation (so why is the minimal effort not enacted?). The paper flyers do serve a purpose (leading bicyclists on a fun ride through Rogers Park), just as garage sale signs, lost cat/dog/human posters, notices for public events, concerts, advertisements on street light poles inform citizens. But when you bring this to its natural conclusion society will look like hell. Road signs serve as guideposts. They should not be obstructed. Incidentally does anyone have a map of the course? It would be fun to recreate the famous ride and at the same time take down the flyers. Perhaps in the future there could be a victory lap for clean up? This writer takes down expired out of date notices routinely.

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(These signs are at the Greenleaf "L" viaduct as you face east. The picture on the right when blown up reveals Louis Goldberg park off to the left)

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