Thursday, June 13, 2013

Buddha On Morse Is Here To Stay



               This new plaque was recently (ballpark guessing last few weeks) welded onto the fence that surrounds the plants @ Morse and Glenwood. Five Buddhas are staying in Rogers Park and five are being auctioned off this summer. This Buddha just outside of Morse "L" Drugs is here to stay.The first official accounting of the Buddha on Morse was on the Broken Heart of Rogers Park October 26th 2012. Referring to this photograph the plaque is absent. Instead flu shots were being offered.

              "The Buddha sculpture is an artistic interpretation of peace by internationally renowned artist, Indira Freitas Johnson. The image serves as a creative catalyst for the Ten Thousand Ripples project, a citywide public art and civic engagement program held in partnership with several Chicago area neighborhoods, community partners and artists. For more information and a schedule of events visit"

For first official published picture of Morse Buddha please continue reading

Photo Credit - Craig Gernhardt from blog post
"Morse avenue needs a little Buddha"


Stanley Katakowski said...

Yeah I thinks I remember Craiggy crabs-a-lot bitchin' about it in the same post. What a loser. Glad that blog went down in flames.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Wonder what Mr Buddha would say about such sentiments? I asked him but he was deep in meditation. Referring back to BHORP there is no b#$%^ing or moaning.

Hadasa Goldstein said...

Buddha schmooda. This information isn't even correct. You should talk with people in the community who know what is going on before posting silly things like this. Maybe the poster Mr. Rogers is having some kind of break down. How sad. Can we help?