Friday, June 21, 2013

Fox & ABC News Broadcast From Jarvis Square Site Of Baseball Bat Beating

          Not the way we like to make the news up here in Rogers Park. Families and friends are unwinding at Pointin Stil and having dinner at Gruppo Di Amici. Reporters and cameramen kill time in their newsvans waiting to broadcast live from the site of a disturbing attack. The last major baseball bat beating in Chicago occurred in Wicker Park on Damen. That incident involved a boyfriend girlfriend team trolling the city, looking for people out late after drinking to rob. That happened three years ago. The victim from that attack is still trying to recover.

           This case involves two suspects who came to Pointin Stil (a popular Irish Pub in Rogers Park just east of the Jarvis "L" stop) out looking for trouble this past Sunday. Which raises the question why it is only today that this story is bringing media attention? According to's report the incident had racial overtones. It is stories like these that make people leery of breaking up bar fights (as they should be). Since the time of the caveman you take your life into your hands when you travel at night alone. Chevanston hopes that the culprits in this heinous act are caught promptly and brought to justice.

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            Baseball bat injuries are unfortunately common events. This writer has had heard stories of the frequent nature of such incidents. ER physicians writing bbbbbbb on the chart as diagnosis. (Black boy beaten by baseball bat) People knew what this abbreviation meant. All too often damage from a baseball bat can cause devastating permanent brain injury. Some people either play too many video games or are ignorant of the potentially lethal effects a baseball bat can inflict. When you strike someone with a bat across another person's head it should be considered attempted murder. What is so tragic this damage is that you usually end of permanently disabling someone for the rest of their lives.

         A webpage has been organized to help raise funds to cover medical expenses for the victim Mike Davis. So far almost three thousand dollars has been raised. According to witnesses and various sources he is a great guy that never wanted any trouble. He worked in restaurant industry. And he had many friends he hung out with at Pointin Stil and at the nearby Lighthouse bar on Sheridan. Apparently where he was beaten was just east of Pointin Stil.  The Buddha @ Towbar's corner has just been removed. A bad omen?


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