Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Unauthorized Photos? New Starbucks On Western

Sorry for shaky nature of photo, hadn't had coffee yet

          "Are you with construction?" asked the Starbucks manager. He went on to tell me that if pictures were to be taken it would have to be cleared with his manager and with the higher ups (At this point no more interior shots were taken. And I did ask a different barista for his permission to take his photo eariier. The Starbucks manager said nothing about the pictures that had already been shot.). Good reminder as to why Starbucks would never be my regular coffee shop. In the future such talk will be quaint. Google glasses are just the beginning. People will soon have video and photo capability built into their brains. Just remember when you enter any national or international chain you are in a zone where all photos are strictly forbidden. (So if something especially newsworthy were to occur in a Starbucks you technically aren't allowed to take a photo.) Which taken to its natural conclusion is a pretty sinister concept. This Starbucks (like they all do) does have that understated tone of corporate dread.

          Flash flood warning woke this writer out of a sound sleep (on smart phone). (In the dream was busy talking to some unlucky group of folks about an imagined camping trip on the border between Kentucky and Wisconsin. There was an unnamed lake on the map and a section of woods labeled FOG.) Even the new Starbucks was affected this morning by the torrential rains. Jarring to see a plastic bucket set on the floor to catch falling rainwater (from a leak in the ceiling) in a brand new building. Perhaps that's why the manager thought this writer was with construction. Another emergency alert just now for flash flooding on phone until 11:30 am (Check local media -NWS). 6108 N Western is a decent new Starbucks with plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. The parking spots are a bit small, but that is standard for new construction mini malls in the city.

Please continue reading for the shocking exclusive photos and more words (at least they have the Newyorktimes).

           Here is a link to Google Images results for Starbucks interior shots. All of these have been cleared with Starbucks? Impossible. There is a space for West Rogers Park connections in our new neighborhood Starbucks. But, you can't photograph it? Its a blacked out area that can only be seen with the naked eye? If Starbucks is trying to keep their interior a trade secret they are doing a terrible job (Flickr). These photos aren't meant to defame, promote any other "product" or invade anyone's privacy. When you enter a commercial space you are in the public domain. Interesting to deliberate what is and isn't okay to photograph. For the most part most of the interior of any Starbucks could be photographed simply by putting your camera or phone right up to the glass. Just like anything there is no clear cut answer as to what is okay or not to photograph. Since 1987 when Starbucks was incorporated it became illegal to take photos (1971-1986 were the years it was still a regular coffee shop)? None of the following photos were taken with any malice or intent to harm. Just here to report on the neighborhood. (This guy copyrighted a photo of a Shanghai store. Was that cleared with Starbucks?)

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