Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hipsters Invade Howard

             Benjamin Woodard minced words in his article and described them as people afflicted with a "hipster flair" or having "hipster tendencies" (hipster-types). Is he saying that Rogers Park isn't hip enough to have real honest to god hipsters? The cool kids (the art kids or wannabe art kids who like to live in the city) of this current generation are still called hipsters. It would be nice to have a new name, or perhaps revert to an old one like beatniks. But we are stuck with hipsters. We need the arts and hipsters in the city. The artists help reinvigorate the city with their energy and new ideas (like double decker bicycles). The following photos were all taken from the north side of Howard looking south. The flea market took place on the sidewalk from Ashland to Greenview on the south side of the street.

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         Art and Sol Flea Market is the beginning of a new tradition on Howard (we hope). For this flea market/street festival to really bring crowds they need to close the street off. The annual Glenwood Arts Festival has grown year after year down at Morse and Glenwood. That festival used to just span Glenwood from Lunt to Farwell but has expanded to Morse avenue and the parking lot of Family Dollar. Hopefully the same will happen with Art & Sol Flea Market. Traversing a narrow patch of sidewalk and or the street is not something someone with small children will be willing to do. At one point one tent near Lost Eras completely blocked the sidewalk. Patrons were forced to walk on the street. The fact that this market will be held every month in the summer gives it a chance to evolve faster.

       Yesterday Sol Cafe also debuted their affogatos (sounds like avocados?) which is a blend of espresso and ice cream. They used LickeySplit ice cream. Sol introduced to Rogers Park the best doughnuts (Glazed and Infused) and now the best custard and ice cream. A business hasn't made this huge of an impact on Rogers Park since the Mayne Stage on Morse. (Didn't have the chance to really check out the festival as the sidewalk and set up prohibited a closer look. Next month this photographer will get better pics and info on the booths, etcetera.)


JeffreyLittleton said...

Great post. Hipster is getting kind of worn out as a word so likely another one will arise and annoy.

An aside on public art from an interview I just gave in West RP. Twitter not working right Jeffo so bad link, and cannot paste here.

Best option is got to Avy Meyers Northtown News on YouTube and look at recent episodes. I believe the account name is "sonyhtv".

Cereal thriller said...

I dunno about that, but there was a busker who clearly was gutter punk busking by the Loyola Red Line a few times last summer. Ripped shirt, a funk that could kill Wolverine, you name it.
The bangers must have disposed of him or maybe a large dog ate him because I never saw his stinky butt again.