Sunday, June 30, 2013


Poinciana - poin•ci•an•a (ˌpɔɪn siˈæn ə)

n., pl. -an•as.
1. royal poinciana.
2. any of several tropical legume trees of the genus Caesalpinia, having showy red, orange, or yellow flowers.
[1725–35; < New Latin (1700), after M. de Poinci, 17th-century governor of the French Antilles; see -an1, -a2]

        Reviewing the pictures it appears that this apartment complex does have bird of paradise plants. A suitable flower for the garden give the building's name. Will have to get better photos of the flowers next time. There are three key lock boxes on the gate. So shangri-la in Rogers Park does have a few vacancies.

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