Monday, July 1, 2013

7474 N Rogers Avenue

Fire Alarm Control Panel & Sprinkler Room
            Rogers Avenue CTA Park & Ride offers monthly parking. Short term parking is available starting at five bucks (will have to check for time period). They also provide advance warning of whether the elevator is in service or not. No trespassing or loitering allowed. The management is not responsible for oversized vehicles, antennas, items left in cars such as phones or radios and personal belongings. Standard Parking does not assume any liability for damages caused by fire (should be safe with their FACP and sprinkler system), theft or casualties or any other cause whatsoever to any car or its contents in this facility. No bailment or bailee custody is intended or created by Standard Parking. (They do not take temporary possession of your car if you choose to park here.) Park here at your own risk.

           Call 773-878-0720 for more info. Click here for rough approximation of a sprinkler room. Standard Parking's foursquare site. Looking at Google maps within the past five years the park and ride rate went up from four to five dollars. And this past year the bottom sign (at entrance and exit on Rogers) which read "Welcome to Gateway Plaza Parking Facility 7474 N Rogers" was ripped down.

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Lock This & Do Not Lock This

Elevator is out of service when sign lit

Present Day (will post better pic of park and ride sign later)

Google Maps View

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