Monday, July 15, 2013

Rogers Park Tree On Twitter

Screenshot Of Undead Tree's Profile Photo

A dead tree in Rogers Park has somehow gained consciousness and started its own Twitter account. It is following Joe Moore and sent him a tweet last night "@JoeMoore49 Maybe u can follow me this Friday! I don't move much, but u can find me blocking pedestrian traffic right x from liquor store." 

Judging from the angle of the downed tree (sending its psychic messages through the 'net in the shot above) it is located on Rogers Ave just northwest of Sheridan and the south side of Rogers.

In journalism a dead tree edition is the physical newspaper; to e-book readers the actual book; and the hard copy of your web page. A dead tree has realized the futility of communicating by other means and is now using cutting edge social media to get involved in the neighborhood.

Update 7/15/13 #1 5:46 pm - CBS News reported on this important story @ 4:22 pm today with an article entitled "Twitter Account Started For Rotting Fallen Tree In Rogers Park".

CBS also gives credit where credit is due "Hyperlocal blog Chevanston reported on the campaign, which presumably is the brainchild of a neighborhood resident who’s getting tired of waiting on work crews."

Update 7/15/13 #2 11:00 pm - Chevanston officially has its first plant follower on Twitter @ 8:50 pm, "Chevanston, You have a new follower on Twitter.  Rogers Park Tree @RogersParkTree".

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Psychic emanations are strongest here at the trunk

There are many examples of talking trees in mythology, film, books, history, religion, video games, music.

In reality plants emit chemicals to protect themselves, like wild tobacco. It produces toxins (like nicotine) to kill the caterpillars that like to feed on them.

They have found evidence of inter-tree communication. When nearby trees are damaged those of the same species nearby will pick up on the chemical cues being released.

Perhaps one day using this innate ability of plants to communicate with each other will be used as natural pesticides.

But no where in the scientific literature is there mention anecdotal or otherwise of any living or dead plant or tree communicating with mammals or humans.

Not only is this tree communicating after death, but it is participating in interspecies communication using a newer form of social media and technology (Twitter). (Twitter came to prominence only recently in 2009.)

Looking at the statistics of Twitter users we don't see any mention of species other than humans with Twitter accounts.

Rogers Park Tree
I am a tree that has been rotting on the sidewalk in Rogers Park for a month.
Rogers Park, Chicago

Just chillin', here at the corner of Rogers and Sheridan, blockin' sidewalk traffic #rogerspark #beinatree

Rough night in the Rog. Take it from a tree. #rogerspark

The dead tree has a wry sense of humour and is very droll. A characteristic of advanced intelligence. This tree should be carefully moved from the sidewalk where it currently resides and airlifted to the NIAS (National Institute Of Agrobiological Sciences) ASAP. Scientists there could study this unprecedented phenomenon up close.

If plants and trees could all open Twitter accounts it would help us in many ways. Early warning for forest fires. Up to the minute updates for crop condition. In the city they could be our eyes and ears to detect crime before it gets out of hand. The possibilities are endless.

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