Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 247, 2 July 2013

             "Are you going to put that on Fourwheeler.com?" asked the construction worker. This writer was snooping around the electrical substation construction site this morning for clues. Mums the word. Noise began in earnest 8:30 am this morning. The orange area is growing on the metal wall. It looks as though the wall is being sandblasted (with the red machine) to get the rust off. Then the wall is painted light grey and then orange. The dark grey area seems to mark where different work will be done. People's Gas has banned parking on this stretch of Farwell Avenue for the next two weeks (from 7/1/13 - 7/15/13 during the hours 7 am - 5 pm). Does their work have anything to do with the substation? The workmen replied negative.

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Sal Carlotti said...

You are looking at one of the biggest scams in Rogers Park and you haven't even figured out what it is yet with all your investigation. You are going to be so surprised when the news breaks and the payoffs end. Peoples Gas stonewalled you on this one.

Max Madd said...

Jeff-O: My street is also about to be DESTROYED by People's gas. I've seen (elsewhere) that they come and cut a section out of the road and then leave it like that for many weeks.
Do you know what's going on?
Are these works really necessary?
Or is this actually a scam?