Friday, July 19, 2013

B1e Gallery Is Cool

Unique gallery in a unique location. Visiting this gallery makes you wish that more artists could take up residence in vacant storefronts. Especially those with a yard. These photos were taken about a week ago. A brown tabby stands watch over the empty studio this morning.

Haven't always been a fan of all B1e's creations. Last year they had the graffiti free wall inexplicably labeled Occupy Rogers Park. An artistic expression of pure anarchy. Graffiti free walls or posters don't work. Graffito will spread one by one from the sanctioned area to every or any other adjacent surface.

This year B1e is really hitting their stride. Huge canvas paintings in the yard combined with the found object sculptures stop most everyone in their tracks.

The community book exchange is a great idea. Passerby can pick up or drop off a book (mostly pick up). They have turned phone booths into makeshift community libraries in New York City.

The outdoor fish continue to be manufactured. A huge papier-mache fish was created about a year ago. More recently the famous fish with the flower pots (and rubber ducks) hung from a tree outside the post office.

B1e gallery is located at Glenwood Ave and Farwell (6902 N Glenwood Chicago, Illinois 60626) just west of the "L" tracks.

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Jeffrey Littleton said...

More artists would occupy storefronts if they just asked. A lot of property owners dont even know where to start or who to ask even if it occured to them.

Some neigh orhoods do it better then others because artists have better partnerships in the community.

Every neighborhood gets the art and or artists they deserve lets put it that way.