Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lots Of Shooting Out There ----- But Where?

Did a shooting happen here or is Chicago Scanner full of it?

Chicago Scanner ‏@Chicago_Scanner 2h
024: Male shot, GSWs to shoulder & leg Howard/Winchester #chicago #RogersPark #CrimeIsDown

Chicago Scanner ‏@Chicago_Scanner 2h
024: Person shot 7100 N. Sheridan #chicago #RogersPark #CrimeIsDown

The title for this post has been changed because of the conflicting reports coming in on this shooting. Either someone was shot at Morse and Glenwood and then ran to Sheridan and Estes/Touhy or was just shot there near the Shell gas station. The Sun Times has the first report on the shooting.

The lesson here is watch out when the warm summer nights return. Criminals get cooped up.

Update #3 7/31/13  5 pm - Mr Woodard's report on the aftermath of yesterday's gunfire. He provides a summation of Rogers Park's gun violence this year.

Please continue reading for more words and picture

There used to be a Citgo @ Touhy & Sheridan. Google Maps view with HDR

Update #1 Sun Times 7/31/13 8 am - A 20-year-man was shot Tuesday night in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side.

The shooting happened just after 8 p.m. (Wednesday 7-30-13) in the 7200 block of North Sheridan Road, Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala said. The man was shot in the shoulder and both legs and was taken to Saint Frances Hospital in Evanston, Zala said.

Update #2 7/31/13 1 pm - Mr Gernhardt posted pics of the crime scene on his Facebook page here and here. And here is a picture he posted of the cracked window from the gunfire.

Posted on East Rogers Park & NOH Facebook
(Older male, black, tan shorts/white shirt w braids being looked for as possible shooter at Sheridan and Estes. Be careful out there neighbors.)

Posted on Rogers Park Neighborhood News by Bernard Garbo
Shooting just before 8:30 pm, near Morse and Glenwood. Shooters fled. "Victim" is 20 year old black male was taken to hospital from near Sheridan and Estes.

Craig Gernhardt tweeted last night - Bang bang. Busy night for all the gun shooters in ‪#‎RogersPark‬. Male shot at Howard and Winchester. Male shot at Touhy and Sheridan. Cops chasing kids with guns on Morse Ave.

For those privy to Next Door you can follow that discussion here. (Apparently Rogers Park Next Door is such a hit that they have subforums. This one is in the central subforum.)

Above is Google Maps screenshot of Winchester & Howard. Loitering is known to occur at this northernmost corner of Winchester. First warm night we've had in awhile. That's when folks come out of the woodwork and so do the guns.

Nothing mentioned on the 8th Ward forum of Evanston regarding any shooting. Weird that such an erroneous report came in over the scanner.

 Strange to see a shooting so close (Morse & Glenwood) to where the flute/percussion duet just concluded.


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