Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grumblings Continue Regarding Pritzker's Parking Garage

(Don Gordon was being sneaky and hid this anti-Sherwin Avenue parking garage essay in a article about people spots. )

Don Gordon ·  Top Commenter · Adjunct Lecturer, Political Science at Northwestern University

So let's put this in perspective for those of us up here in the People's Republic of Rogers Park. Lakeview, hardly a community known as a bleeding edge, progressive ward (not a knock, just an observation) is implementing a concept born in the streets of the very progressive city of San Francisco. People space before parking space? Mind-boggling isn't it?

Yet HERE in the supposedly very green, very progressive community of Rogers Park, we have an alderman who believes that a 300 car parking garage is what our community needs - not more green space, not a real bike path down Sheridan Road, not less room for cars but more.

Guess it supports the well worn platitude that if you tell people something often enough - I am a progressive alderman - they will believe it - whether it's true or not. How sad, because I'm a big proponent of full transparency in government. But that transparency is highly dependent on a populace intelligent enough not to be hood-winked by political rhetoric... :-(

(By the way transparency is an overused modern buzzword. How about something different for a change like pellucidity?)

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  • Public Notice
  • Address - 7313 - 7333 North Sheridan & 1233 - 1247 West Sherwin 
  • File No. 17769
  • Amendment
  • On 6-26 2013, an application was filed by 
  • Name and Address : Rogers Park Solutions LLC 104 So Michigan Suite 500 60603 
Change RT4 Residential Two-Flat And Townhouse Multiunit District To Allow For Approximately 250 Spaces Non-Accessory Parking Garage Approximately 58 Feet In Height

For additional information please contact the applicant at:
Contact information: Andrew Scott Atty (312) 627-8325

This notice shall be posted not less than 5 days after the filing above application and shall be removed within 3 days after the public hearing.

City Of Chicago
Department of Housing and Economic Development
Bureau of Planning and Zoning

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Hadasa Goldstein said...

Sonny let me tell you something. There are many reasons why Joe Moore is Alderman and Don Gordon isn't but the most important reason is that residents vote for Joe Moore and they don't vote for Don Gordon. If anyone thinks that Moore "bought" his votes and the election then they should sit down with Gordon and share some of his fried baloney. I will stick with chicken soup.