Friday, July 12, 2013

The Mystery Of The Red Mazda Solved

Flatbed of the inscrutable Mazda 7/10/13 am
               Last Wednesday the owner of this forlorn, multi-ticketed, tow notice emblazoned, and chalk marked (front left tire) truck dared to show his face to the neighborhood. A grey Honda pulled up next to the abandoned Mazda. The man with the yellow hat (this one doesn't have a monkey) emerged from his other car and proceeded to hook jumper cables to the red Mazda. The truck died after it first started and had warmed up for awhile. He had to jump the Mazda again. How long has this truck been sitting there that it was so dead?

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Reader submitted photo

               The reader who submitted these photos asked the yellow hat man if the red Mazda was his car. The man replied yes. He had been out of town in Texas and had left the Mazda there for safekeeping. The reader wondered aloud about getting the boot after two tickets. The man with the yellow hat replied that he had been paying the tickets online. He asked the reader if they had checked to see that he had paid online. He (yellow hatted man) went on to say that it was cheaper to pay the city parking tickets than to store the care legally.

               After the red Mazda finally drove off the roadway where it was parked was filthy because street cleaning had never happened. People really have a hard time finding parking in the neighborhood. How many spots exist (taken up by slobs using our streets for storage) like this in Rogers Park right now? Probably more than you think. Several members of the local neighborhood group LANA (Lakewood Area Neighborhood Association) have been calling police on the delinquent vehicle. The police have better things to do then to keep writing tickets that Mr Vacation Man pays online somewhere far away. In case you missed the previous posts on this Mazda truck rotting away on Wayne, here is one from June and here is another from a week ago.

Reader submitted photo

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