Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Priority Elevator @ 7450 N Greenview Avenue

Representatives from First Priority Elevator Co. (from South Holland, Il.) were at 7450 N Greenview avenue this morning delivering and installing an elevator motor. FPE Co. provides the following services; service (redundant), repair, maintenance and modernization. The elevator men said that there was one lift in the building. When asked how much the motor cost they replied "pocket change". This building has one of those zombie proof doors from VPS. There has been a lot renovations going on at this address over the past couple years. A beautiful eight story terracotta built in 1918 according to Trulia. They go on to mention that is sold for 2.4 million dollars in 2001. This building is tall enough (80 feet or higher) that it will be effected by the new state fire regulations requiring sprinklers.

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Willy Fisterbottom said...

Great story. Elevator motors, zombie proof doors and sprinkler systems are hot. Gives me wood. Nobody has the guts to write stuff like this no more. DNAinfo and News Bench suck.