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Mark Schipper Stands Behind His Work "More Sh*& News"

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Hot off the presses. The following essay was just sent to Chevanston Industries in response to criticism of Mark Schipper's tweet regarding the Boston Marathon Tragedy ( when DNAinfo.com had a Twitter Feed ).
(Perhaps Mark didn't see the original piece which had a screenshot of his tweet in the DNAinfo.com Twitter Feed.) This is why the Twitter Feed is labeled expletive free here on Chevanston.

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"My name is Mark Schipper, I am a reporter at Inside Publications & the subject of this "fainting lady" post. I do not know Chevanston & only recently discovered this blog. Had he not sent me the link to this piece, I would have had no idea he had been following my work & writing about me for so long."

Update 7/21/13 - Chevanston follows Mark Schipper swearing or no swearing. Freedom of the press is important as well. Mark Schipper "This one goes out to @Chevanston, #RogersPark's favorite Puritan blogger: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php" As tweeted earlier. Vive le difference. Neither swearing or criticism is illegal.

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Below is the Tweet verbatim.  This tweet appeared on DNAinfo.com's Twitter Feed just minutes after the Boston Marathon Tragedy (in a screenshot beyond the jumpbreak). Still not sure what the sh*& news before this was. Puzzling.

"Geeze. More Sh*& News. Hoping for the best in Boston. These scum who make their statements this way are the worst of us."

He just tweeted his excellent article summarizing the last three shootings and two murders to rock the Rogers Park neighborhood these past two weeks. Credit much be given where credit is due.

Chevanston, sensitive soul that he is, does have a rather serious issue with the accuracy of his reporting in this instance. I do not write for DNAinfo & never have. Chevanston has claimed on numerous occasions, and again today on Twitter, that I do. 

I repeat, I write for Inside Publications, a group of print weeklies distributed across the North Side, and have never written for DNA. How Chevanston can pick up, read and photograph our newspapers—which he has done in this very post—and still identify them as DNAinfo - an online only news platform - is a bewildering riddle that I will leave to brighter minds. 

Now, if Chevanston has risen from the divan and been fanned gently back into consciousness, I will take this moment to inform him that the Twitter feed he is commenting on is my own personal Twitter page, & in no way affiliated with my place of employment. It is unfortunate that the sight of the word "SH%^" caused such a powerful & painful reaction in the author when he learned of the Boston Bombing, but I am afraid in our modern world there are few places to hide from such offensive language. 

Just out of curiosity, has anyone asked this question: How could a man be more shocked and appalled by the site of the word "SH&*" - or be somehow more grievously wounded by a minor swear word in the face of an outrageous physical obscenity like the bombing of the Boston Marathon?

That's it, ladies & gentleman, I thank you for the time here. This writer can only handle so much goddam bullsh%^ in one day, & I'm just about saturated here. 

(Should a respected journalist on his own "personal' Twitter account being published and tweeted onto DNAinfo.com's Twitter Feed use such language regarding a national tragedy? Apparently Mark Schipper thinks so.)

Screenshot of infamous tweet in Picasa pencil

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