Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anne Sullivan On Joe Moore's "Confession" ---- "Now Its His Ox"

Several nights ago this writer had the pleasure of watching a shadow named Anne Sullivan speak on the evening news about the Joe Moore "controversy". Not sure if anyone taped it, but it was weird. If anyone follows local events in Rogers Park they already know who Anne Sullivan is and what she looks like. Why is she afraid to show her face on TV?

Transparency is one of those horrible modern buzzwords that refuses to die. We can speak in concrete terms. People and the media now use metaphors over and over and over again until they lose their meaning. Yes politics lacks a "see through" pellucid quality. But there are other ways to express that.

Don Gordon comments as well. He is a stickler and simply focuses on the fact that a law was broken (no matter how large or small or important or unimportant).

Sidenote - ORP does like to using BREAKING a whole lot in their posts.

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