Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busted Window @ Lost Eras

Occupy Rogers Park should put a sticker on this window. Something with a good tagline. ORP posted to their Facebook a link to a Huffington Post article about an Oakland cafe with a sticker plastered to it which said the following.

"This window will be fixed later today. When will the US Justice system? The likelihood of black males going to prison in their lifetime is 28% compared to 4% of white males and 16% of hispanic males. When will our archaic gun control laws?"

Whatever it takes. This window needs to be fixed. Its been broken for at least a few months. And one of the double doors to the apartments upstairs has a broken window as well. Its not easy being a business on Howard Street.

The Howard streetscape continues into its final phases here in July. Trash cans, benches were installed and the concrete planters were finally filled in with dirt and grass. A protective railing was just installed on Lost Eras' corner possibly to stop catastrophic damage from a car crash.

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Jeannie Jarvis said...

I've never liked the clothing selection there. Too many wire hangars.

Pris Stratton said...

Their clothing is funky retro. I bought a balloony kaftan there once for Tinker. It fit her perfectly. Did you know that wire hangers might be classified as weapons? Alderman Mell is introducing a resolution in City Council because one of his daughters used one to beat up a son-in-law of his. Jeannie your shoulder pads are powerful looking.

Jeannie Jarvis said...

Why thank you Miss Stratton. Your make-up is...powerful too.