Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rogers Park National Bank Note

This vintage ten dollar bill has got to be worth at least...... ten bucks? At this moment there are two bids.The highest bid $2.25. "Series 1929 $10 National Bank Note the Rogers Park National Bank Rogers Park, Illinois Charter #10305 Hard to Find National Note No Problems I Grade Very Fine, 2 Staple Holes on left Side Please See Scans for Your Grade"

Forgotten Chicago wrote an excellent article concerning the Rogers Park National Bank. The building still stands at Lunt and Clark where the Tacos Tortas taqueria operates. This bank didn't survive the Great Depression and closed in 1931.Here is a picture of the building on RP in 1000 words. If you click here you will see a Rogers Park National Bank token previously for sale on E-bay. People looking to open an account at the bank were given fifty cents if they redeemed the token.

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Collecting old money is a great way to learn about the past. has much more to say regarding Rogers Park National Bank, "The Rogers Park National Bank Of Rogers Park in Illinois printed $586,420 dollars worth of national currency. That is a high amount...." These ten dollar bills from are not that rare. Twenty dollar bills however are much rarer. This bill is a type one because the serial number ends in the letter A. Type 2 bills end with a number which are more rare. But this difference according to the site isn't important to collectors because the bills look the same.

National bank notes according to Wikipedia were printed from 1863 to 1935. "National bank notes were retired as a currency type by the U.S. government in the 1930s during the great depression as currency in the U.S. was consolidated into Federal Reserve Notes, United States Notes, and Silver Certificates - and privately issued banknotes were eliminated."

Update #1 7/20/13 3 pm - now 4 bids, current price of 5.55

Update #2 7/21/13 7:30 am - now bid up to 21.50

Update #3 7/22/13 8:41 pm - now 7 bids, highest is 51 dollars

Update #4 7/24/13 2:34 pm - Highest bid now 76 dollars

Update #5 7/26/13 7:24 am - Highest bid is a whopping 305 dollars

FINAL UPDATE - 7/26/13 7:28 pm - #RogersPark National Bank Sawbuck Sells For 898.89 Plus 4.95 For Shipping On Ebay, 20 bids in total

Rogers Park National Bank's Former Location courtesy Google Maps

You will notice quite a difference between the Lunt and Clark side of the building. RP/WR Historical society explains why this difference exists, "The building sat vacant for a number of years (After the bank failed in 1931) until it was purchased and remodeled in 1940. Architects Lowenberg & Lowenberg installed an art moderne facade with retail space on the Clark Street side, leaving the Lunt Avenue side relatively intact. "


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