Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Follow R Public House On Twitter

Follow R Public House on Twitter! They have been posting pics of the progress they are making on the interior. R Public House just posted a banner covering up the old Gruppo Di Amici signage this past week. The proprietor of this new gastro-pub is the ousted partner from the Glenwood Bar. A new beginning for Rogers Park in more than one way.

Jarvis Square has seen a lot of changes of late. Charmers Cafe shut its doors in March. The wine bar/coffee shop Towbar opened up in its place a few months ago. Goods for Less in the mini mall folded recently. Hopefully making room for another restaurant.

The Facebook link up has really increased the amount of traffic, thanks for the hookup! Can't wait until R Public House opens up. Judging from the photos they keep posting on Twitter it will exceed expectations.

Please continue reading for more pictures