Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Milkshakes Are Back! @ Morse Gyros

Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate milkshakes now available on Morse Avenue. This writer tried a chocolate milkshake. A great way to beat the heat and cool off. Morse Gyros also has Eli's cheesecake in the cooler.

Reading the Yelp reviews we see that Al I. gives it five stars and he is a notoriously hard grader.  (Al also happens to have a blog here in Rogers Park called "Blog Al Iverson".)

One thing that people are right about in the reviews is this. Its a real neighborhood establishment. You come in here often enough and they will know you and vice versa.

Also 1336 W Morse Ave Is Now For Rent Please Continue Reading For More Pictures And Words

Yes it's true. 1336 w. Morse Commercial Space is now for rent. The sign went up sometime last week. Maybe last Thursday or Friday. The gossip had been that it was going to be accessory space for Mayne Stage.

But that doesn't jive with the entrepreneurial spirit of J. Pritzker. Originally it had been disclosed that it was going to be built with a kitchen in back.

One kind of restaurant that Rogers Park definitely doesn't have is tapas or middle eastern or even a Jewish deli. Lots of options for this high end retail spot.

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