Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anne Sullivan On Joe Moore's "Confession" ---- "Now Its His Ox"

Several nights ago this writer had the pleasure of watching a shadow named Anne Sullivan speak on the evening news about the Joe Moore "controversy". Not sure if anyone taped it, but it was weird. If anyone follows local events in Rogers Park they already know who Anne Sullivan is and what she looks like. Why is she afraid to show her face on TV?

Transparency is one of those horrible modern buzzwords that refuses to die. We can speak in concrete terms. People and the media now use metaphors over and over and over again until they lose their meaning. Yes politics lacks a "see through" pellucid quality. But there are other ways to express that.

Don Gordon comments as well. He is a stickler and simply focuses on the fact that a law was broken (no matter how large or small or important or unimportant).

Sidenote - ORP does like to using BREAKING a whole lot in their posts.

To read the rest of the discussion please continue reading or click here and add a comment to the ORP Facebook site.

Follow R Public House On Twitter

Follow R Public House on Twitter! They have been posting pics of the progress they are making on the interior. R Public House just posted a banner covering up the old Gruppo Di Amici signage this past week. The proprietor of this new gastro-pub is the ousted partner from the Glenwood Bar. A new beginning for Rogers Park in more than one way.

Jarvis Square has seen a lot of changes of late. Charmers Cafe shut its doors in March. The wine bar/coffee shop Towbar opened up in its place a few months ago. Goods for Less in the mini mall folded recently. Hopefully making room for another restaurant.

The Facebook link up has really increased the amount of traffic, thanks for the hookup! Can't wait until R Public House opens up. Judging from the photos they keep posting on Twitter it will exceed expectations.

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Comedy Of Errors @ Loyola Park

Farwell Pier can be seen in the distance (left)

"Comedy of Errors" in Loyola Park.

Beginning its summer tour on July 25 through each of the Park District regions, a specially equipped truck will roll into each park where a stage will unfold and CST actors will perform a 75-minute production of The Comedy of Errors.

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater will be making the rounds in Rogers Park this coming weekend; August 2nd and 3rd. A great excuse to break out the lawn chairs, beach towels, coolers and head on down to the beach. The performances are gratis.

Loyola Park
At the Farwell Avenue Entrance
Friday, August 2, 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 3, 6:30 p.m.

It also looks like we are getting a new sushi restaurant

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lots Of Shooting Out There ----- But Where?

Did a shooting happen here or is Chicago Scanner full of it?

Chicago Scanner ‏@Chicago_Scanner 2h
024: Male shot, GSWs to shoulder & leg Howard/Winchester #chicago #RogersPark #CrimeIsDown

Chicago Scanner ‏@Chicago_Scanner 2h
024: Person shot 7100 N. Sheridan #chicago #RogersPark #CrimeIsDown

The title for this post has been changed because of the conflicting reports coming in on this shooting. Either someone was shot at Morse and Glenwood and then ran to Sheridan and Estes/Touhy or was just shot there near the Shell gas station. The Sun Times has the first report on the shooting.

The lesson here is watch out when the warm summer nights return. Criminals get cooped up.

Update #3 7/31/13  5 pm - Mr Woodard's report on the aftermath of yesterday's gunfire. He provides a summation of Rogers Park's gun violence this year.

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Flute & Rhythm On Morse

Rogers Park Metra Station Has Seen Better Days

The old mural @ the Rogers Park Metra Station @ Lunt is slowly being taken over by the gangs and taggers. This particular tagger is ambivalent about the practice of smoking marijuana but definitely thinks that Starbucks is evil.  The Latin Kings claim the Metra Station as their turf. Guess the Gangster Disciples have to take the "L" downtown?

All in all the station doesn't look too bad. But it could use some TLC. Looking at the following pics can summon flashbacks from the movie "The Warriors" from 1979. "Warriors, come out and play!" That is the classic urban apocalypse movie.

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1790 W Lunt Avenue

Easy to get overwhelmed when looking at this place and trying to decide what to take pictures of. The motif is predominately automotive. License plates, car mirrors, construction lights, hubcaps, car emblems, license plate holders. A different take on the found object art display. (B1E Gallery on Glenwood is the most popular example in Rogers Park).

This address'es profile has increased of late because of the recent posting of George Zimmerman clippings in the yard. By far the most hilarious item is a toy 4 by 4. It appears to be launching into the air from a tree stump. The transportation concept is a natural since the property directly abuts the Metra Station.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Post Card Depicting Rogers Park That Never Was

Benjamin Woodard wrote about this strange map for his Rogers Park News outfit before signing up with the big leagues ( That article is entitled The Rogers Park That Could've Been. Now this hard to find postcard of the proposed layout as envisioned by the Rogers Park Town Planning Association is on the auction block (E-bay). Starting bid 75 bucks.

The seller Chicagoan45 provides ample background for this bizarre map. "Controversy over planning in Rogers Park on Chicago’s North Side is nothing new. Rogers Park residents thrive on it."

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Obama BFD In Uptown

Couldn't find any license plates online that read Obama BFD. This appears to be a one off. BFD refers to a quip made by Joe Biden a year ago regarding healthcare reform. A new trend; European style license plates in addition to the state mandated. Cool way to give your ride some style.

Some states only require plates on the back (unlike Illinois). This didn't stop this driver from adding a European plate in front though. Here is a discussion on City Data City Forum discussing the use of Euro plates in the US.

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Morse & Wayne July 2012

Sunday, July 28, 2013

From Black & White To Technicolor

The mural at Sherwin and Greenview has just been colorized. Would've look great either way. Glad that the fill in freelance photographer was able to grab some shots when it was just black and white though.

The wall to the north of this mural is a plain brown. Perhaps in anticipation of another mural?

If you continue reading you will also see how the sunflowers at Leonard Dubkin park are looking now.

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Lunt Fire As Seen From Campus Towers (Loyola)

Thanks to Bill Savage for sending in these aerial views of the Lunt Fire in West Rogers Park from this past Wednesday (7-24-13). He sent in a series of photos. The third photo shows the smoke has turned white as the fire is being put out by CFD. The last photo shows the residual smoke as seen from the Loyola "L" station. Impressive that the fire was seen so clearly from so far away.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

George Zimmerman Case Protest @ 1790 W Lunt Ave

Yahoo wrote a short article about eclectic homes in Rogers Park and posted it July 25th this past Thursday. Included in the list was an apartment complex at 1790 w Lunt. A place already strange enough to be mentioned with their unique installations. (CDs, hubcaps, license plates, Slinkies, construction lights, clocks, lightbulbs, flags and toys hang from trees, fences and tree stumps inviting second glances from pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists alike.)
"After Florida jurors acquitted Zimmerman, the house's owner put up a large mirror outside. Next to it are newspaper clippings of Zimmerman and his attorneys covered in plastic and blue tape that says, "Zimmerman-Dirty Murderer" and "Cover up Dirty Lawyers.""
On Friday someone at 1790 w Lunt posted another laminated newspaper cut out concerning the Zimmerman trial in the front yard. Red ink highlights the title of the article, two key lines and the date.

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Rogers Park Positive Loitering Has Gone Underground

The Positive Loitering group in Rogers Park has gone into seclusion. It recently switched from an open to a closed group on Facebook. Previously it was just an email tree dispersed to interested neighbors on the now defunct Everyblock.

John Warner the founder prefers to keep all information regarding his positive loitering group completely under wraps. This is in stark contrast to positive loitering in Uptown. The times and location are posted on Uptown Update.

It makes sense. Why tip off the bad guys as to when and where positive loitering will occur? Then they would just schedule their negative loitering for a different time.

Of course if the bad guys wanted the intel bad enough they would just create a fake Facebook account of a citizen that fit the profile and join.

A great cause to join to keep our community safe and interesting.

(Click to enlarge above photographs. The photo on the right was taken ten minutes after the one on the left)

What is visible to the average internet visitor can be seen by clicking the above link or by continuing to read.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Shift Change Screening @ United Church

  • movie July 30th @ 6:00 - 8:30 PM
  • United Church Of Rogers Park (1545 w. Morse Avenue)
  • Free Film Screening & Panel Discussion about Worker Owned Cooperatives
  • Lively Stories Of Secure, Dignified Jobs In Demographic Workplace

Surprising given the liberal bent of Rogers Park that there aren't any coops here. There have been rumblings about starting a grocery coop in RP. Looking at Riverwest, Milwaukee a similar type neighborhood (full of lefties & relatively diverse) currently has a bar coopgrocery coopbook coop, and farmers coop

Its about time that the coop movement gained some ground here in Rogers Park. People care more about working and shopping at places they have a stake in. 

This writer makes it up to Milwaukee every so often and is a full fledged member of the Riverwest Coop. A great business that serves the community. Their motto is "Food for people not for profit".

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Day Later @ Lunt Fire, Just West Of Rogers Park

This morning the Advance Glass board up company came early to secure the property in the 2100 block of west Lunt (near Bell in the West Ridge neighborhood). A large fire raged yesterday afternoon (7-24-13) on the Lunt side of this large corner apartment building.

Neighbors were lingering at the site this morning asking each other about what had happened or recounting what they saw yesterday.You can tell its early morning by the sharp glare cast by the sun in these photos. An older man who had a large digital camera was taking photos of the fire damage.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Helianthus Annuus @ Leonard Dubkin Park

Pertinent facts...

  • Sunflowers require full sun
  • Kansas is the "Sunflower State"
  • Sunflowers are annuals
  • The seeds are edible, the flowers are not
  • Most sunflowers bloom midsummer, some late summer
  • Generalist and specialist bees are attracting to this flower
  • Leonard Dubkin park is located @ 7442 N Ashland

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busted Window @ Lost Eras

Occupy Rogers Park should put a sticker on this window. Something with a good tagline. ORP posted to their Facebook a link to a Huffington Post article about an Oakland cafe with a sticker plastered to it which said the following.

"This window will be fixed later today. When will the US Justice system? The likelihood of black males going to prison in their lifetime is 28% compared to 4% of white males and 16% of hispanic males. When will our archaic gun control laws?"

Whatever it takes. This window needs to be fixed. Its been broken for at least a few months. And one of the double doors to the apartments upstairs has a broken window as well. Its not easy being a business on Howard Street.

The Howard streetscape continues into its final phases here in July. Trash cans, benches were installed and the concrete planters were finally filled in with dirt and grass. A protective railing was just installed on Lost Eras' corner possibly to stop catastrophic damage from a car crash.

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Vintage Mural @ Sherwin & Greenview

Murals are popping up all over the place in Rogers Park! This black and white mural is perfect for this little wall at the unusual intersection of Sherwin and Greenview. A scene straight out of the forties/thirties fits right into this "L" embankment.

This is just steps from the Ward 49 office and the new R Public House (set to open at Gruppo Di Amici's old spot on Jarvis Avenue). If you aren't following R Public House you should be! They are posting pics of the day to day progress on the renovations.

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Greenview and Farwell July 2012

Monday, July 22, 2013

Condo Smarts? & Joe Moore Under Investigation

Chronology of news alerts

7/22/13 3:30 pm -'s Benjamin Woodard just filed a report regarding these latest allegations against Joe Moore.

7/23/13 1:00 pm - Joe Moore being recognized by President Obama. That's the life of a politician. Under the microscope for any possible wrong doing and then off to meet with the president.

7/24/13 9:09 am - The prize that Joe Moore won is not being awarded due to the current investigation.

Soundbites from Anne Sullivan and Joe Moore made it onto NPR WBEZ this morning.

Anne claimed she was paid off to shut her mouth regarding work being done in the alderman's office that was not above board. Joe Moore answers the allegations by explaining that Anne was fired for being incompetent and she was paid a lump sum of money for all her over time work.

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Thou Shall Not Kill Limo

While taking photos yesterday morning a man recovering from a long night out stopped to chit chat. He was out drinking and got into a fight.The cut lip he sustained landed him at a nearby ER and he was walking home. Bare chested and holding a bloody t-shirt he admired the hand painted limousine on Broadway.

On the back of the Cadillac the words Big Baby Limousine can be made out. 517 area code for one of the phone numbers corresponds to the Lansing area of Michigan.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monster Energy In West Ridge @ 7/11

Monster Energy was in West Ridge yesterday for a promotional appearance.  Requirements for a free drink? You had to be at least 15 years old & be physically present.

Monster Energy was in the area because they were racing in Joliet. Their race car is propelled by a six hundred horse power engine with a top speed of 190 mph. The car's wheels are treadless. Race cars don't race in the snow or rain. It has been banged up a bit but is no worse for the wear after repairs. The wheels are tilted in to the left because it only makes left hand turns.

Also present at 7-11 the trailer and truck needed to haul the race car and tent. When these photos were being taken (2:30 pm) the crew had just begun dismantling the display. People were still stopping by for free samples, asking questions and taking pictures.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rogers Park National Bank Note

This vintage ten dollar bill has got to be worth at least...... ten bucks? At this moment there are two bids.The highest bid $2.25. "Series 1929 $10 National Bank Note the Rogers Park National Bank Rogers Park, Illinois Charter #10305 Hard to Find National Note No Problems I Grade Very Fine, 2 Staple Holes on left Side Please See Scans for Your Grade"

Forgotten Chicago wrote an excellent article concerning the Rogers Park National Bank. The building still stands at Lunt and Clark where the Tacos Tortas taqueria operates. This bank didn't survive the Great Depression and closed in 1931.Here is a picture of the building on RP in 1000 words. If you click here you will see a Rogers Park National Bank token previously for sale on E-bay. People looking to open an account at the bank were given fifty cents if they redeemed the token.

Last updated, edited, corrected 7/20/13 3:48 pm

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Trippy Mural @ Sherwin "L" Viaduct

The much beleaguered and graffito covered Sherwin viaduct is finally getting a completely bizarre mural. This viaduct is more interesting than most because the "L" crosses over an intersection (Greenview and Sherwin). It was hit earlier in the year with very weird graffiti.

The mural looks like a cross between My Little Pony, Hanna-Barbera, Disney, Hinduism, & Tom and Jerry. Haven't seen the mural in a couple of days, it may be completed by now.

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Rogers Park Tree Has Been Disappeared

16 hours ago Rogers Park Tree tweeted its last tweet. This special tree somehow navigated its way onto Twitter after death.

Dead grass from where the telepathic tree lay for so many days is now all we have left of our leafy friend. Maybe we will hear from RPT someday in the future if it is allowed (by the government's military scientists) to communicate with the outside world again.

It is possible that some of the tree's psychic powers rubbed off on the dead tree still standing. Perhaps there is life after death?

Currently the dead tree has 23 followers and is following 10 people.

Its parting words were, "I had a good run in the Fightin 49th! Look for me in the wind, the sunshine, the debris left in your neighborhood that politicians forget!"

The astonishing run only lasted four days, from July 14th til July 18th. Rumour has it that the Alderman's office had something to do with the tree's disappearance. Maybe they found it embarrassing that a tree had been lying on the ground so long that it had finally learned how to open a Twitter account to pass the time.

Please continue reading for more pictures of RPT

B1e Gallery Is Cool

Unique gallery in a unique location. Visiting this gallery makes you wish that more artists could take up residence in vacant storefronts. Especially those with a yard. These photos were taken about a week ago. A brown tabby stands watch over the empty studio this morning.

Haven't always been a fan of all B1e's creations. Last year they had the graffiti free wall inexplicably labeled Occupy Rogers Park. An artistic expression of pure anarchy. Graffiti free walls or posters don't work. Graffito will spread one by one from the sanctioned area to every or any other adjacent surface.

This year B1e is really hitting their stride. Huge canvas paintings in the yard combined with the found object sculptures stop most everyone in their tracks.

The community book exchange is a great idea. Passerby can pick up or drop off a book (mostly pick up). They have turned phone booths into makeshift community libraries in New York City.

The outdoor fish continue to be manufactured. A huge papier-mache fish was created about a year ago. More recently the famous fish with the flower pots (and rubber ducks) hung from a tree outside the post office.

B1e gallery is located at Glenwood Ave and Farwell (6902 N Glenwood Chicago, Illinois 60626) just west of the "L" tracks.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emil Bach Renovations Continue

Carl is the right hand man of Peter Dahlberg; the blogger and master carpenter of the Emil Bach house. He requested that the previous picture of him standing in front of the dumpster not be posted. We agree. Roof, window sill, stucco, stone, cement. driveway. yard work in progress. The back porch on the second floor was just removed. Rehabs of this kind have more rigorous inspections to make sure the renovations are historically accurate. The windows in front are open to the elements currently. But they are boarded back up at night.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Priority Elevator @ 7450 N Greenview Avenue

Representatives from First Priority Elevator Co. (from South Holland, Il.) were at 7450 N Greenview avenue this morning delivering and installing an elevator motor. FPE Co. provides the following services; service (redundant), repair, maintenance and modernization. The elevator men said that there was one lift in the building. When asked how much the motor cost they replied "pocket change". This building has one of those zombie proof doors from VPS. There has been a lot renovations going on at this address over the past couple years. A beautiful eight story terracotta built in 1918 according to Trulia. They go on to mention that is sold for 2.4 million dollars in 2001. This building is tall enough (80 feet or higher) that it will be effected by the new state fire regulations requiring sprinklers.

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Karaoke @ The Oasis

  • Karaoke @ The Oasis
  • Sunday July 21st 9pm to close
  • Fund Raising Benefit for Michael Davis
  • 6809 N Sheridan Road
  • Raffles! Great Prizes! Drink From The Donated Keg!
  • If You Want To Donate Online

One Way Thinking? Senator Barack Obama On Glenwood

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mark Schipper Stands Behind His Work "More Sh*& News"

Cold March Day In Charmers Cafe

Hot off the presses. The following essay was just sent to Chevanston Industries in response to criticism of Mark Schipper's tweet regarding the Boston Marathon Tragedy ( when had a Twitter Feed ).
(Perhaps Mark didn't see the original piece which had a screenshot of his tweet in the Twitter Feed.) This is why the Twitter Feed is labeled expletive free here on Chevanston.

click to enlarge

"My name is Mark Schipper, I am a reporter at Inside Publications & the subject of this "fainting lady" post. I do not know Chevanston & only recently discovered this blog. Had he not sent me the link to this piece, I would have had no idea he had been following my work & writing about me for so long."

Update 7/21/13 - Chevanston follows Mark Schipper swearing or no swearing. Freedom of the press is important as well. Mark Schipper "This one goes out to @Chevanston, #RogersPark's favorite Puritan blogger:" As tweeted earlier. Vive le difference. Neither swearing or criticism is illegal.

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Milkshakes Are Back! @ Morse Gyros

Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate milkshakes now available on Morse Avenue. This writer tried a chocolate milkshake. A great way to beat the heat and cool off. Morse Gyros also has Eli's cheesecake in the cooler.

Reading the Yelp reviews we see that Al I. gives it five stars and he is a notoriously hard grader.  (Al also happens to have a blog here in Rogers Park called "Blog Al Iverson".)

One thing that people are right about in the reviews is this. Its a real neighborhood establishment. You come in here often enough and they will know you and vice versa.

Also 1336 W Morse Ave Is Now For Rent Please Continue Reading For More Pictures And Words

Monday, July 15, 2013

Runges Roach Racing Official Pace Car

Please continue reading for more pictures
 from last Friday @ 7478 N Rogers Avenue

Update #1 - 7/16/13 9:30 am - Check out Runge's sweet ride here courtesy of The Crow's Nest.

Rogers Park Tree On Twitter

Screenshot Of Undead Tree's Profile Photo

A dead tree in Rogers Park has somehow gained consciousness and started its own Twitter account. It is following Joe Moore and sent him a tweet last night "@JoeMoore49 Maybe u can follow me this Friday! I don't move much, but u can find me blocking pedestrian traffic right x from liquor store." 

Judging from the angle of the downed tree (sending its psychic messages through the 'net in the shot above) it is located on Rogers Ave just northwest of Sheridan and the south side of Rogers.

In journalism a dead tree edition is the physical newspaper; to e-book readers the actual book; and the hard copy of your web page. A dead tree has realized the futility of communicating by other means and is now using cutting edge social media to get involved in the neighborhood.

Update 7/15/13 #1 5:46 pm - CBS News reported on this important story @ 4:22 pm today with an article entitled "Twitter Account Started For Rotting Fallen Tree In Rogers Park".

CBS also gives credit where credit is due "Hyperlocal blog Chevanston reported on the campaign, which presumably is the brainchild of a neighborhood resident who’s getting tired of waiting on work crews."

Update 7/15/13 #2 11:00 pm - Chevanston officially has its first plant follower on Twitter @ 8:50 pm, "Chevanston, You have a new follower on Twitter.  Rogers Park Tree @RogersParkTree".

Last edited 7/15/13 6:28 pm

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Howard Street Blocked Off & Murder North Of Howard

Lots of reports coming in on Twitter right now. Howard street is blocked off at Greenview, Ashland, probably at Marshfield/Paulina and now Rogers blocked off at Ashland.

WGN News van headed southwest on Rogers Avenue. Lots of police (Evanston and Chicago) and onlookers on scene. An ambulance for the decedent and any injured.

Ironic that another murder takes place in Willye B White park where a prayer vigil and shooting response for the July 5th murder of Elliot Frazier is being held tomorrow.

Update #1 from Northwestern Blog  - 7/15/13 2:25 pmThe Cook County medical examiner's office identified the man as Blake Lamb and said he was pronounced dead at 5:17 p.m (on 7/14/13) 

Update #2 from Chicago Tribune 7/15/13 5:00 pm - Blake Lamb was of the 7600 block of North Bosworth Avenue in Chicago.

(Neighborhood blogs benefit from tips and info from neighbors. Complaining about lack of info is entertaining but unhelpful. To be updated as new information comes in.)

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Shooting Response & Prayer Vigil For Elliot Frazier

Richard A. Young's Facebook Page (found via Twitter Search) - Richardyoung@pastoryoung

"(Pastor Richard A. Young will be joining with CeaseFire RogersPark for a Shooting Response/Prayer Vigil for the ) shooting death of a young man on the 4th of July. The gathering will be at Willye White Park, 1610 W. Howard Street, Chicago, Illinois, Monday, July 15, 2013, 4:00 p.m"

The parentheses above marks what was tweeted; sent out 8 pm last night. No mention is made of who this young man is. The shooting death occurred July 5th not 4th.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Last updated 7/14/13 2:30 pm

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grumblings Continue Regarding Pritzker's Parking Garage

(Don Gordon was being sneaky and hid this anti-Sherwin Avenue parking garage essay in a article about people spots. )

Don Gordon ·  Top Commenter · Adjunct Lecturer, Political Science at Northwestern University

So let's put this in perspective for those of us up here in the People's Republic of Rogers Park. Lakeview, hardly a community known as a bleeding edge, progressive ward (not a knock, just an observation) is implementing a concept born in the streets of the very progressive city of San Francisco. People space before parking space? Mind-boggling isn't it?

Yet HERE in the supposedly very green, very progressive community of Rogers Park, we have an alderman who believes that a 300 car parking garage is what our community needs - not more green space, not a real bike path down Sheridan Road, not less room for cars but more.

Guess it supports the well worn platitude that if you tell people something often enough - I am a progressive alderman - they will believe it - whether it's true or not. How sad, because I'm a big proponent of full transparency in government. But that transparency is highly dependent on a populace intelligent enough not to be hood-winked by political rhetoric... :-(

(By the way transparency is an overused modern buzzword. How about something different for a change like pellucidity?)

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Treasure Sale Today 9-3 @ Parking Lot - Howard Area Community Center

Shooting 7600 Block N Paulina Last Night

A Stone's Throw From Evanston - Google Maps View

Sam Charles tweeted @ approximately 11 pm last night  "First person shot this weekend: 17 y/o boy in Rogers Park. Listed in serious condition."

According to the Chicago Tribune this morning; "About 8:35 p.m. a man was shot in the 7600 block of North Paulina Street in the Rogers Park neighborhood. His age wasn't available but he was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston with wounds to his legs. "

The area most troubled with negative loitering in Rogers Park is Howard and Paulina followed closely by Howard and Marshfield. Postive loitering may have been cancelled for July. But the negative loitering on Howard hasn't been called off. It has been a little better of late on the south side of the street. North side of Howard and beyond persists in being one of the most dangerous parts of the city. No postings on the East Rogers Park & NOH neighbors Facebook page regarding this shooting. Chicago Scanner didn't report on this shooting either.

Maybe a joint effort between Chicago and Evanston police could end this dangerous practice of loitering on Howard? When gangbangers stand on the public way they only invite shootings from their rivals. This is the Sheridan and Lawrence of Rogers Park. Uptown Update just reported that 14 gangbangers were arrested after the recent swath of shootings at that corner. It's the same old story. Unnamed boy/man gets shot in Chicago and gets driven to St. Francis Evanston hospital. What are we going to do to stop this?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Unity Tour - Peace Angels - Next Saturday

The Mystery Of The Red Mazda Solved

Flatbed of the inscrutable Mazda 7/10/13 am
               Last Wednesday the owner of this forlorn, multi-ticketed, tow notice emblazoned, and chalk marked (front left tire) truck dared to show his face to the neighborhood. A grey Honda pulled up next to the abandoned Mazda. The man with the yellow hat (this one doesn't have a monkey) emerged from his other car and proceeded to hook jumper cables to the red Mazda. The truck died after it first started and had warmed up for awhile. He had to jump the Mazda again. How long has this truck been sitting there that it was so dead?

Please continue reading for more pictures