Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fargo Court Chaos


               This writer picked up quite a bit of rubbish this morning but was stopped in his tracks when confronted with the scene above. Not sure the cause, but someone has to pick up the slack here, this stuff will blow all over the neighborhood and maybe even across Ashland. This is the challenge the single family houses shoulder living next to gigantic condo and apartment buildings. In general condo owners pay fees to have others take care of trash, landscaping, etcetera. Tenants rely on the owners and apartment building management to take care of these issues. Whereas homeowners (sfh) generally take care of that stuff themselves.
                 So what happens when you see the above scene? If this was this writer's alley regardless of the abode (unless renting), would just have to suck it up and pick it up. But no one can pick up the whole neighborhood. The pictures above are of Fargo Court Condominiums' alley just west of Ashland and north of Fargo. Litter in general does increase with the warm weather, one surefire way to decrease litter is its non-tolerance. Litter begets litter.

Harry Osterman, Complacent Alderman?

              This blog post arises from a recent discussion on Crib Chatter website regarding the area near the Edgewater Beach Apartments. The commenters of this website consist mainly of real estate agents or investors who for the most part believe that anything outside of the accepted "green zone" of Chicago (Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Near North Side, South Loop, Lincoln Square, possibly Logan Square) is a bad buy and will never improve or if it will, it will take a very very long time (risk averse).

                On Crib Chatter neighborhoods like Uptown, Edgewater and Rogers Park are "marginal neighborhoods" and that's coming from the proponents. Ms Laura Louzader a frequent commenter and fellow Rogers Park booster questions the competency of our alderman to the south Mr. Harry Osterman. What do you guys think? Is Harry Osterman doing a good job as Alderman?
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Stop Sign @ Farwell & Glenwood Chicago, Illinois

Monday, April 29, 2013

Street Lights On The Move

             Street light poles being moved this morning in preparation for installation on Howard Street. More pictures will be posted as time allows. Please continue reading to see uncropped shot. 

Update 4/29/13 12:30 pm - The street poles that were loaded into the cherry picker were dropped off at Greenview and Howard moments later, please continue reading for more pics.

No Vacancy @ Mayne Annex?

                Pictures taken on Saturday of the sidewalk being poured in front of Mayne Annex. The cement was dry the next day. While taking pics was talking with Golden Mini Mart's storekeeper & Craig Gernhardt (of Speedy Northside Delivery fame). The bricks that were in a pile at the corner at Morse and Wayne have been set in place. As this is a local bus hub a lot of trash is generated, the planters were emptied of trash. 

              Word on the street is, is that the Mayne Annex is completely rented out, no need for any major marketing campaign. The for lease sign was taken down recently. Whoever was lucky enough to snap up an apartment has a superior place to hang their hat. Michael Brunner had hinted that Chevanston would get a chance to take pics to help with promotion, but calls made to the leasing agent haven't been returned. No need for further marketing these top notch units. Hopefully the tenants that live there can look out on Wayne Avenue's brick paved street for years to come.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Columbia & Ashland Update (Abandoned House)



    The abandoned house's plywood once covered with gang graffiti is now painted white. The stop sign still had Latin King graffiti so this writer took ten minutes to remove the stickers and black spray paint. To see 6720 N Ashland before click here. The stop sign is of a newer inferior modern design, where the red paint smudges off with goof off, which can be fixed with red oil paint. There is still some tagging on the side of the house. Hopefully this house is bought by someone with deep pockets or some real estate investor like "Flip This House" on A & E.

4/28/13 9:30 pm - just added in the lower left corner how the stop sign looked before.

4/30/13 noon - DNAinfo.com followup - Thanks for the coverage Mr Woodard!

4/30/13 12:30 pm - Apologies to South of Pratt poster - this writer thought it was too fantastic to believe that anyone associated with fancy pants Alinea owned that house. And that is the comment that was deleted by blog administrator on original article. 

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Emil Bach House Scaffolding (Text Farcoft to 29999)

           Now it is Emil Bach's turn to be scaffolded. The Farcroft right behind had its scaffolding removed earlier this year. Maybe we will hear more detailed information from the Emil Bach blog concerning the scaffolding. The yellow No Trespassing sign on the fence is the same that is for sale at Clark Devon Hardware. Maybe they have had trouble with people hopping the fence? These pictures were taken yesterday and the tulip flowers haven't opened in the side yard, but they are beginning to open right in front of the house.(Haven't heard of the Farcroft? Click here for blog post with all the links)

Update 4/29/13 11:30 am - reading the Emil Bach blog, the facade needs at least 3,000 facade bricks replaced, hence the need for the scaffolding.
            For example, in the case of the face brick masonry, the project requires about 3,000 replacement pieces of a face brick that we have not been able to determine from where it came. We do know it did not come from the Bach Brick Company, but what company did produce it, from where they got the clay to make it, and exactly how they produced the finish is not known.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Misconceptions & Connections May 16th @ Sol Cafe

          Friday (yesterday) morning Simone Freeman proprietor of Sol Cafe informed the new freelance reporter at Chevanston of an upcoming community meeting in May. It concerns the public image of Howard Street and invites folks of all walks of life to stop by and join in the conversation. Will anonymous commenters from Chicago News Report be able to make it? That would make for an interesting discussion.

         (Hard to keep up with all the great events at Sol Cafe lately between Glazed and Infused selling donuts, art events, Occupy Rogers Park meetings, Jackie Chan double features and the local state representative meeting with her constituents.) Click here for address, times of operation, and photos.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Our Turn To.... DECIDE (Participatory Budgeting Ward 49)

Early voting starts tomorrow!
 Locations, times, dates for early voting & election day as follows
  • Saturday 4/27 Dominick's on Howard 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.
  • Sunday 4/28 St. Jerome's Church at 1709 w. Lunt 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.
  • Monday 4/29 Howard "L" Station 3:30 - 6:30 pm
  • Tuesday 4/30 Morse "L" Station 3:30 - 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday 5/1 Jarvis "L" Station 3:30 - 6:30 pm
  • Thursday 5/2 Loyola "L" Station 3:30 - 6:30 pm
  • Follow me on Friday with Joe Moore at 49th Ward Office 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Early Voting at 49th Ward Office (7356 N Greenview)
 Monday - Friday (April 29th - May 3rd) 9 am - 6 pm

ELECTION DAY @ Chicago Math & Science Academy (7212 N Clark)
 Saturday May 4th 9 am - 3 pm

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Last edited 4/26/13 noon

Nagel Poster @ Glenwood Bar

           Cool poster for the now unpopular? Glenwood Bar on Glenwood and Morse. If recent events have ostracized the local gay community maybe they should turn straight. Love how the poster promotes the Redline as well, it looks like the Redline is coming out of the poster at you. One of Nagel's works was famously on the cover of Duran Duran's Rio Album

          According to Wikipedia Patrick Nagel died of a heart attack at 38 in 1984. Didn't know he had died at such an early age. The paintings he did would start with actual models. He then simplified the image. Mr Nagel was influenced by Japanese woodblock print and Toulouse-Lautrec. The event being promoted by the Nagel poster only happens once a month on the third Sunday.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Fingers Of Gentrification" Reach Howard Street?

GNAR - artist collective, home base is Sol Cafe's basement

             Yelp reviews are endlessly entertaining to read. The best review of late regards Sol Cafe. Taylor E. is afraid that the "charm" that drew him to Howard Street is in danger of extinction. Many people living in the area would welcome the loss of Howard's "grit". Will the "fingers of gentrification" choke Howard street as the reviewer fears? Will Howard Street once home to the WBBM radio station (We Broadcast From Broadmoor) and the A.C. Neilsen  Company of the famous Neilsen ratings rise from the ashes as business and real estate investors hope?

Two different questions from two different perspectives looking for the same answer. Howard streetscape is nearing completion this year, the sidewalks are done, the lamp posts are being installed, the finishing touches including the clock tower, benches, garbage cans etc should be completed sometime this spring.

Last edited 4/25/13 4:45 pm

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Duro Art 1832 Juneway Terrace Chicago Illinois 60626

           Per their website they have been in business since 1938. They are a manufacturer of oil, acrylic and watercolor paints. pre-printed signs (such as No Snowmobiles), canvas rolls, artist brushes, stencil and decal letters. The mascot on their website is Duro-Dan. This place keeps a low profile and looks much sharper than the average factory or industrial building which makes sense since they make art supplies.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Statues, Busts & Mannequins Of Lost Eras

"Please take a business card, thanks for visiting and come back soon"

         Every antique store is a reflection of the taste and personality of its owner. Lost Eras in Rogers Park on Howard Street is no exception.  This writer has browsed many many antique stores and this one really is a notch above. The genetic designer and tinkerer J.F. Sebastian of Blade Runner (who became fast friends with our Nexus 6 replicant poster Pris) would have an enjoyable time rummaging through the odds and ends in the basement.

         This antique store is unique in that it also rents out costumes and props to theatres and film companies. Ersatz skulls, humeri, femurs and gooey eye balls are also for sale. Plenty of old lamps, chairs, furniture, tools, and other things you didn't know existed but that you just have to have. A dangerous place to visit. They also repair lamps, sometimes on the spot if the problem isn't hard to solve. This is Lost Eras' Facebook page. Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 am - 6 pm. 1511 w Howard Street Chicago Il 60626

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ok To Post Bills Here (Phoenix Bankrupt! Released Today)

                Video for Entertainment, the first single. Phoenix played Saturday Night Live April 7th and they sounded great. In the old days record stores would open the night before at midnight and allow customers to purchase the new record, tape or CD. Nowadays it is usually available for illegal download months or weeks beforehand. People who buy music nowadays usually buy either vinyl or download. (Pitchfork gives the album a 7.5.)

                Pasted up posters are the only physical evidence we have now of new music here in Rogers Park as all the record stores have shut down. We do have Flatts and Sharp for musical instruments. The closest record shop is 2nd Hand Tunes on Dempster street in Evanston. There used to be (according to Google) a record shop at 1505 w Morse Avenue called Record Exchange. And Sheridan Records used to be at 7368 N Sheridan. We do have a revival of live music however with the Mayne Stage and Red Line Tap.

Please continue reading to see where this bill is posted

Markello's Restaurant @ Touhy & Clark

Twitter Profile Picture Of Markello's

             Our main reporter for DNAinfo.com Benjamin Woodard is at this very instant meeting (according to Twitter atleast) with the proprietor of Markello's Restaurant at 7137 N Clark street, whose grand opening is this coming Sunday April 28th at 10 am with a breakfast buffet at $7.99. Per their Twitter account Markellos Restaurant will be open 7 days a week from 6 am - midnight, will be BYOB (without cork fee) and boasts breakfast all day. Phone number is 773-961-7676. Look for a DNAinfo.com story shortly with more in-depth information. This is the previous site of El Novillos (which was a taqueria and pizzeria) restaurant and Nati's restaurant on Klark. We knew something was up because blank paper was covering the windows which usually means renovation in progress.

Update 4/24/13 10:15 am - As promised DNAinfo.com's article regarding the new breakfast spot on Clark.

B1E Gallery's New Painting

Monday, April 22, 2013

Brick Paved Glenwood Avenue Rogers Park, Illinois

            This is the most exciting and worthwhile project up for consideration on the upcoming Ward 49 Participatory Budget voting ballot. The stretch of brick paved road is much longer on the Lunt portion of Glenwood and runs the majority of the stretch from Lunt to Morse, the Farwell portion is much shorter and runs less than half the length from Morse to Farwell, ending near the alley by Sidecar.

             Early voting begins April 29th until May 3rd & actual voting is on May 4th, check the link for additional information. "Glenwood Avenue Cobblestone Restoration: Historic cobblestone would be restored on Glenwood Avenue between Lunt and Farwell avenues. Estimated cost: $200,000." Cobblestone is the euphemism commonly used for the brick paved streets we have here in Chicago.

             The question is what does the restoration mean? Would the entire length of Glenwood from Lunt to Farwell be restored (excepting Morse Avenue itself ofcourse)? The brick paved areas still untouched by asphalt needs repair, but there is brick paved street that could be restored underneath the asphalt.

Last updated 4/22/13 10 pm - Photos were HDR and cross-processed with Picasa 3

Buddha Ponders Nirvana & New Neighbor Market

          Two weeks ago Neighbor Market appeared at the corner of Lunt and Glenwood (west side). Hard to miss the store with the red white and blue streamers and flags, one says Welcome and the other Link Accepted. The store boasts a full line of groceries (bread, eggs, milk, cheese, meat, snacks, candy, pop, frozen food, nonfood & tobacco). The proprietor is friendly and apologized for being on the phone and rang me up a can of Fresca (had to buy something and look around inside). Exciting to finally have a store at this once dead corner. Beggars can't be choosers. The banner in the front window is askew, maybe the owner will adjust it? 1409 w Lunt Chicago, Illinois. (Sidenote - garbage by "L" nearby is a tad overfull.)

        This is a new and clean mini mart, the area is not lacking for this type of store. There is the Golden Mini Mart nearby, Kim's at Estes and Glenwood, one at Morse and Greenview and another at Lunt and Sheridan. Hopefully this doesn't become a gang hot spot (they like hanging out in front of convenience stores). On the other hand you have more eyes on the street and income being generated and taxes being paid. What would be nice to have in the area is a food coop (idea that was being floated last year and supposedly still in the works) or a wine/cheese/specialty item store or even a fancy doughnut shop (Glazed and Infused). One can dream.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Former Lerner Site Is Looking Outta Sight!

        Yesterday was Earth Day and the official Ward 49 clean up day. This site is now completely devoid of trash, litter and debris. Amazing! That is one impressive pile of rubbish, representing how much trash had accumulated there. Hopefully the gate can be repaired? Actually it would be better if the lot had no fences like the Chicago and Main parcel in Evanston. It would be easier to keep clean for one and no one could get trapped in there. This accomplishment was noticed yesterday, but camera was out of juice. Please click here to see how bad it looked previously. Most of the brush was cut back as well. Looking good!

Please continue reading for more pictures.

How Are We Supposed To Get Our Clothes?

           Across the street from the STOP HERE ON RED sign the freelance photographer for Chevanston noticed this interesting note taped to a now defunct cleaners on the Evanston side @ Howard street & Dodge avenue. The temporary water shut off notice is dated 4-19-13 and has a hilarious wobbly grinning plumber with a water drop head carelessly swinging around a wrench. The next window over there is a notice of water service termination on 4-15-13 (not temporary) and it further states that actual water shut off date is the 22nd (tomorrow). Another sign reads "Thank you for your business and support over the years. We are closing the store. Management"

           The awning simply is inscribed "Cleaners". Looking at Google Maps you can see how the store looked when it was open and it had the same super generic look. It almost looks like it was a front or a fake business. 1909 w Howard St Evanston Illinois is the address. Looking up the address online, you just get Cash America Pawn. After Googling 1909 w Howard St Evanston Il and Cleaners the name is C W Quality Cleaners. No reviews listed anywhere and not listed on Yelp. C W Quality signage is absent from the store present and past. It looks like some people are missing their clothes and have no idea how to get them back.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Bring On The Lights" May First @ Willie B. White Park

           Rogers Park Peace Angels wearing fluorescent yellow vests were canvassing the neighborhood this morning handing out flyers concerning a community meeting at Willie B.White Park May 1st 2013 at 6 pm (dinner) and then 6:30 til 8:00 pm. The Rogers Park Peace Angels are concerned with the lack of lights at night at Willie B.White which encourages a criminal element to congregate there. The lights are many times turned off at dusk and when they are on at night they many times turned off before daybreak.

           Rogers Park Violence Prevention Coaltion (VPC) is a gathering of various organizations, residents, and clergy addressing violence. Community leaders have decided that our parks are far too dangerous at night, part of that reason is because the park lacks lighting at night. We are asking the park district to keep the lights on through out the night, for over all safety of the community. As a community there is nothing that we can not make happen, join us!!!!"

 The meeting is open to all community members. For more information contact Chris Patterson at 773-885-7711 and email is cpatterson@onechicago.org

California Avenue & Howard Street Chicago, Illinois

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mayne Stage & Mayne Annex Sidewalk View

               The construction awning has indeed been dismantled. The storefront of the Mayne Annex is still in construction chaos. If you go beyond the jumpbreak you will see the view from just outside the Golden Mini Mart. All the floors were light up except the top fifth floor. Tonight at Mayne Stage is country night, this coming Tuesday Jim Derogatis of Sound Opinion on WBEZ will be holding a panel discussion entitled "Critics? We don't need no Critics!". Mr Derogatis recently criticized new mega online news source DNAinfo.com.
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6720 N Ashland Abandoned House Gang Tagged

               Gang tagging a mailbox is one thing, the next level is gang tagging an abandoned house. This house has been boarded up for some time, at least a few years. Looks like the Latin Kings are claiming this as their fraternity house. You can see the address if you click on the picture.

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Chevanston Twitter Feed


                No point any longer in giving any tweeter or Twitter Feed any criticism. Much simpler to just have a decent Twitter Feed here that is both entertaining, informative without being insulting or offensive. If any tweeter added onto the feed is found to be unacceptable they will simply be removed. There has to be alternative Twitter Feed that sets the bar. Tweets and Twitter do matter. Words matter. This is the site being used as a tutorial to set it up. Wherever Chevanston's tweets go is up to the universe and if added to DNAinfo.com's Twitter Feed it will be a shining light or beacon in what can be an otherwise dark place. Not sure how long it will take to get it up and running, but it shouldn't take too long.

4/20/13 - Update - Here is Chevanston's Twitter page, it is a start. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Earth Day 2013 @ Touhy Park

             Deluge of rain this morning and subsequent flooding of Paulina Ave. Earth Day festivities will be held this year at Touhy Park (weather permitting) this coming Saturday 11 am - 1 pm. Sponsored by T.P.A.C., phone number is 773-262-6737. All ages welcome.

Check out Chicagoist's link for flooding pictures.

BYOB @ Sol Cafe Jackie Chan Double Feature

          This movie still is from Jackie's best movie Who Am I?. (The movie poster can be bought on E-bay for 14.99). Sol Cafe 1615 w. Howard Ave this Sunday April 21st from 7-11 pm showing two Jackie Chan movies, Rumble In The Bronx and The Legend of Drunken Master. If not the first BYOB event on Howard, it is the first this writer has heard of. This is the beginning of the new movie event on Howard avenue called Sol Cinema.

           If you feel so inspired after watching these great martial art movies you can sign up later in the week for classes at Freddie's Modern Kung Fu at 1642 W. Howard just across the street, 773-888-7438. They have a cool blog. (This information was gleaned from the DNAinfo.com Twitter Feed, still good for something, thankfully Sol Cafe was able to restrain themselves from swearing somehow)

Update 4/18/13 10:20 am Please continue reading for pictures of Sol Cafe & Freddie's Modern Kung Fu

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Expletive Tweet Helps Break News Of Boston Marathon Tragedy

            Mr Mark Schipper is a crime writer for Rogers Park and the local New-Star paper. His Twitter account named OurTimesProse tweeted about the Boston Marathon tragedy. This expletive tweet was reported on here at Chevanston a few days ago. A very disturbing way to learn about the news of the Boston Marathon Tragedy. This post was written today because this writer was shocked to discover that Mark Schipper (the owner of the Twitter account) wrote one of the best crime beats written (News Star). The future of journalism is not bright if this is acceptable behavior. Honestly at first this writer thought he was writing about a basketball game or sports. Not a tragedy or a major event.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words.

7/15/13 10:30 pm - Edited to de-escalate the article. Chevanston has been over the top many times and is not immune to criticism. Mark Schipper's name has been removed from the title. Chevanston would've welcomed if any blog or paper had ripped apart this blog. Only with feedback do writers and bloggers improve.

Distressed Property On Touhy

            The housing stock in Chicago is above average. Hopefully this solid brick two flat with stained glass under lock and key (with the orange Cook County Public Guardian sticker proclaiming no trespassing) is bought soon and restored.  This building is just down the street from the old Lamp Post bar at Ridge and Touhy in West Ridge. There is a light on upstairs is which is spooky in a building supposed to be vacant. Hopefully no walkers in the garage or basement.

            According to Redfin this property sold in 2012 for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and is a two flat with each unit having three bedrooms. Realtor.com mentions that it was built in 1914.

Please continue reading for more pictures

Royal Coffee @ Pratt Beach Aparments

            Royal Coffee just celebrated its fourth year in Rogers Park featuring its amazing non blended Ethiopian coffee. There sure are more fancy coffee shops in the city of Chicago nowadays, but how many feature coffee as it was really meant to be drunk? Scrumptious baklava, authentic Ethiopian food, soups, sandwiches and crepes. Intimate space perfect for hanging out on a lazy weekday morning where you could watch the morning news and read the paper. If you haven't visited Royal Coffee yet, you really are missing out. This building and space is currently undergoing renovations and restoration. They have Ethiopian arts and crafts and the New York Times for sale. Chevanston's favorite vintage coffee shop and unblended coffee in Rogers Park without question. Located at the southwest corner of Pratt and Sheridan.

Please continue reading for more pictures

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1211-1225 w. Albion Avenue

          The new apartments on Albion Avenue are looking nicer than the rendering so far. New appliances are being moved in. Extra detail work in the stone by the windows and doors give the buildings character. The sidewalk area in front of the building is just a muddy mess now. The buildings are labeled A through D, the E is missing from the last building in back. Those crazy contraption/ladders they use to finish off the facades are very cool. Sturdy iron balconies in back for the students hang out and have parties?, which shouldn't bother the neighbors too much as it faces the "L" stop as a buffer to the noise.

Click here to see how this development looked last year.

Please continue reading for more pictures

Mayne Annex & Wayne's Brick Paved Street

         More pictures will be posted later as time allows. Morse and Wayne has never looked this good. The actual Mayne Annex outshines its rendering. Picture taken earlier this morning.

Update #1 4/16/13 1 pm - Also has anyone seen Godzilla? Not the monster, but the dog, a jack russell.

Update #2 4/16/13 4 pm - More pictures added of Mayne Stage and Mayne Annex. Act One's al fresco dining is set up outside in case we get unseasonably warm weather.

Please continue reading to see info regarding Godzilla 
and more pics of Mayne Annex

Monday, April 15, 2013

"More S&$% News" Courtesy Of My Times Prose

Screenshot of Dnainfo.com Twitter Feed present time
Click to read (Picasa pencil sketch)

           Logic would dictate that at this point no one should care what is on the DNAinfo.com Twitter Feed as long as its not racist or homophobic, does not openly threaten anyone's life, call anyone any names, or contain real news. Now it is just "sH&* news", bravo My Times Prose. It looked like this columnist had made progress but you have proved us wrong. Can't advertise a real newspaper or news site that has a silent radio full of profanity, so the link is being taken off the site. Sports commentary with s#$% this and FY&* that. You are making UCLA proud with your F^&*n news site.

          One can only assume that Mark is referring to the bombing at the Boston Marathon, in the old days this was referred to as a tragedy and that it is. Is that how people talk nowadays? "Hey buddy, did you hear the s&*# news today?" " Yeah F$%^n A, My Times Prose tweeted about that s%^&. D#$% it."  Or how about on the evening news? Tonight at ten we have sH%^$y news folks. Thanks for dumbing it down Mark. Is this really news and tweets from a college graduate?

         This is an example of how a decent legitimate site covers the bombing and tweets about it (Chicago News Bench). Not sure why DNAinfo.com hasn't picked up on this local Rogers Park site that actually writes articles about current events from a different point of view (sans cursing). You may not agree with the politics of Chicago News Bench but keeping up with the left and the right is important as neither political party or group is ever completely correct.

For screenshot of newspaperman and sportswriter
 Mark Schipper's site with "s#$%" news Please Continue Reading

Tres Cabezas De Caballeros - Metal Scavenging Truck

Overflowing Dumpster On Fargo

1610-1620 w Fargo Avenue

               Reader submitted photo of a persistently overflowing dumpster on Fargo Avenue yesterday. Neighbors have to pick up the slack when the trash overflows from this particular dumpster. Due to curious geography this dumpster can't be in the alley and even if it were it would be unacceptable for it to be so consistently overfull. 

            The trash blows into the viaduct and across the street creating a mess for local residents. It has been learned that to deal with the situation pictures of the overflowing dumpsters have to be sent to the alderman's office. Upon followup Lake Shore trash was seen emptying the dumpster this morning. The management company has been called many times concerning this issue.

Please continue reading for more photos and words

Last update 2:15 pm 4/15/13 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Fever


             Reader submitted photo of local kids aged 8 and 9 gardening right here in Rogers Park. This family has been tending this particular garden @ Ashland and Rogers for the past four years (Joyce Kilmer Triangle a World War I era veteran). Those pink flowers complement the light grey stone and aged copper plaque. The neighborhood really shines when neighbors take time out to take care of public and private land.

Please continue reading for more Spring Fever

Wine Bar & Cafe @ Jarvis & Greenview Grand Opening?

          The target date for the new bar/cafe at the old Charmers space is May 1st. But there are many stars that must align in the process of getting a new place up and running. Delays due to licensing through the city and passing inspections are common for new restaurants and bars. Unforeseen problems with renovations could also push back the grand opening date.

          The liquor license will come later sometime in the summer, until then patrons will still be able to drink there, BYOB (of course buying your liquor at Taste is encouraged but not obligatory).One of the proprietors of Taste wine shop who will be running the still unnamed bar stressed that this will also be a cafe where neighbors can get their morning coffee. They are also applying for rights to have outdoor beer garden seating. Having a beer al fresco at the new Taste run bar/cafe in the summer is a nice thought when you see snow in April. Right now the place looks like some super exclusive no name club with the stark signage lit up. Click here to read up on the history of the place.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Street Fight Call 911 & Dog Bite Call 311?

Fight and bite don't rhyme in Spanish

               How would calling 311 regarding a dog bite be helpful? Antibiotics and an ER visit would be more appropriate. By the time you would get assistance from 311 you may be gangrenous with blood poisoning. What if the dog bite was in a critical area and someone was exsanguinating to death? Assault from an animal sometimes is an emergency especially if it were a pitbull, multiple dogs involved or if the dog won't let go. If the owner is negligent or dog fights involved then someone may need to be arrested immediately. And what if  the person bitten was trying to break in? People shouldn't call 911 on all dog bites, but dogs and dog bites aren't created equal. According to the CDC fatal dog bites are rare, but they don't list how many are life threatening.

 "Each year, 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs. These bites result in approximately 16 fatalities; about 0.0002 percent of the total number of people bitten."


Friday, April 12, 2013

Gidget Gets Housing

One of the Buddha heads near Gidget's
old stomping grounds, the Morse "L" stop

           An update on a story that began last year on now dead Everyblock, then continued on the reborn Broken Heart Of Rogers Park, was then covered by the then newborn DNAinfo.com and a cause celebre taken up by the Rogers Park outpost of the Occupy movement. Where did Gidget (Jennifer the homeless alcoholic woman who openly drank alcohol in public who haunted Morse and Glenwood) find housing? In the Occupy Rogers Park posting it alludes to the fact that she is residing close by in native Rogers Park.

           Occupy RP in their posting states that this sends a strong message to Alderman Joe Moore and James Cappleman that people can't be pushed out of the neighborhood which "many would like to further gentrify". Which isn't completely untrue, but the gentrification (aka revitalization of cities) process is larger than what any certain persons or groups wish or want, it really is decided by the free market. The United States for better or worse is the most capitalistic nation on Earth which includes the housing market.

          We'd (Occupy Rogers Park) also like to thank everyone who followed up on Jennifer's court case by working to ensure that she got the housing she needed. It was a much longer battle than it ever should have been, and a powerful reminder that few people enjoy such advocacy, and far too many are left behind. 

Jersey & Glenlake Avenues Chicago, Illinois