Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fargo Court Chaos


               This writer picked up quite a bit of rubbish this morning but was stopped in his tracks when confronted with the scene above. Not sure the cause, but someone has to pick up the slack here, this stuff will blow all over the neighborhood and maybe even across Ashland. This is the challenge the single family houses shoulder living next to gigantic condo and apartment buildings. In general condo owners pay fees to have others take care of trash, landscaping, etcetera. Tenants rely on the owners and apartment building management to take care of these issues. Whereas homeowners (sfh) generally take care of that stuff themselves.
                 So what happens when you see the above scene? If this was this writer's alley regardless of the abode (unless renting), would just have to suck it up and pick it up. But no one can pick up the whole neighborhood. The pictures above are of Fargo Court Condominiums' alley just west of Ashland and north of Fargo. Litter in general does increase with the warm weather, one surefire way to decrease litter is its non-tolerance. Litter begets litter.


Stanley Katakowski said...

They got that new app ya can put on yer phone an snap a picture of this nonsense and send it in to 311 wit da building info before yas clean it up. I thinks it's called Chicago works or somethin like dat. Thanks fer da hard work!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Haha. Thanks Stan.