Monday, April 15, 2013

Overflowing Dumpster On Fargo

1610-1620 w Fargo Avenue

               Reader submitted photo of a persistently overflowing dumpster on Fargo Avenue yesterday. Neighbors have to pick up the slack when the trash overflows from this particular dumpster. Due to curious geography this dumpster can't be in the alley and even if it were it would be unacceptable for it to be so consistently overfull. 

            The trash blows into the viaduct and across the street creating a mess for local residents. It has been learned that to deal with the situation pictures of the overflowing dumpsters have to be sent to the alderman's office. Upon followup Lake Shore trash was seen emptying the dumpster this morning. The management company has been called many times concerning this issue.

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Last update 2:15 pm 4/15/13 

                  More pictures will be posted later today of the followup this morning. These photos are from yesterday. This is a fourteen unit three story building and one measly dumpster is definitely not enough for a building this size. After Lake Shore emptied the dumpster this morning there was still plenty of trash on the parkway and driveway that had to be picked up by local neighbors. Dumpsters for better or for worse are used by the general populace to throw out waste as they walk by (hopefully), if not the area starts becoming heavily littered. This is the only dumpster to throw out trash for this stretch of Fargo, there are no other trash cans around. If a management company doesn't take care of the building and trash that it is supposed to it is the process devaluing the owner's  and neighbor's investment, property value and this contributes to crime. The management company in this case is Rogers Park Vintage Management.

The following pictures below are from earlier this morning 4/15/13

               You can see some trash in the foreground and also by the dumpster after the trash has been emptied by Lake Shore this morning. Not the end of the world, but not what someone would hope for in a trash company. This is a large apartment building, which aren't easy to run and if left to their own devices can become quite trashy and messy. Below you can see how large a building this is and how small the poor dumpster is in comparison, you can barely see it. The management company promises that the dumpster will now be emptied three times a week instead of the usual once a week, which is good, because the neighbors are having a tough time picking up the trash all the time. 


John Versical said...

The funny thing is that the landlord/management company probably thinks they are saving money by getting less frequent pickups, yet the waste haulers are likely charging huge fees for an overflowing dumpster when they do actually do the pickup. My building's dumpsters/recycle bins are in close proximity to another large apartment building and we were constantly battling residents from other buildings who were using ours and causing it to overflow. We finally got the waste company to put a lock and key on the lid and lo and behold: we went from 2 pickups and overflowing bins per week to just one.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks for the story John. Dumpster Wars! It is tough, open dumpsters are a magnet for dumpers!

I can see why people put their dumpsters under lock and key, though it does suck for passerby wanting to throw something out.

This place however is 14 units, some of those units are bigger than one bedroom, families live there, they definitely need another dumpster.