Friday, April 19, 2013

6720 N Ashland Abandoned House Gang Tagged

               Gang tagging a mailbox is one thing, the next level is gang tagging an abandoned house. This house has been boarded up for some time, at least a few years. Looks like the Latin Kings are claiming this as their fraternity house. You can see the address if you click on the picture.

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             The stop sign (at the bottom of the page) has sticker hands on the O and P making it looking like someone unknown person is incarcerated within the sign itself (it has been that way for at least a year). In the past week someone or some persons have tagged this house and the stop sign. No no trespassing signs, red X's, or water termination stickers This is just a forlorn boarded up forgotten house, a victim of the housing bubble? You can barely make out the address which is white metal on white stucco. The only sign of life is a car parked in the back by the garage. The insignia on the plywood make look familiar to you A Emergency Fire & Board Up recently did another board up job at Greenview and Farwell this past January.

              The side porch is gone, making the first step a doozy. There used to be a proper enclosed porch, which is visible looking at the Google maps picture of this property. Not sure when the picture below was taken, but it was a year or so ago. and Zillow have conflicting accounts as to when the house was built (1921 versus 1926). The property isn't for sale and last sold in 1994 for fifty three thousand dollars. It is not listed on the HUD housing site. Nothing comes up when searching the site. (Incidentally it was snowing a little this fine April morning when the pictures were being taken.)

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