Sunday, April 28, 2013

Emil Bach House Scaffolding (Text Farcoft to 29999)

           Now it is Emil Bach's turn to be scaffolded. The Farcroft right behind had its scaffolding removed earlier this year. Maybe we will hear more detailed information from the Emil Bach blog concerning the scaffolding. The yellow No Trespassing sign on the fence is the same that is for sale at Clark Devon Hardware. Maybe they have had trouble with people hopping the fence? These pictures were taken yesterday and the tulip flowers haven't opened in the side yard, but they are beginning to open right in front of the house.(Haven't heard of the Farcroft? Click here for blog post with all the links)

Update 4/29/13 11:30 am - reading the Emil Bach blog, the facade needs at least 3,000 facade bricks replaced, hence the need for the scaffolding.
            For example, in the case of the face brick masonry, the project requires about 3,000 replacement pieces of a face brick that we have not been able to determine from where it came. We do know it did not come from the Bach Brick Company, but what company did produce it, from where they got the clay to make it, and exactly how they produced the finish is not known.

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