Saturday, April 6, 2013

Former Lerner Site Unsecured & Full Of Litter

            No signs of dumping yet on the former Lerner newspaper site. But it is insecure (discussion of unsecure versus insecure) and tire tracks are present. The gate that is supposed to close to keep the site closed to the public lies on the ground. Here is a link showing the site shortly after demolition. At least the rest of the fence is still standing and not that ugly green color as it was before. There is evidence (beer cans, liquor bottles and beer bottles) of public drinking by groups and individuals in the brush and open land. It is hard to keep vacant land closed to the public. In Evanston at Chicago and Main the vacant land there has been leveled, mowed regularly and has no fencing. The main danger with an unsecured lot like this (size, location) is that someone could get raped or mugged at night in or near this lot from someone hiding in the brush.

Update - Link to NHNA's pictures from 2011

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mcl said...

"And so it goes...."

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks for the link mcl, I put your link into the blog post, nice to have some continuity in local events and development.