Monday, April 22, 2013

Buddha Ponders Nirvana & New Neighbor Market

          Two weeks ago Neighbor Market appeared at the corner of Lunt and Glenwood (west side). Hard to miss the store with the red white and blue streamers and flags, one says Welcome and the other Link Accepted. The store boasts a full line of groceries (bread, eggs, milk, cheese, meat, snacks, candy, pop, frozen food, nonfood & tobacco). The proprietor is friendly and apologized for being on the phone and rang me up a can of Fresca (had to buy something and look around inside). Exciting to finally have a store at this once dead corner. Beggars can't be choosers. The banner in the front window is askew, maybe the owner will adjust it? 1409 w Lunt Chicago, Illinois. (Sidenote - garbage by "L" nearby is a tad overfull.)

        This is a new and clean mini mart, the area is not lacking for this type of store. There is the Golden Mini Mart nearby, Kim's at Estes and Glenwood, one at Morse and Greenview and another at Lunt and Sheridan. Hopefully this doesn't become a gang hot spot (they like hanging out in front of convenience stores). On the other hand you have more eyes on the street and income being generated and taxes being paid. What would be nice to have in the area is a food coop (idea that was being floated last year and supposedly still in the works) or a wine/cheese/specialty item store or even a fancy doughnut shop (Glazed and Infused). One can dream.

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