Thursday, April 11, 2013

Evanston's Vet Center

              A different view of the 415 Howard building, photographs like this show how urban South Evanston is.  The Vet Center at the corner of Howard and Clyde provides outreach and counseling services for all war zone veterans including Vietnam era vets. Hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm, evenings by appointment. Retail space is available on the Howard and the Clyde sides, the Howard red/yellow/purple line is short, walking distance away. Two Doonesbury cartoons grace the front of the building where the Vet Center is located.

First cartoon

"Who was that on the phone?" asks the wife. The husband replies, "My doctor from Walter Reed. He wants me to go the the Vet Center." "What'd you say?" asks the wife. "I told him I didn't need it." The wife's surprised, "You didn't need it? Excuse me? Its 10:00 am and your holding a beer?" The husband's answer, "Hey, it's empty. Okay? Back off!" The wife's retort, "Sorry. Tidying up were you?"

Second cartoon

"He really shot up the garage?" asks the long haired man friend of the husband. The wife replies "Yup, fortunately Sam was at a friend's. It was over nothing -- he was having trouble starting the mower, and he just exploded. He gets frustrated so easily. He's anxious all the time now. But he keeps skipping his meds and he won't go the Vet Center for help." "And you've tried beer?" asks the long haired man. "Could you go online and get yourself up to speed, please?" replies the wife.

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