Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Expletive Tweet Helps Break News Of Boston Marathon Tragedy

            Mr Mark Schipper is a crime writer for Rogers Park and the local New-Star paper. His Twitter account named OurTimesProse tweeted about the Boston Marathon tragedy. This expletive tweet was reported on here at Chevanston a few days ago. A very disturbing way to learn about the news of the Boston Marathon Tragedy. This post was written today because this writer was shocked to discover that Mark Schipper (the owner of the Twitter account) wrote one of the best crime beats written (News Star). The future of journalism is not bright if this is acceptable behavior. Honestly at first this writer thought he was writing about a basketball game or sports. Not a tragedy or a major event.

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7/15/13 10:30 pm - Edited to de-escalate the article. Chevanston has been over the top many times and is not immune to criticism. Mark Schipper's name has been removed from the title. Chevanston would've welcomed if any blog or paper had ripped apart this blog. Only with feedback do writers and bloggers improve.

          Tweets and Twitter are how people discover news today, this new form of communication shouldn't be held to any lesser standards than print media, television, radio or internet articles. Was very saddened to learn about the Boston Marathon Tragedy and it was made all that more bizarre to decipher what Mark was talking about, "sh*&" news. What is sh*& news? What was the sh&* news before this "sh$%"? As this was "more sh&* news".

In Bizzaro world (Htrae) this am sh*& pappre 

On Earth this is a newspaper

     (If you don't know what Bizarro world is please click here.)

             Glad that and its Twitter Feed weren't around when this writer found out about 9/11. Some local journalist probably might have tweeted about "sh*&" news or F%$# the luck. How news is first heard is important. Everyone will remember where they were and how they found out about 9/11. That is what the Boston Marathon is for some people (depending upon your connection to the event).

4/18/13 4 pm Mytimesprose wastes bandwidth
tweeting study of sorority girl email.

           Listening to the car radio on the way to work via NPR was how this writer first learned about 9/11.  It was unbelievable, shocking. Glad that this writer discovered the news that way instead via an insipid tweet on a Twitter feed on Currently this just isn't a good place to get news. Which is the whole point of the site isn't it? This does not bode well for the future, swearing and cuss words will probably become more and more prevalent. Until we are a society like something out of the movie Idiocracy.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

And if no one cares, that is news as well and officially confirms that Tweets and Twitter to be well.... sh*&?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Chevanston if it ever was granted the privilege to tweet on wouldn't accept because it would be in poor company with Gerald Farinas and Mark Schipper.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Here is an article by one brave writer who won't swear on Twitter, which I guess is a rarity these days.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

"Twitter Outrage" may be useless, consequently so are tweets and Twitter Feeds.

They aren't worth fighting for or caring about.

Yes the Onion called a little girl a c*&%, but was that carried on real news Twitter Feeds? The Onion isn't real news, too bad our news has come to this.

Blair Wentworth-McCormick said...

Jeffrey, a mutual acquaintance from Upittytown once recommended pay-what-you-can food from Panera's down on Belmont and what he called "thorazine tacos" from down there that were very good. Maybe a couple of tacos would help get through this involvement with naughty words. Even Tinker likes them.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...


Nah, just not so jaded as to believe that this is the new face of news and that it is okay. Just because no one cares doesn't mean it isn't important.

Silent radio full of sh%&,f%^&, and a$$ is that what Twitter was created for?

How come Joe Moore isn't swearing like a sailor on Twitter? F%^&ing Follow Me on Fridays, would be way more popular.

Only certain people get to do it? Who gets to swear on Twitter and who can't?

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Ok......Ive said a lot of crazy things but never anything about Panera and Belmont.....whats that all about.....confusing.

But since you ignobly brought up Belmont I am kinda in mourning over Toguri Merc. closing shop.

Now the closest place to get asian art supplies is Chi.atown, besides that is was a great place, people, and authentic.

When are you gonna do a post on my new storefront operation on Broadway Jeffo?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Where is it Jeff?

Pris Stratton said...

After Aiko's closed either Dick Blick or Utrecht will have or order anything I want. Chinatown stuff is junk. Tokyo Rose's old joint was junk too. Toguri was just dusty, old junk.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

I will email ya in a few days, just got the keys still stting up. You will get the Uptown scoop before your Beloved UU and their fickle alderman. Isnt that #&$% awesome!?

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Aiko's was first class...the good stuff. But Toguri had the everyday paper, ink...the basics. Blick is Fine but I spend enough there as it is. The retail art supplies in Chinatown are like Toguri, but I order thru my teacher down there, blog comments like art....more to know. As if I never heard about #*%& Blick and Utrecht.......for #%$@ sake.
Toguri was a great store and will be missed like Aiko. The owners just got old at both places, gentrification didnt kill them off but it practically guarantees a chain store or other souless something will full the space.

Your welcome in advance jeffo for my non explicit cursing.......:)

Unknown said...

My name is Mark Schipper, I am a reporter at Inside Publications & the subject of this "fainting lady" post. I do not know Chevanston & only recently discovered this blog. Had he not sent me the link to this piece, I would have had no idea he had been following my work & writing about me for so long.

Chevanston, sensitive soul that he is, does have a rather serious issue with the accuracy of his reporting in this instance. I do not write for DNAinfo & never have. Chevanston has claimed on numerous occasions, and again today on Twitter, that I do.

I repeat, I write for Inside Publications, a group of print weeklies distributed across the North Side, and have never written for DNA. How Chevanston can pick up, read and photograph our newspapers—which he has done in this very post—and still identify them as DNAinfo - an online only news platform - is a bewildering riddle that I will leave to brighter minds.

Now, if Chevanston has risen from the divan and been fanned gently back into consciousness, I will take this moment to inform him that the Twitter feed he is commenting on is my own personal Twitter page, & in no way affiliated with my place of employment. It is unfortunate that the sight of the word "SHIT" caused such a powerful & painful reaction in the author when he learned of the Boston Bombing, but I am afraid in our modern world there are few places to hide from such offensive language.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone asked this question: How could a man be more shocked and appalled by the site of the word "SHIT" - or be somehow more grievously wounded by a minor swear word in the face of an outrageous physical obscenity like the bombing of the Boston Marathon?

That's it, ladies & gentleman, I thank you for the time here. This writer can only handle so much goddam bullshit in one day, & I'm just about saturated here.