Sunday, April 21, 2013

How Are We Supposed To Get Our Clothes?

           Across the street from the STOP HERE ON RED sign the freelance photographer for Chevanston noticed this interesting note taped to a now defunct cleaners on the Evanston side @ Howard street & Dodge avenue. The temporary water shut off notice is dated 4-19-13 and has a hilarious wobbly grinning plumber with a water drop head carelessly swinging around a wrench. The next window over there is a notice of water service termination on 4-15-13 (not temporary) and it further states that actual water shut off date is the 22nd (tomorrow). Another sign reads "Thank you for your business and support over the years. We are closing the store. Management"

           The awning simply is inscribed "Cleaners". Looking at Google Maps you can see how the store looked when it was open and it had the same super generic look. It almost looks like it was a front or a fake business. 1909 w Howard St Evanston Illinois is the address. Looking up the address online, you just get Cash America Pawn. After Googling 1909 w Howard St Evanston Il and Cleaners the name is C W Quality Cleaners. No reviews listed anywhere and not listed on Yelp. C W Quality signage is absent from the store present and past. It looks like some people are missing their clothes and have no idea how to get them back.

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