Monday, August 18, 2014

We Are All Living In A Giant Fake Computer Generated World

Someone escaped from the unnamed megacity. Before doing so this brave soul left an important clue regarding the very nature of our existence. He (judging by the handwriting) spray painted his revelation under the Morse Metra bridge.

You see this section of Chicago named Rogers Park isn't real. None of it is. This may look like the scribbling of the average madman tagger. Don't let the child like scrawl fool you. He is the only one who knows the whole truth. This writer investigated the outrageous claim last night. It checks out.

Wake up. All this work you're doing day in and day out, the posts and comments on Everyblock, the food you're eating, the dog you're walking, all the pictures you upload into your computer, the 911 calls, the crime, all of it is part of an ersatz program designed to keep you and your mind prisoner.

That's all this writer has time to say. They're getting too close for comfort. Will "post" again when time allows. In the meantime don't take life too seriously. Hope to see some of you on the other side.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shots Fired 1600 Block West Fargo

8-16-14 8:05 pm

The late humid summer days peace was disturbed by three shots yesterday. Evidence (grey mechanical box with wheels) of the shooting has since been towed or driven away. The car had been hit in its left rear tire and in the quarter panel above.

After the shots fired one African American male with white tank top and one African American female with salmon shorts ran eastbound on Fargo toward Ashland. Other neighbors saw a car peel out and head westbound.

Right after the shooting neighbors came out on their balconies or down to the sidewalk to talk with each other and police. Some people were just getting home from work or from a walk around the neighborhood.

One neighbor mentioned how they had lived here since 2006 and this was the first shooting they had seen. A photographer with a tripod set up on the street to take pictures of the crime scene.

Please continue reading for more pictures and a closer look

Friday, August 15, 2014

Glenwood Arts Festival Extends To Wayne

Glenwood Ave Arts Fest (turning lucky 13 this year) originally ran from Lunt to Farwell along Glenwood. Then a couple years ago it expanded to Morse west of the tracks. Then it expanded into Family Dollar's parking lot. Now for the first time it runs all the way to Mayne Stage.

Glenwood is now blocked off to through traffic on the east side of the "L". Signs remind patrons that no bikes, skates, push carts, handbills or guns allowed. The fest opens at 11 am and closes at 9 pm tomorrow and Sunday.

Note, 6900 N Wayne has three to four rows of bricks perpendicular to the rest on the east and west sides of the street. Have to get the organizers to rename the Friday night Cobblestone jam. How about the Brick Road rager?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Towbar Once Again A Coffeeshop

This past Monday Towbar (at Jarvis and Greenview) opened at 7am. Jargonauts near and far rejoiced as their spot for morning coffee (Big Shoulders coffee light and dark brewed fresh every morning) was open once again.

Sol Cafe hands down is the best coffee shop in the area. But when the weathers sublime you need a place to sit down and read the paper with your morning coffee. Variety is the spice of life. And face it. Your regular barista needs a break from seeing your ugly face day in and day out.

It was a sad day when Towbar decided to only open afternoons. So come on down and rediscover Jarvis Square in the morning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pothole Repair On Wayne

The following are reader submitted photos of Wayne Avenue's street repair. Large chuckholes were filled and the uneven brick was leveled earlier today with asphalt. This stops Wayne from hemorrhaging anymore bricks. It was worst in two large holes just south of the Wayne Senior Building.

In the time it took the city to repair the street five or six bricks were lost. Probably the last major potholes to be patched this year. Finally the neighbors in this neck of the woods can put the polar vortex behind them.

Unfortunate that the city and the powers that be couldn't muster the funds or get the paperwork done in time to get the Christy Webber crew out there to do the job right. Maybe sometime next year or the year after Wayne and Glenwood can be restored.

Please continue reading for more pictures

Community Policing in the 24th District:

Snazzy dumpster in Jargowood

Community CAPS meetings will no longer be Sector meetings (covering Beat 2422, 2423 and 2424) held monthly.  Instead each Beat will have a community meeting every-other month with Beat cops attending.

Jargonauts in residence for the past 20 years or so understand that these meetings are supposed to provide a venue for citizens to hear what the police have been seeing in our immediate community and for the police to listen to concerns from citizens who show up at these meetings.  Citizens who don't show up will have to make other arrangements to communicate concerns to the police.  This is an opportunity to discuss any gang/drug concerns or other possible illegal/suspicious activities observed by citizens - as well as potential danger spots.

Beat 2422 covers the area between the Lake (on the east), Clark Street (on the west) Jarvis (on the south - but just the north side of Jarvis) and the City Limits (Howard Street west of the CTA tracks and Calvary Cematery east of the CTA tracks).  Beat 2422 will next meet on Tuesday Sept 23 at 7 pm at Willye White Fieldhouse at Howard and Marshfield.

Beat 2423 covers the area between the Lake (on the east), Clark Street (on the west), Lunt (on the south - but just the north side of Lunt), Jarvis (on the north - but just the south side of Jarvis).  Beat 2423 will next meet Monday Sept 8 at 7 pm at Touhy Park on Paulina just south of Jarvis.  I believe this is the evening when the Touhy Park Advisory and Sherwin Chase Neighbors also have a meeting scheduled.

Also - these two CAPS beats apparently are only concerned with the east side of Clark Street (not the west - that would be Beat 2424 which will meet on Tuesday Sept 16 at 7 pm at Pottawattomie Park Fieldhouse (Rogers and Winchester).  No one is concerned about crime in the water east of the beach front - only if evidence washes on shore.  The Beat meetings are determined by the Chicago Police Department and they are impacted by budget concerns and police attendance may not happen if something horrid has happened at 7 pm on the scheduled date.  Be safe out there.

The Jargowood Block Club will meet on Tuesday September 2 at 7:30 pm at Chalet Living Center at 7350 N Sheridan Road.  Meeting notice and agenda will be transmitted shortly before Labour Day.

Please mark your calendar for Sept 2 (Jargowood), Sept 8 (Beat 2423) and Sept 23 (Beat 2422)

Lorraine Dostal

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crowded Tow Zone

8-12-14 a.m.

You would be hard pressed to squeeze anymore cars into this tow zone in the 7400 block of north Marshfield. Straight ahead is Dubkin park.

The white car was parked all last night in the alley. This isn't a case of someone loading or unloading items with their flashers on. Its a case of three cars willfully parking illegally day after day.

What good are laws if no one enforces them? Making sure that this is a safe neighborhood includes ticketing scofflaws. Letting people skirt the law tells us to lower our expectations. This just isn't that nice of an area. What do you expect? Is that what we should think of where we live?

Dropping someone off or your groceries at 7641 N Marshfield is much harder when someone is blocking the entrance. Turning the corner from Marshfield into the alley is a lot tougher when someone is partially blocking egress.

The crowded tow zone was called in last night and this morning. Surely the local police will come by and check it out and act accordingly.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet The Man Behind The Chimney Stack

Damen & Birchwood Winter 2012

Bernard Garbo posted an essay about his neighbor Tony Garcia who fought to make his neighborhood a safe and interesting place. The following is an excerpt. Please click here to read the post in its entirety at 8th ward Quick Topic Forum.
Most of you probably never met Tony Garcia. Some of you may have passed the corner of Birchwood & Damen (Custer, one block south of Howard) and admired the roses and flowers blooming on the north west corner .. or, around Christmas, chuckled at the "chimney stack," placed over the flower bed, with only Santa's legs visible. If so, you have Tony and his husband, Tim Schannep, to thank. Neither one sought recognition for beautifying Damen nor for the years they devoted to being active neighbors .. all of which contributed to what 24th District Commander Thomas Waldera calls the biggest "turnaround" in the 24th district: the Howard & Damen/Custer area.
Hopefully this story will inspire other neighbors to do the same in Rogers Park or wherever they live. There are plenty of examples of neighbors taking back the neighborhood. But its always nice to hear one more.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rogers Park EveryBlock Of Late

That's one super moon dude!

J.V. gardener and future emperor

I'm actually beginning to think that the whole "Joe Lake" account wasn't actually Joe Lake but the same character, because the patterns are all the same as Kat and Kyros suggest. Joe Lake, IBC, "Revolution" and probably many others (not doubt the duplicate Delm(a)r could be the same bored mother's-basement-sociopath.

The pattern: Phase one: reasonable comments for a few days: lots of them. Second phase: argumentative but reasonable. Third phase (the "pulls the pin out of the grenade and holds it in his-hand" phase): all hell breaks loose and character clogs site with non sensical rants and seems to taunt the moderators to shut him down. He usually creates a few "burner" accounts mimicking someone else and posting horrible stuff just to add to the chaos. After 46 mutes or so, he and his puppets vanish... Phase Four: his mom grounds him from the computer for a week and we wait until his reincarnation appears...

(Astute explanation of the RP Everyblock cycle or syndrome. This quote is just too good to get lost in the shuffle.)

Secured & Vacany Postings @ Witch's Hat

The following notices were displayed 8-8-14


Notice this property has been determined to be vacant and abandoned.

The vacancy/abandonment status will be reported to the mortgage services responsible for maintaining this property. The mortgage servicer intends to protect this property from deterioration.

Locks will be replaced and the plumbing systems winterized, if applicable, in the next few days.

If this property is  NOT VACANT or ABANDONED please contact the below assigned Property Preservation Company immediately. Have the property address, city/state, and ZIP code information ready.


To protect the interest of the investor and in accordance with the terms of the security agreement this property has been secured to prevent entry by unauthorized persons.

This property has been secured by Safeguard Properties LLC

Please continue reading for more pictures  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

1101-1111 w Columbia?

This is an interesting  street scene, transportation, roadside, resort, landscape, CHICAGO, Illinois, advertising, town view, RPPC, real photo postcard.

See photo for what is marked on front and back....Columbia Ave of Sheridan Rd, Rogers PK Chicago Ills. 1256 B, ........

Not postally used. No date, probably 1905-15.

Photograph shows a view of the street, homes, etc.....,...

Condition is poor  (see photo) still, a cool card.

Address above is Google Maps approximate. Hard to tell with streetview because trees are in the way. But this appears to be a mid block shot looking north east close to the lake. Click here to buy.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Little Sumpin' Missing Here

Traffic moves pretty smoothly on Howard at Clark when travelling westbound. Not so eastbound. Part its because of the Marathon Gas station with the left turners coming and going.

The real reason this side of Howard is a mess is the lack of street markings and the missing right turn sign. Note the naked black pole. Observing the natural history of signs in the city one notices that first the sign hangs upside down for few months, then its gone.

Since these photos were taken in July the corner sidewalk was replaced. But the right turn sign and street markings are still missing. If you look closely you can see a ghost outline of ONLY.

Please continue reading for the flip side  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Construction On Sherman

Two new two story single family houses (each with a two car garage) are going up @ 409, 411, and 415 N. Sherman. Construction began in April on this former parking lot. Great location; walking distance to St. Francis and the South Blvd "L" stop.

Three construction permits for two houses. It appears that the three addresses are being consolidated into two. Estimated work on the permit is 252 K. In Evanston no construction allowed on Sundays.

Yesterday a green van in front was declared abandoned by the city of Evanston. Street side wheels and the pavement were marked with orange spray paint. An orange sticker on the open driver side window stated the owner had seven days to move it or else. Today its gone.

Please continue reading for more pictures

Parking Pandemonium

Western Jargowood lately has been up for grabs when it come to parking. Here you have a car up on a curb in a no parking zone (by Rogers Avenue "L" viaduct) within site of Gateway Parking Garage.

When people park this bad you have to wonder if this is a stolen or abandoned car. Is the guy a criminal? If you don't take care of your neighborhood bad things happen. And if you don't notify the authorities when things look hinky people get away with murder.

At the time of this photo the police were on scene across the street on a separate call. Passerby assumes that no ones gives a crap when cars are parked any which way.

This writer spoke to Equitable Services Inc about the red car. They didn't think it was a big deal. Hopefully in the future they will take more interest in their immediate area.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Please Help Me Get A Kidney Transplant"

(click to read flyer)

Last profile update on Barry McCarus' Facebook page (July 10th).

"I Need A Kidney Urgently!

I was in love with life, living for music and art in Europe and the United States, before I was diagnosed with 98% kidney failure. 

Now I'm chained to a dialysis machine and I feel my life is ruined. I have never known such sadness. Where did my life go? 

A kidney-transplant would give my life back to me, but the longer I wait, the smaller the chances of success will become.


A healthy person can live a full and happy life with just one kidney. I hope there is a kind soul somewhere willing to donate the gift of life.

Full Details Call (850) 745-0465 Or E-Mail :

Thank You, Barry McCarus"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brick Paved Rogers @ "L" Viaduct

Some of the exposed brick was patched a few months ago (pics from early summer/late spring). Given enough time and wear and tear perhaps the road would revert back to all brick? Only if we lived in a Mad Max post apocalypse (gasoline powered cars and complete anarchy).

Chicago is losing its brick paved streets one by one. reports that a stretch of Bloomingdale Avenue is biting the dust. In the article CDOT calls the brick paved street "outdated".

As far as urban planning goes all of Chicago is "outdated". No one is out there planning any sort of city or neighborhood remotely resembling the street grid and density of Chicago. Hence "gentrification" due to supply and demand.

8/5/14 11:58 pm - Thanks to Clark Street we know that the white rectangle north of the "L" at Marshfield and Rogers is an ATC (Automatic Train Control) signal system used to stop train crashes. Not an electrical substation.

Last edited 8/7/14 4:37 pm

Monday, August 4, 2014

Gang Tagged Courtyard Apt Building On Damen

The courtyard building (7381 N Damen - defunct website) with the graffiti covered gangway as seen on Broken Heart is on the same block where a 40 year old man was shot. Its actually a beautiful building. On Ultra Local Geography you can see what the original gate looked like.

As the advertisement states the building has two bedrooms available. Amenities include laundry on site, updated kitchens, heat included, hardwood floors.

The city should have an emergency Graffiti Blasters crew that takes down gang graffiti within 24 hours. Taggers who vandalize the city cause mayhem on a daily basis. But gang graffiti marks territory inviting reprisals and retribution. 

Driving down Damen you can't help but think why is this street south bound only? When you enter Chicago via Custer its a one way trip. No easy return to Evanston. Damen really should be widened and converted to two way traffic. Another example of how Evanston and Chicago have turned their backs on each other at the border.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Willye B White's Dangerous Corner

not a safe place for football practice

If you are ever out taking a stroll down Howard looking for a park bench to sit down and read the newspaper or book, write a blog post, tweet, talk on your phone, etc, whatever you do don't wander into the far reaches of Willye B. White. In other words the northeast corner; the danger zone.

Walking this morning for coffee at Sol Cafe passerby couldn't help but notice the four person argument going on at 10:45 am where the park meets the alley. The people in the photo are way way in the background. It would be extremely foolish to walk any closer to the angry quartet.

The alley just west of Bosworth serves to connect Howard to North of Howard as Ashland once did. On Google Maps the alley is actually labeled N Ashland Ave. Invariably someone is either guarding this short cut or drinking, loitering and fights.

One solution is to replace the remnants of the chainlink fence with a sold iron fence. In fact a proposal for this project was put on the Ward 49 Participatory Budget ballot earlier this year. (Click on the link for close up view of the treacherous cut through.)

Too bad the proposal didn't get enough votes. Something this important to public safety shouldn't be voted on. It just needs to get done. No way it could have won. Too local an issue affecting only NOH neighbors.

Sidenote; at the park's south east corner it looks like a hungry monster took a bite out of the baseball bench.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Extra! Extra! Red Eye Distribution @ Howard "L"!

"Anybody want a free paper?"

The man in red carefully folds the Red Eyes into stacks of ten in three or four separate piles. In the modern world when you rush to work you get a free paper. Most people have to open a Red Eye or Reader or Onion newspaper box and bend down to get one.

But on many weekdays those lucky enough to catch the "L" at the Howard stop can grab a paper the old fashioned way. From the newspaper man.

The only downside this past Friday is that the Red Eye guy was sporting a very dirty shirt. Best way Red Eye could improve their free paper handout? A clean shirt barking out the day's headlines.

Kids and nutsos alike have fun with newspapers. Like the mad newspaper woman of Paulina.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Witch's Hat Rehab?

Lights in use at this old house of late. The back porch light has been left on to dissuade nocturnal visitors. Is the bank fixing up this old Victorian?

The last time we talked about the Witches Hat a past due gas notice was posted in January. Before that the larger more valuable items were carted away by Direct Auctioneers while the rest was sold on site.

Passerby has noted workmen inside working on dry wall. And people have been parking in the backyard. Maybe there is hope for this vinyl sided lady?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Law & Order Has Been Restored To Marshfield

Back in 2013 Alderman Joseph Moore signed into law the creation of a tow zone at the end of Marshfield Avenue.  Soon after the signs were posted last summer they disappeared (probably by motorists who didn't like the new tow zone). 

Alley parking resumed soon after.

Possibly the only street in Rogers Park missed by the Google Maps car. This street is truly off the radar. When you type in 7461 N Marshfield Google Maps gives you the intersection of Howard and Marshfield at Sol Cafe.

Please continue reading for Google Maps and images

Monday, July 28, 2014

Blank Slate

The wall behind the Howard Area Community Center (incidentally a peanut free zone) has been painted over presumably in preparation for a new mural. The old one was cute but was getting old.

It was bunch of purple, red, orange, blue, and green kids all holding hands and playing. Which is totally unrealistic. Its commonly known that Martians don't get along with the Ioans, Neptunians or  Plutonians.

Please continue reading for Rogers Avenue "L" viaduct update

Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Give Us A New Tree"

Not everyone is pleased with People's Gas or the city of Chicago. Sometime in the past week someone stapled their concerns to a dead tree in the 1500 block of W. Fargo. We all know that the record breaking low temps of last winter coupled with the ongoing onslaught of the emerald ash borer has decimated city trees.

"The city of Chicago who we all pay our bills to will not replace a dead tree at 1542 w Fargo ave. We are all responsible tax payers. If anyone fail (sic) to pay a ticket or other bills it doubles. Why can't citizen (sic) and property owners be respected! GIVE US A NEW TREE!"

Last edited 7/28/14 4:12 pm

Please continue reading for more pictures and words (and orange flipside)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shakespeare In The Park

Shakespeare on the green is happening all over Chicago this summer.

If you missed out on Touhy Park's Shakespeare event this past weekend (On Saturday, July 19th and Sunday, July 20th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Touhy Park 7348 N Paulina St.Chicago,IL 60626.  the Spectralia Theatre,in cooperation with the Touhy Park Advisory Council and various sponsors,along with the Chicago Park District Presents Shakespeare's "The Two Gentleman of Verona"   this FREE  90 minute version is about Love,Intrigue and Male Friendship.) have no fear. There are still plenty of Shakespearean events around town to check out.

This Friday and Saturday (25th and 26th)  A Midsummer Night's Dream will be performed at Loyola Park (1230 w Greenleaf). Touhy Park is not listed on the website but checking the Park District site there is an event listed for the same play on Sunday August 17th from 2- 3 pm.        

(Above left - bonus shot of lady with cane loading her bike onto the front of the same CTA bus)

Mucking Mess @ 7500 N Rogers

Fresh sod now adorns the parkways of the irregular Ashland/Rogers/Birchwood intersection. The city has a man with a water truck come by every few days to hose it down. And most of it looks smashing save the parkway of 7500 N Rogers.

Cars routinely cut the corner short into the alley ruining the fresh sod job. Adding insult to injury the sewer is backed up turning the mouth of the alley into a giant mud puddle.

7500 N Rogers for low income housing is by and large a nice looking building. The front is hidden from view. Upon closer inspection one address numeral has fallen down and another hangs loose.

One very curious thing about the building. A Porshe Cayenne has been parked outback for the past year. Discussing this with a fellow neighbor got the following response, "I've given up on Rogers Park and all its inconsistencies".

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Your Tree Is Only Mostly Dead

Jnauts & Friends

Now that summer is finally here - take a look at your parkway trees - are they dead? 

You cannot tell if your tree is dead during the winter time - but now in the summer - if there are no leaves upon your tree - it is dead.

Some trees are 100% dead.  Some trees are 40% dead.  Some trees are 80% dead.  But you cannot tell this in winter time - just now that summer is here.

Call 311 for removal of your 100% dead tree.  Call 311 for trimming of your 40% dead tree.  If your tree is 80% dead, call 311 and tell them to do something about it.  Then wait.

You may have trees or shrubs on your personal private property that are dead.  Last winter was brutal.  Trim off the dead bits that might fall and damage something else or some body perhaps...

Lorraine Dostal

Monday, July 21, 2014

Track Renewal Continues Into August

Another generic nonspecific "Construction Activity Notice" was plastered all over town. Expect construction noise anywhere from Howard down to Granville all night long except on Friday and Saturday nights for the next four weeks.

Expect sudden street closures and giant heavy machinery to pop up on your block if you live close to the "L". Spose it would be pretty tough to print up a schedule on all the particulars for such a large project. Maybe you could rip down one of those notices and show it to your boss. A good excuse for being late to work.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bangers Return To Devon

Just before noon a group of four (twenty something) gangbangers wearing red shirts and caps stood in front of  Devon Market's parking lot (@ Devon and Greenview). It was not safe to take their picture. Police responded quickly.

The flowers, candles, posters in memorial of the innocent bystander (William Lewis) killed in the crossfire of a gang dispute was taken down this afternoon.

Neighbors near and far have to stay vigilant in Rogers Park (and Edgewater). It may not be your property, your corner or your block but your well being (and everyone elses) depends upon you avoiding and not tolerating gang loitering.

This tragedy was just a matter of time. Untrained gunmen kill people on the south side with stray bullets on an almost weekly basis in the summer.

It may only take ten 911 calls or it may take a hundred and ten. In the end it doesn't matter. The streets don't belong to gun toting outlaws. And no one is safe with four corner hustling.

Out Of Towners To Chicagoans - Don't Walk This Way

Wayne and Farwell yesterday

An outlander decided a parking spot was more important that pedestrian access this past weekend. Not sure if this Hoosier's Nissan got a ticket but the infraction was called in Saturday and today. Apparently you can get in trouble for not paying Chicago parking tickets even if you reside in Indiana.

Yesterday an Acura from Georgia blocked the sidewalk at Greenview and Chase.

People in wheelchairs, walkers, strollers have enough trouble getting around in summer with all the street corners torn up. Visitors should respect the same laws in effect at home when travelling across America. covered neighbors outrage over workmen blocking sidewalks on Everyblock. Maybe someone should investigate why guests with amnesia are clogging up our walkways.

At least the butterflies weren't disturbed.

Last edited 7/20/14 8:23 pm

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