Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Smack Dab Is Back!"

the cafe bound girl exclaimed with visions of cheesy biscuits in her eyes. For those now unstuck from a snow drift, waking up from a coma, incommunicado due to school or work projects, the unconscious now newly conscious, visitors from another time or planet, you may have missed that the littlest coffee shop in Rogers Park found a new home at the Red Line Tap. Day three at their new digs & its feels like they've been there for years.

Red Line Tap while being a dive bar is not an old man's bar. It is not open at 7 or 11 am for eye openers or those looking to get an early start on Friday or Saturday night. The bar space sits empty and sad waiting for first call. Well no more!

After the counters are moved into place, the coffee is brewed, the bakery is baked,  the bar serves caffeine all week long (M-F 7 am - 11 am, weekends 7:30 am - 1 pm). No wi-fi available, which may give you a chance to sit down and read a book, talk to a person, or think thoughts. Its a new back to basics trend according to one cafe in Durango, Colorado.

Chalkboard - New butter biscuit and jam, fluffy tender biscuit with butter and our homemade sweet jam! (rotates so ask) plus vegan donuts on the weekend! Follow us on f - smackdab Chicago and t - smackdabchi and

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