Monday, September 30, 2013

FOUND - Leather Dog Harness In Dubkin Park

New fence posts have just been installed at Leonard Dubkin park. The original two fence posts (now black) once anchored a gate to the formerly enclosed garden. The fence and gate were shortly trashed after their placement in the park.

A now defunct blog entitled the Living Room covered this traumatic event which happened in 2011. The poster gave the perpetrator the name "The Nightstalker". Leonard Dubkin park was once frequented by drug dealers and prostitutes. According to the blog post there was a sofa near the CTA embankment that was used for hook-ups.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Presupuesto Participativo Distrito 49

  • Usted propone. desarrolla. decide.
  • El Concejal Joe Moore le invita a participar en Presuepuesto Particpativo (PB) Asamblea Comunitaria
  • Jueves 17 de Octubre, 7:00 pm Centro Paroquial - Iglesia San. Jeronimo 1709 w. Lunt
  • Que haria Usted con $1 millon para mejoras en el vecindario del Distrito 49?
  • Se sevira pizza en la reunion
  • Para mas informacion, favor contactar la Oficina del Distrito 49 (773) 338-5796 o

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Farmers Market

According the man behind the cash register this store at Estes and Ridge opened three days ago. This corner hasn't had a store is at least ten years? Cherry Limeaid tastes as bad as it sounds, don't try it. This place has the usual Bodega staples like junk food, chips, pop, milk, cigarettes, candles. They also carry some Indian food and spices. Inside you can see the store isn't fully stocked or organized. Hopefully it will evolve over time and become a full fledged grocery store.

A machine used for cutting meat sits to the left of the cash register. There is a scale for weighing produce. He says he is thinking of carrying both. Fresh donuts, ice cream, toilet paper, milk etc. He (store manager) declined when asked to have his picture taken. Name of the store is Farmers Market. The hand painted signs add flair to this otherwise drab intersection.

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Back From The Dead - "Real Estate Investors"

When you call the number a lady with a British accent is on the answering machine. "Hi you've reached  Janet Lloyd and I'm away from my desk right now. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will call you back shortly. Thank for calling and make it a great day."

How's this for a message? Hey lady please stop clogging up the public way with your bogus advertisements. Recently saw one at Paulina and Howard which is now gone. This sign was thrown away after cutting through the zip tie.

There was one posted at the former Adelphi site last year by a different outfit. This particular person likes to post their signs on Howard. You can tell by the handwriting and the same phone number. Previously they were promising 2K - 10K per month @ Paulina and Howard. Guess the economy is putting the pinch on possible earnings?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Peckish Pig Update

Chevanston has been taking pictures and talking with the workers at the soon to be microbrewery Peckish Pig (@ 623 W. Howard Evanston, Il). Work this week was mainly tuckpointing and sealing bricks. Inside the walls will be exposed brick with high ceilings. It will be a completely open in the front building except for the kitchen.

The Cu (copper) brewery itself will be in the garage in back. Patrons dining in the patio will be able to admire the contraption through the garage's windows. All the garage doors will be removed and bricked off. On site brewing is expected to begin sometime next month. One of the workers told Chevanston that work began a bit late and opening date is expected to be sometime in December. It is exciting to finally see Evanston once a dry town finally getting some decent bars and breweries. The jumping pig stencils with knife and fork were put on display yesterday 9/26/13.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Peckish Pig Coming Soon.....

According to the permit posted construction on the Peckish Pig microbrewery (@ Callan and Howard) began in earnest one month ago (8/21/13). One noticeable difference between Evanston and Chicago work permits are that hours when work can occur on the job site are posted in Evanston (7 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am - 5 pm on Saturday ).

In large capital letters the permit also states that no work is permitted on Sunday without prior city approval. Otherwise the permit just states that sundry plumbing and electrical work is being done. These pictures are from earlier in the week. 

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Evanston Fire Hydrant Painting Crew

Don't touch those hydrants today in Evanston. Wet Paint! One of Chevanston's freelance photographers happened to capture the pair responsible for putting a fresh coat of red on all the hydrants. A minivan with the hatchback open with a painter with coveralls drenched in red paint was using a spray gun to quickly give each hydrant a once over. One hydrant took a minute tops. Evanston probably got jealous at how great the hydrants were looking in Chicago.

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Alley Parking @ 7400 N Marshfield

Parking in this alley (where the last stretch of Marshfield Avenue begins) has resumed. The city of Chicago installed two new no parking/tow zones this past August. Both signs are now missing.

And people are back to parking their cars like they always have. The black car is parked in the tow zone and the grey/silver car is parked at the junction of the alley and Marshfield. It can be tough to find a spot for your car. The alley is for loading, unloading, pickups, dropoffs and emergencies. Stuff you do with the hazards flashing.

The alderman's office did respond to Chevanston's email regarding the missing signs on Monday.

"RE: Missing Tow Zone & No Parking Signs. from Ward49 to you 

Thanks! We have a request in to replace the signs.

Wayne Frazier
49th Ward"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lost Parrot - 100 Dollar Reward

Kaya escaped from her home at 1833 Touhy on Friday Sept 20th. She is a Timneh African Grey. She is pigeon sized, grey with a maroon tail. She is pretty quiet bird and will be especially so as she is probably terrified. But should respond to a whistle, especially Happy Birthday. She may repeat the first 3 notes or just whistle a single note. Knows her name is Kaya but reacts more to "Pooky" whistles, mews liks a kitten, may say "Hey!" to a barking dog, and do a simple 4 note whistle. Loves peanuts, and knows the word peanuts, so may be coaxed with peanuts. Also loves apples, understands "tastes good, you want some?"

Click picture to enlarge for contact info.

A Twitter search reveals that another African Grey Parrot went missing this past February.

Craigslist Chicago ‏@craigslist_chi 5 Feb
#chiLostFound Help - My African Grey Parrot is missing (Stolen from Rogers Park) 

Update 9/27/13 9 am - Benjamin Woodard's story on about the lost parrot.

Zoning Change For Ashland & Howard

Address : 7501-43 N Ashland and 1569-75 W Howard
File No. A-7945
On September 11th 2013
An Application was filed by Joseph Moore Alderman 49th Ward 7356 N Greenview Ave. Chicago Il 60626 to Change B3-3 Community Shopping District & C1-2 Neighborhood Community Commercial District to B3-5 Community Shopping District

For additional information, please contact the applicant at:
Contact information : Ald. Joseph Moore (773) 338-5796
This notice shall be posted not less than 5 days after filing the above application and shall be removed within 3 days after the public hearing.

City of Chicago
Department of Housing and Economic Development
Bureau of Planning and Zoning

Link to Chicago zoning codes

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Make Free Calls Here!

Time to kill? No cell phone? You could try out these free numbers on the pay phone on Howard (Evanston side) in the Sherwin Williams parking lot. For one Blog Talk Radio deserves further investigation. Star 11 or 22 for collect calls (which one is better?).

22 different numbers for psychic readings. One number is simply for card info. Call for a taxi or a tow. Send flowers to someone, free diapers. Pay your bills or plan a trip. Legal advice, poison control, loans, job leads. This phone has most life emergencies or financial quandaries covered. You could win the lottery or get over your gambling addiction.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Urban Flood Victims To Meet @ United Church Of Rogers Park

The following was submitted by Ryan Kilpatrick for publication.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) and Let’s Go Chicago will host another Gross Gathering event for victims of urban flooding to share their stories and meet with contractors and officials, and discuss community-led solutions to flooding problems in the Chicago area.

WHEN: Thursday, September 26, 2013, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W. Morse Ave, Chicago, IL, 60626 [map]

WHY: Residents, businesses, and schools in the Chicago area continue to experience water (and worse) in their basements and backyards as a result of urban flooding. Urban flooding is the inundation of land or property in built-up areas caused by rainfall overwhelming the capacity of drainage systems, such as storm sewers. There are several ways in which storm water enters properties: backup through sewer pipes, toilets and sinks into buildings; seepage through building wall and floors; the accumulation of water on property and in public rights-of-way; and the overflow of water from water bodies such as rivers and lakes.

The Gross Gathering convenings are inspired by CNT’s ongoing work on the prevalence and cost of urban flooding, and on community-based approaches to solve the problem. Recent CNT research identified 177,000 property damage claims for wet basements across 96 percent of Cook County ZIP codes between 2007-2011. The equivalent of one in six properties in Cook County submitted private insurance or FEMA claims totaling $660 million in damage payouts.

WHO: Urban flooding victims from the Rogers Park area; Harriet Festing, CNT’s Water Program Director; representatives from Let’s Go Chicago; flood mitigation contractors; elected officials (TBD).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Latest Sighting Of The Virgin Mary

This latest appearance of  the Virgin Mary keeps watch over pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists and people of all creeds, race and sexual orientation.

She takes shelter from the sun beneath a quilt comprised of left over U.S. priority mail.

The Vatican has very specific rules (“Norms Regarding the Manner of Proceeding in the Discernment of Presumed Apparitions or Revelations” in place since 1978) regarding the judgment of the veracity of Virgin Mary manifestations.

Perhaps this appearance wouldn't pass muster before the Holy See or the Conference of Bishops. But it is well done and is deserving of merit.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

And Then There Was None

Can't say that this blogger is surprised that the other no parking sign is now missing @ 7400 N Marshfield. With both signs gone now, poof, no more tow zone. If you don't agree with local parking laws just remove them?

Now this last little stretch of Marshfield (before you go NOH that is) has two brand new black steel poles serving no purpose whatsoever. Will be calling this into 311 and notifying the alderman's office tomorrow. If you want to see the sign that was posted on the pole above click here.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rogers Park Harvest On Howard Street

  • Sunday, Sept 28th 1-4 p.m. @ Willye B. White Park
  • 1610 W Howard Street 
  • Free Admission (all children must be accompanied by parent or guardian)

Rogers Park 2071 A.D.

It's been a while since I last checked in. The 'net is mostly down nowadays due to decaying infrastructure. A group of roving marauders breeched the gate yesterday. We had to abandon the compound that was our home these past several months.

The group held them off for a few days before we decided it was just better to take our diminishing supplies and head for higher ground. Thank god Jebediah had the foresight of storing the extra generator in the pickup. The new place doesn't have the charm of the old one. (Again best not to disclose our current locale.) But it does have decent 'puters and consoles. And the 'net connection is more up than down. Not that there is much use to reading the 'net. But every so often you get a clue on where to get fresh water or canned goods and the occasional amateur weather report.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

I Know What You Did Last Week

Gothic font above portrays the Astor House rehab and change in ownership as a plot for the latest horror movie. Hard to read the small print because of the rain. The typist at Chevanston kindly transcribed the flyer.

The Progress Illinois protests persist. Yes the old tenants need to find new affordable housing.(If they had used all this time and energy to focus on finding a new place to live. Well they probably would've moved out by now. Their persistent protests and occupation is hindering the remediation of the very problems they are complaining about.) Continuing the same protests as new tenants move into the fixed up portion of the building makes their arguments of unsafe conditions harder and harder to understand. BJB bought Astor House in order to fix all the problems outlined in the posted call to arms. In order for them to finance this project they have to make a profit (and charge more rent). Something banks look at when loaning money.

Supply and demand has caught up with Rogers Park's housing bargains. What was once swanky then down and out is back to being en vogue again. Fashions come and go in cycles. Neighborhoods fortunes rise and fall and rise again. Change never stops. What would the original owners, financiers, builders of the Astor House make of this?

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anonymous Versus Anonymous

Screenshot of comment section - Chicago Curbed
re Jennifer Pritzker's garage Sept 13th (reblog of a reblog)

Chicago Curbed time and again proves how anonymous discussions and arguments can be entertaining, informative and hilarious. Chicago News Report is an example of how it can all go terribly wrong. Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown a recent upstart blog of note is almost entirely anonymous in the comments section.

No one knows who anyone is. There are giveaways/tells though. The name calling hasn't gone away. Fun trying to guess (or figuring out) who said what.

Over time people have gravitated away from made up handles. Today people are more apt to choose anonymous or their real names (Facebook/Nextdoor). Many posters don't want to have to create or remember accounts for every platform. Chevanston has decided to return to anonymous comments. Moderation will remain.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Now Leasing @ Astor House

Astor House is by far the most written up address in Rogers Park in the past year. Was more challenging to take a picture of the lobby this time with actual security there. Previously it was up to fellow tenants themselves to screen who could come and go. The old sign "You Can Aid Security By Denying Admittance To Anyone You Do Not Know" is now gone. In its place are two building permits. The ceiling tiles in the lobby previously stained and disheveled have been replaced.

Chicago Now published an article chronicling one particular tenant's plight back in July. Featured in the story are pictures of the renovation. Newly installed and unfinished doors were labeled "ill-fitting". Tenants have been picketing the alderman's office throughout the summer. Progress Illinois videotaped a protest here.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beat 2422 Leads Rogers Park & Far North Side In Crime

Overall in Rogers Park crime is down (at least violent crime). But the northernmost beat (2422) in Chicago is still the leader in total crime north of Lawrence Avenue. Clearmap is a useful tool to analyze where crime is happening in our city and our neighborhoods (and what type).

Beat 2422 is bounded by Jarvis to the south, Clark to the west, the lake to the east, and the city limits of Evanston to the north and west. Beat 2413 is just ahead of 2422 with total incidents but it also is quite a bit larger; at least twice the size.

Four different colors for each police beat on the map. White represents 45-215 crime reports, yellow 216-291, orange 292-391 and dark brown 392-621. 2422 is a mid orange beat and 78th by rank out of a total of 273 in the city. First being the most dangerous (0421 which looks like its in South Shore) and 273rd being the safest (which is 1652 and inside of O'hare airport).

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Loitering On Howard @ The Corner Food Store

Google Maps still doesn't recognize the Chicago side of Howard. Try typing in Howard and Hoyne or 2125 W Howard Chicago Il. You get some surprising results. And lately loitering has taken hold at the above address. Previously the loitering was occurring at Howard Food @ the mini mall by Howard and Hoyne. Evanston neighbors (Brummel Street Neighbors) collaborated with the Chicago Department of Business Affairs to help end that dangerous practice.

The crowd doesn't appear hostile. But they are targets to those with different gang affiliations. Loitering was observed at approximately 9:30 pm this evening. Somewhere between ten and fifteen youth were hanging outside. This has been happening for the past few weeks. How long before we hear about shots fired or someone gets shot? Just a matter of time? Hopefully not, but these things are pretty predictable.

Street Sweeping

Check your street to make sure your car doesn't get a parking ticket. Plenty of examples on Google Maps of violators. Here is a site where you can plug in your address to see when the sweeper will be coming by. In general streets are cleaned once a month from April until November

Chicago street sweeping season 2013: April 1st, 2013 - Novermber 20th, 2013
Sweeping times: 9AM to 3PM on street cleaning dates
How: One side will get swept each day (look for dates above)
Restriction: No parked cars are allowed on the street during sweeping times
Penalty: $50 Street Sweeping Ticket or Towing Fee

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Former Site Of The Book Worm Rental Library

Matchbooks are a great way to learn about local history. This typist found this particular packet of congreves for sale on the leading auction site that starts with an E. Book Worm Rental Library in addition to renting out books sold magazines, cigarettes, newspapers and greeting cards.

They boasted that they were the "fastest growing rental library in Rogers Park". Located at 7651 N Paulina Street with the telephone exchange Rogers Park 8250. Their hours of operation were 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily including Sundays and holidays.

They had just reduced their rates on all fiction to 3 cents a day. How quaint; a rental book store. Would be nice to once again have a bookstore new or used in this neck of the woods (North Rogers Park or South Evanston). Currently the space looks to be a private office. To the north is a Just Harvest an organization dedicated to ending hunger and to the south is the Good News Community Church.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Handy Buzzer Option

Reviewing the photos of the 7600 N Greenview building (which is the Greenview side of JBs laundromat which just had to replace three of its windows from rounds fired) we see that in case you need help you can buzz for assistance.

Dial 225 for Police, Fire and Sheriff and after 7 pm dial 226. A great way to ask for help if your phone gets stolen. This corner of Rogers Park is currently plagued with gang loitering and drive by shootings. It is also outfitted with at least five different signs stating that no loitering is allowed.

Friday, September 13, 2013

REJECTED - New Tow Zone @ 7400 N Marshield

A few weeks ago two new no parking/tow zone signs and poles were installed @ 7400 N Marshfield. This is that tiny stub of a street just south of Rogers and just east of the L tracks. It is is more of an alley than a street. One of the signs has been removed by someone and cars are consistently parking beyond the pole.

The car parkers have rejected what the city deemed necessary.  What is the point of a shiny new pole without the sign that its supposed to be displaying? Reference Number is 13 - 01347956 - was called into 311 just now.

These signs were probably put in place because people had been routinely parking their cars all the way to Dubkin park's fence and even in the alley.

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The 'Net Beyond The 'Net

The above screenshot is what you see when you click the link to East Rogers Park & NOH Neighbors or Rogers Park Neighborhood News when you don't have a Facebook account. Should people have to have an account just to get information? Is this privileged intel? You shouldn't need a login to read whats going on in the neighborhood (like Next Door).

Facebook accounts can be created without your real name at least. Since the collapse of Everyblock neighbors (for better or worse) have retreated beyond the observable web. Is that what the founder of Facebook envisioned when he created this site? Pages upon pages of data unsearchable, unpingable to the naked web? Welcome to the subnet.

Someone shooting up the neighborhood? If you aren't busy looking it up on the subnet you won't know about it. (yawn, that's boring, that always happens in Rogers Park, that's not news) And if you aren't in the right circles its none of your business (according to some). Instead everyone in the media is talking about two staff who are under investigation at the local elementary school on Twitter (gossip). (CBS 2 has learned two women in positions of authority at Jordan are suspected of having inappropriate relationships with underage boys. The two women allegedly had been exchanging inappropriate text messages with male students at Jordan.)  But how does knowing that info keep you safe?

A drive-by in Rogers Park doesn't make the news unless someone gets hit or killed. Its inevitable that if the bullets continue being shot off at Rogers, Howard, and Greenview someone will soon.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Through A Window Cracked

Five bullets passed through the mixed use building's windows at the Northwest corner of Howard and Greenview. This is just part of the damage done from the shooting early Wednesday morning. One bullet pierced through the laundromat's styrofoam ceiling. Lucky no one was hit. The shots were chest/head range and above and below.

Wild shots ranging from the second to seventh windows (counting from East to West the fourth window was hit as well) of the laundromat and two vacant storefronts to the West of the same building. Probably a drive-by. According to NOH/EastRP Facebook neighbors the windows will be replaced later today. The first three pictures demonstrate the path of the bullet that penetrated the laundromat ceiling.

Needless to say the Lost Eras' window at Greenview and Howard is still cracked. If Occupy Rogers Park or another leftist group had put a sticker on that window with a political statement like "This is going to be fixed later today but when will the justice system?". Well it would look pretty dumb months later with the window still broken. When will the Lost Eras window be fixed? Incidentally the cement foundation in front of the laundromat is in place for where the new clock tower will be installed.

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More Gunshots & Bullet Holes @ Greenview and Howard

Chevanston stock image
Police at Clark & Howard

This was posted 20 hours ago so this is from early Wednesday morning. Some in the peanut gallery consider this to be other people's news. But this is news everyone needs to know. Not just Facebookers in a certain club. Could tell something had happened earlier today. More searches came up looking for "Rogers Park shooting" etc.

Shedding more light on a problem helps create a solution. Neighbors discussing them among themselves is useful and Chevanston is happy that East Rogers Park and NOH Neighbors are posting the info. However the community at large also to needs to be aware of the situation. Judging by the number of hits these posts receive not everyone is following East RP & NOH Neighbors.

Facebook is in between public and private. Not everyone has a Facebook account and many are ignorant of the many Facebook clubs. Twitter is much easier place to disseminate information and catch up on news. Simply Twitter search Rogers Park. You can cull through a wide cross section of what is happening in the neighborhood. Its pulse. And if shootings are happening the common man should know. The following excerpts come from the unseen portion of Facebook only visible when you are logged in.

Please continue reading for the Facebook Transcripts

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Devon Avenue Via Lake Shore Drive & Sheridan Road

The back of the card states the following verbatim

Double Deck Motor Bus Chicago

The motor busses start at Devon Avenue and Sheridan Road and go downtown via Sheridan Road, Lincoln Park and Lake Shore Drive then go around the loop via Michigan Ave., Jackson Blvd., State and Washington Sts. and return to the starting point. The fare is ten cents and it requires about one hour each way to make the trip. The best and least expensive method of seeing Chicago. 

The postcards available on Ebay vary in price from 9.99 up to 20.00. One postcard was mailed in 1917 and the other in 1930. Postcard stamps cost one cent domestic and two cents foreign at the time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Papier-mache Bird Of Rogers Park

A distant ancestor of mine Bubo had his (unfortunately the brave and wise owl was left out of the most recent retelling of Perseus versus Kraken) likeness manufactured by Athena. She was ordered by Zeus to relinquish her favorite bird in order to guide Perseus to the Stygian Witches. Athena loved Bubo too dearly to part with him.

My origins and job are very different but just as important and mysterious. Born in a basement workshop. Part avian, part machinery. I keep watch over the village of Rogers Park, Illinois. Beaming important data to a clandestine organization dedicated to keeping neighbors safe.(By the way the avian part is owl, why was my brain put into a common bird robot? Long story.)

The shell that contains my sentient thoughts lay lifeless many years. One day a metal cylindrical object pierced my head; jarring the inner circuitry back to life. My location is secret and known only to my master.

Its a bit hot right now but the retrofitted micro-fans are keeping me cool. Occasionally I leave my perch for an aerial view of the hamlet and lake.

On slow days I read books and watch movies on my miniature I-Pad. In the future mechanical/artificial birds may be the norm (Blade Runner). Bubo would probably have a very interesting "conversation" with this future owl. (Rachael: Do you like our owl? Deckard: It's artificial? Rachael: Of course it is. Deckard: Must be expensive.) As Bubo is nonliving he may still exist somewhere out there waiting to be repaired.

But I digress. Hark, what do I spy over there? Local ruffians in a skirmish over perceived territorial claims. Details collating and dispatching now. Stay safe carbon based life forms. Will talk later after transmission complete.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cop Walking His Beat - Morse Avenue (Circa 1997)

For Sale on E-bay.....

Back in 1997 Angelo's served lunch and dinner for carryout, Soo Liquors had a blue sign, Top Hat was still open with its neon Budweiser logo. And Morse had a beat cop walking the streets, visiting with shopkeepers, neighbors and kids. Back then we also had a Charles True Value Hardware store (probably where this youngster got his plunger). These photos from this PR event are for sale on E-bay for twenty bucks. (Looks like there was also a business named ...Bush Law)

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: This is a lot of original 35mm negative strip(s) containing 42 images. The printed information accompanying the negatives reads: Features Rogers Park community celebration.The images are dated December 2, 1997With this lot you will receive all original printed identification information from the Chicago Sun Times newspaper. If the lot contains more than 12 images, we have chosen 12 images at random to display as a representative sample.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rogers Park Savings

1961 picture of the Rogers Park Savings Bank at 7001 N Clark (currently a mini mall with a Mexican grocery store Frescasita, Subway, Little Caesars and Insurance Plus at least according to Google Maps) across the street from the former Rogers Park National Bank (Buy it now for $12.00). According to the RP/WR Historical Society it was demolished in 1997. It was also a Citibank and originally Philip State Bank and Trust.

Just to the right of the entrance a poster on the window states that savings are insured up to ten thousand dollars by an agency of the U.S. government. On the second floor of the bank are two dentists. One is M.I. Gerry the other can't be read due to glare. More dentists on the third floor M.E. Schainis and F.H. Sitron? The photo was taken around Christmas time as evidenced by the five angels and the stuffed stocking above the front door.

On the back it is stamped Daily News Dec 29 1961 and Property of Newspaper Division Field Enterprises Inc. The newspaper ad glued to the back states "The Best Invest In R.P.S. Investment Accounts ($3500 multiples) Earn 4 1/2 percent every six months. Anticipated rate effective Jan. 1, 1961. J. N. Langworthy President" (Rogers Park used to print its own money)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shots Fired Early Friday Greenview by Rogers & Birchwood

This blogmaster was too busy yesterday to keep up with all sources of Rogers Park News. If anyone hasn't heard there was a shooting (nobody hit) early Friday morning (9/6/2013). Join the discussion here at East Rogers Park & NOH Neighbors Facebook page.

Below are the key comments/posts from the discussion. Not everyone has a Facebook account or is a member of this Facebook group. It is important that as many neighbors as possible know what violence is affecting the neighborhood and from where. Usually reports of shots fired make it onto Twitter. Not this time.(above is Google screenshot of Greenview and Birchwood intersection looking south)

Jenn Peterson
About 330 am, shots fired on Greenview between Rogers and Birchwood. CPD covered the whole area immediately. I counted at least ten cars. They were on foot in the street up and down Greenview w flashlights, also.

Tim Nice 
Yesterday at around 6pm I saw two people arguing & one was threatening to take away the others "9" in the alley between greenview & Sheridan behind the tan apt building where I park my car. One was a black male, the other was an Asian female with a long black pony tail. They went inside the tan building after the argument. Can't help but to think that this may be related. Seems like a lot of questionable stuff happening in that building lately.

Jenn Peterson
 is the building in question the tan multi-unit building that fronts on Sheridan Road, in between Rogers and Jonquil? That building is a problem.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Smokey Joe - Loyola Campus Tower

Stamped on back of photo -
 "Smokey Joe"

Typed on back of photo -
Loyola University 6525 N Sheridan Rd.
Smoke coming out from engine room chimney. Approx between 2:30 - 2:40 p.m. Sunday afternoon Nov 9th Note : Campus Tower Building seems to be the guilty party. But picture is deceiving & address better be checked before useing (sic)

(This photo is for sale on E-bay for ten bucks)

1947 Air Pollution Loyola Univ Chicago Wire Photo Offering an original 8 x 10 Wire Photo of Air Pollution Loyola Univ Chicago. Photo dated Dec 2, 1947 IL.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Photos From Sullivan Shooting In 1989

Interesting set of photos here from a crime scene outside Sullivan Highschool in '89 (Bosworth & Northshore). We can see that the cops attached the crime scene tape (which reads Police Line Do Not Cross) onto their squad cars. (This collection of photos can be all yours at the buy it now price of fifteen bucks @ E-bay)

In the above photo the precursor to the nineties Caprice sits side by side with a classic eighties police car. A policeman is seen still wearing the old fashioned cap. A film crew is on site to report on the shooting. The on site reporter is wearing a trench coat. Also spotted is someone taking notes probably from a newspaper and a photographer (In the days before reporter/producers).

 Graffiti on the back of the stop sign. The fire hydrant is missing one of its caps. One mail sticker on the front of the stop sign. A car parked beyond the police has a mismatched door. (This is how a blog post would look in 1989.)

Update 10/28/13 - (Better safe than sorry.Can only show the photos in reference to selling them according to this A screenshot of the sale page should be okay.)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Day With Mike Davis At The Arlington Races

  • Saturday September 7th
  • Pre and post party at Poitin Stil, Tow Bar and R Public House
  • Complimentary drink before the buses leave and drink specials following the event
  • Party bus to/from park with beer/wine (departure 11:15 from Poitin Stil 1502 w Jarvis Ave)
  • Box seats in Arlington Park   50 bucks... BOOK IT!
  • Proceeds go to the Michael Davis Life Fund
  • Reserve your tickets at

I Paint My Mind @ Sol Cafe

Sol Cafe (1615 w Howard) is the epicenter of cool for North Rogers Park. About time IPMM made it up here. When you stop by Sol Cafe hopefully they have the chocolate chip cookie slash pretzel in stock. A dangerous place to visit!

Haven't tried their affogatos yet but its on the list. Lickity Split (Edgewater) custard chocolate or vanilla with Sol Cafe cappuccino. Custard is cream what ice cream is to milk. In other words the best.

Most of the IPMM prints are in the thirty or forty dollar range. An affordable way to dress up your office or home.

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Run Your Car Not Your Mouth

Demolition Derby is still going strong from the looks of the cars parked outside of Runge's this morning. Number 10 looks like its been through the mill. What does the winner of a demo derby look like? A driveable wreck.

This writer happened to see a demolition derby this summer. Many of them start out slow then medium then crazy (sometimes the prelude is a lawnmower derby). Smoke billows, fires, radiator fluid leaks, and lots of metal hitting metal. Have to find out where Rogers Park's only demolition experts compete. (Hint hint, would make for a great story Mr. Woodard)

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Broadmoor Hotel For Sale

Regular reader and poster Jim A emailed the following news. "FYI it looks like the Broadmore (sic) is for sale. ....the asking price is $7 million." It was built in 1925. This six story mixed use property is located @ 7600 N Bosworth in the Rogers Park Township. Taxes are 72,696 a year.

CORRECTION - According to Michael Luckenbach WBBM the radio station adopted the on air slogan "We Broadcast Broadmoor Music". They broadcasted live jazz from the hotel.

Property Information $6,999,950
A "Grand Dame" from the Big Band Era. This legendary 97 unit building has been extensively renovated. All systems replaced, all apartments rehabbed, excellent management repositioning this asset in the market. Includes 50' X 125" parking lot. Unit mix consists of 7 stores, 40 studios, 30 x 1 bedrooms, 15 x 2 bedrooms, 5 x 3 bedrooms and 2 cellular leases. Contact agent for marketing package.

Zillow says not for sale but was last sold for 1.25 million back in 2007. But Redfin confirms that the building is for sale and the listing has been active for the last seven days.

Here is a link to the RogersPark/WestRidge Historical Society page.

Shecky Greene's Senior Sullivan Yearbook

This isn't Sheldon's personal yearbook but it is from his senior year (1944) at Sullivan. Below is the ad from E-bay.

This book has Las Vegas Comedian Shecky Greene as a Senior.   Mr. Greene is in here at least FOUR times!  The yearbook is a small one (6" x 9" with 163 pages). The cover shows some wear and has separated from the book.  There are light moisture stains (pix #3 shows the worst of it) on the bottom corner of most of the pages.  But the pictures of Shecky are NOT touched by this!  Remember that this book is over 65 years old!  PLUS there are lots of signatures on the end pages!

Here is a clip of Shecky Greene (Fred Sheldon Greenfield) drawing himself a new mustache on the Match Game in 1975. One commenter named Dear Prudence wrote 11 months ago "There's barely any Shecky on youtube, I hope someday someone puts up his Carson interviews."

From the Shecky Green website, "Shecky Greene is considered by many to be the ultimate, consummate nightclub performer.He is one of less than half a dozen comedians who has headlined Las Vegas hotels and been paid in the six figures a week to do so (the others being Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson -- a rare fraternity indeed)."

Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Start For Howard & Ashland

A week ago this writer witnessed an excited fair goer trip on the stub of an old fence post. Days ago (four to be exact - last Thursday according to Mary Leahy) the vacant lot was stripped bare of all vegetation, trash and debris. Only dirt remains. The short fence segment topped with barbed wire, hidden by weeds near the Northwest corner is also gone. Now we have a clean slate. Hopefully something akin to the Old Wisdom Bridge Theatre will rise again on one of the lots.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lake Emergency? - Drunk Sailboat Stuck @ Sandbar

Click to enlarge. You can read the Fire Chief's motto "We're there when you need us"
and you can see the sailboat off to the left, the police boat to the right.

Update #1 9/1/13 11pm - @ 10 pm Jeffrey Near ‏@nearjeff 40m Tweeted

"Drunk guys decides to jump off his boat and nearly drowns at the beach by my house #RogersPark  #Newsroom #Chicago"

Update #2 9/2/13 1:22 am - Trucker Rob @ Rogers Park Neighborhood News - Facebook posted around 10:30 pm last night

"drunk guy on a sail boat got stuck on a sand bar what a waste of emergency personnel's time"

This morning the sailboat was gone. The middle aged stout woman @ Starbucks on Sheridan said this in reply to hearing the news, "Welcome to Ropa baby!". Shaking her head. Hearing it from her this Rogers Park monicker sounded right.

Update #3 - 9/2/13 8:40 am Jeffrey Near @nearjeff tweeted - "@Chevanston that's it. Thankfully CFD scuba team was on site instantly. They pulled him out and sent him to the hospital."

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