Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lost Parrot - 100 Dollar Reward

Kaya escaped from her home at 1833 Touhy on Friday Sept 20th. She is a Timneh African Grey. She is pigeon sized, grey with a maroon tail. She is pretty quiet bird and will be especially so as she is probably terrified. But should respond to a whistle, especially Happy Birthday. She may repeat the first 3 notes or just whistle a single note. Knows her name is Kaya but reacts more to "Pooky" whistles, mews liks a kitten, may say "Hey!" to a barking dog, and do a simple 4 note whistle. Loves peanuts, and knows the word peanuts, so may be coaxed with peanuts. Also loves apples, understands "tastes good, you want some?"

Click picture to enlarge for contact info.

A Twitter search reveals that another African Grey Parrot went missing this past February.

Craigslist Chicago ‏@craigslist_chi 5 Feb
#chiLostFound Help - My African Grey Parrot is missing (Stolen from Rogers Park) 

Update 9/27/13 9 am - Benjamin Woodard's story on about the lost parrot.

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