Friday, September 20, 2013

I Know What You Did Last Week

Gothic font above portrays the Astor House rehab and change in ownership as a plot for the latest horror movie. Hard to read the small print because of the rain. The typist at Chevanston kindly transcribed the flyer.

The Progress Illinois protests persist. Yes the old tenants need to find new affordable housing.(If they had used all this time and energy to focus on finding a new place to live. Well they probably would've moved out by now. Their persistent protests and occupation is hindering the remediation of the very problems they are complaining about.) Continuing the same protests as new tenants move into the fixed up portion of the building makes their arguments of unsafe conditions harder and harder to understand. BJB bought Astor House in order to fix all the problems outlined in the posted call to arms. In order for them to finance this project they have to make a profit (and charge more rent). Something banks look at when loaning money.

Supply and demand has caught up with Rogers Park's housing bargains. What was once swanky then down and out is back to being en vogue again. Fashions come and go in cycles. Neighborhoods fortunes rise and fall and rise again. Change never stops. What would the original owners, financiers, builders of the Astor House make of this?

Please continue reading for the transcribed bulletin

FRIDAY THE 13TH Tell First Merit Bank That BJB is SCARY!

Astor house tenants are tired of living in HORRIFYING conditions
Mice, bugs, mold, and a DEATH TRAP elevator....
and the building is a NIGHTMARE!

First Merit Bank has given BJB Properties a $10 million dollar loan to finance rent hikes & evictions at the Astor House. Tenants, many of whom are on the brink of homelessness, urgently need to negotiate with the building's owners.

The situation is GRAVE!
Noon on Friday the 13th
First Merit Bank
20 N Clark Street

Sponsored by the Astor House Tenant Association, Northside Action For Justice and Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction. More Info @ 773-407-2001
 or (doesn't work)
Sign the BJB boycott pledge at (the last link brings you to a page that uses Chevanston's own photo of Astor House - posted above)

Or just read this.


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