Friday, September 13, 2013

The 'Net Beyond The 'Net

The above screenshot is what you see when you click the link to East Rogers Park & NOH Neighbors or Rogers Park Neighborhood News when you don't have a Facebook account. Should people have to have an account just to get information? Is this privileged intel? You shouldn't need a login to read whats going on in the neighborhood (like Next Door).

Facebook accounts can be created without your real name at least. Since the collapse of Everyblock neighbors (for better or worse) have retreated beyond the observable web. Is that what the founder of Facebook envisioned when he created this site? Pages upon pages of data unsearchable, unpingable to the naked web? Welcome to the subnet.

Someone shooting up the neighborhood? If you aren't busy looking it up on the subnet you won't know about it. (yawn, that's boring, that always happens in Rogers Park, that's not news) And if you aren't in the right circles its none of your business (according to some). Instead everyone in the media is talking about two staff who are under investigation at the local elementary school on Twitter (gossip). (CBS 2 has learned two women in positions of authority at Jordan are suspected of having inappropriate relationships with underage boys. The two women allegedly had been exchanging inappropriate text messages with male students at Jordan.)  But how does knowing that info keep you safe?

A drive-by in Rogers Park doesn't make the news unless someone gets hit or killed. Its inevitable that if the bullets continue being shot off at Rogers, Howard, and Greenview someone will soon.

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Stanley Katakowski said...

Yo Jeffy, youse does a pretty good job wit 'dis blog here and keepin' people informed and whatnot. Problem is, most people's is too damn lazy to check all da local sites. They like stuff ta be all streamlined and whatnot where's they can find all their friends and high school girlfriends and whatnot so they forget about 'dis type of thing.

Plus they got the fear a god in 'em that they's gonna run in ta guys like dat Gernhardt dude online so they keep demselves shielded on them civilized blogs like nextdoor so guys like dat can't get in and bug 'em.