Friday, September 27, 2013

Peckish Pig Update

Chevanston has been taking pictures and talking with the workers at the soon to be microbrewery Peckish Pig (@ 623 W. Howard Evanston, Il). Work this week was mainly tuckpointing and sealing bricks. Inside the walls will be exposed brick with high ceilings. It will be a completely open in the front building except for the kitchen.

The Cu (copper) brewery itself will be in the garage in back. Patrons dining in the patio will be able to admire the contraption through the garage's windows. All the garage doors will be removed and bricked off. On site brewing is expected to begin sometime next month. One of the workers told Chevanston that work began a bit late and opening date is expected to be sometime in December. It is exciting to finally see Evanston once a dry town finally getting some decent bars and breweries. The jumping pig stencils with knife and fork were put on display yesterday 9/26/13.

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