Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Start For Howard & Ashland

A week ago this writer witnessed an excited fair goer trip on the stub of an old fence post. Days ago (four to be exact - last Thursday according to Mary Leahy) the vacant lot was stripped bare of all vegetation, trash and debris. Only dirt remains. The short fence segment topped with barbed wire, hidden by weeds near the Northwest corner is also gone. Now we have a clean slate. Hopefully something akin to the Old Wisdom Bridge Theatre will rise again on one of the lots.

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TOD development has really taken off in the suburbs. Not so much in the city. Situated less than a half mile from Lake Michigan beaches, steps to the Historic Howard Theatre Building and the Howard "L" stop, and a stones throw from Evanston, this plot of land has enormous potential.

Perhaps in the next five to ten years a mixed use (commercial and residential) development will finally be built. Until then keeping the lot devoid of litter or hiding spots is key. The best use in the near future would be the typical community garden model. At least on the nontoxic parts. Not sure the remediation necessary for the part that was a newspaper factory (Lerner).

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Mary Leahy said...

Hey, Phil, you're kinda outa date with this. Lot had been cleared by last Thursday at least. And what a you mean, less than a mile from the lake. Geez, man, it's only half a mile from the lake to Ashland.