Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alley Parking @ 7400 N Marshfield

Parking in this alley (where the last stretch of Marshfield Avenue begins) has resumed. The city of Chicago installed two new no parking/tow zones this past August. Both signs are now missing.

And people are back to parking their cars like they always have. The black car is parked in the tow zone and the grey/silver car is parked at the junction of the alley and Marshfield. It can be tough to find a spot for your car. The alley is for loading, unloading, pickups, dropoffs and emergencies. Stuff you do with the hazards flashing.

The alderman's office did respond to Chevanston's email regarding the missing signs on Monday.

"RE: Missing Tow Zone & No Parking Signs. from Ward49 to you 

Thanks! We have a request in to replace the signs.

Wayne Frazier
49th Ward"

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