Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advertising blight on Howard removed in two seconds.


                   This professionally made advertisement was taken down due to its illegal placement in the public way. Well here's your chance readers, the sign is gone, but your once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich quick is still here if you'll just call this number. There really is no excuse for all these people with no jobs complaining about their situation, don't they know they should just look for some sign on the street for a lucrative career? This wonderful person is looking to hire new investors out of the kindness of his own heart, so that they can make major bucks. Why isn't this a major local news story? The zip tie was cut using aviation snips, an invaluable tool in the fight against advertising blight. 

(This writer prefers Midwest or Klein models as they are still made in the USA and are available at Home Depot. Yes Clark and Devon has aviation snips not sure if made in USA though. You could buy diagonal cut pliers or other pliers by Klein there that are made in the USA though that would work just fine).

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