Saturday, December 15, 2012

This copyright infringement was brought to by Chevanston Inc.

       Patrol Officer B commented here on Chevanston "Hey little sidekick (Craig's new buddy). Nice blog but people are complaining that you are stealing their postings and using them as your own. Don't break the law now. You are also pissing off Mr. Ben. He is a professional and you and your friend are infringing on professional material. Be careful little buddy. Jail time isn't fun considering all the new friends you might be making."

             Which People? Patrol Officer B speaks for Benjamin Woodard? The major "infringements" that came to mind were the Chicago Tribune photo of the cops at the metra fatality (which was given credit), so that was just pulled and another photo put in its place. And for the photos from Urban Daddy for Ward 8, only one is now left up and they were already given credit, if anyone wants to see the rest they can visit that site. Chevanston is here to promote the neighborhood, new businesses, point out neighborhood problems, and take issues from Everyblock aka the Village Messageboard (On occasion) and discuss them offsite since censorship there is rampant. This site took one photo that was upside down of Sol and put it right side up. And another photo of a letter that was sideways and put it right side up. Is that infringement upon professional material? Why didn't the moderators at Everyblock fix these issues with these pictures? 

             Everyone needs their hand slapped every once in awhile, Chevanston chooses not to respond to it in a childish bullying manner like the rough and tough fellows at MindCrusher Tattoo who still are pissed about one irate phone call from spring 2012. Whatever infringements that are occurring, lets talk about them. There is a difference between copyright infringement and censorship, an interesting and important discussion. 

Thanks for you input Big and Powerful Patrol Officer B.
South Blvd L Stop 2012 Copyright Chevanston Inc 2012.

He who shall remain nameless. 

From Everyblock's own site

"How should journalists use EveryBlock?
As the leading neighborhood news site, we encourage you to claim your publication's feed through our publisher program (see next question), which will help to increase the number of eyeballs on your stories. If you don't see the feed, please contact us to be added. You can use EveryBlock to source new story ideas from real-time neighbor discussions in those areas that matter most to you. We just ask that you cite EveryBlock as your news source, and include a deep link to us within your story. We're also open to partnering with bloggers to co-host local meet-ups. Please drop us a note if you're interested or if have other partnership ideas in-mind."

Okay hyperlink to Everyblock will be enabled for anything taken off of there, wouldn't want anyone to think that this site somehow believes it created everything it has discussed wholecloth. Btw Village Messageboard = Everyblock.

Editor's note 12/26/12 - there is nothing new about Jeffo commenting on Craig's Blog as evidenced by this wonderful little Night before Christmas adapted to Morse Avenue in 2006, Six years ago.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Jeff-O, you're doing nothing wrong. You hyper-link damn near everything.

It's Benji who finds stories on our blogs and writes as if he was there. He's the story thief.

The latest example is this story. In it he says. "Police confirmed that officers responded to the school at 6631 N. Bosworth Ave...."

Now, where did Benji know to have the police confirm had he not read my story about the Sullivan School fight and Principle getting assulted had he not read my blog. As I was the only one who covered the story in the first place saying cops were at Sullivan arresting students.

Next we can talk about how Watergate reporter Benji used information from my blog on the Gidget story and didn't credit his source.

But that's for another day and another hyperlink..

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Okay thanks Craig,
yeah Im not here to appropriate content to make it mine, this isnt just about "me", its about having an interesting site where people can talk freely and to point stuff out that you can't on the village message board.

I did find it odd how Benjamin's Story about the Sullivan fight came out after yours had run. Yes agreed about the Gidget story as well, no way he would think that story up himself without your blog as source material.

Patrol Officer B. said...

That's nice boys. I know you two aren't professionals like DNAinfo Reporter/Producers are. We are here to serve and to protect and help people stay out of trouble with the law. Have a nice day and play safely.