Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog Post Of The Year.

             This award won't be given out this year, but will be voted on next year here on Chevanston. Enough "reblogging" for one year. If anyone has an opinion of what they thought was the blog post of 2012 for Rogers Park feel free to comment here. 

From Wikipedia "However, LeBleu's version of the "retweet bank" interprets the virtual currency model in the following manner:

one's own repost of other's posts = means of gaining influence currency
other's reposts of one's own posts = loss in influence currency,

while Arrington's version - from the perspective of the importance of web search engines in driving link-based[disambiguation needed] traffic to web pages - interprets the model in the following manner:

the repost by someone else of one's own post = means of accruing influence currency
one's repost of another user's post = the loss of influence currency." "

          LeBlue's opinion or Arrington's opinion? Neither is completely right, shedding light on something deserving is for the good of everyone. Not sure how Leblue's version works though.

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

If I were to choose blog post of the year it wouldve been Ultra Local Geography's discussion of the the Clark/Devon corner.

It appears that really that was the only Rogers Park blog that was running all year, infrequent posts but all original drawing and great posts on History.